part 2: (hanzalah)

“Hanzalah sweetheart! Your breakfasts ready… And it getting cold.. Hurry up now…”

“Coming ummi….”

Ummi always spoilt abba and me with the most delectable goodies for breakfast, lunch and supper…

Today was our favourite traditional slow boiled masala tea which mummy is a master at brewing… She puts in the perfect ratio of milk and water and tosses in some of her secret self-ground tea masala which makes the aroma linger all over the house making our tummies growl for more..

With that was some boiled egg and potato curry with freshly fried rotis… Abba and I enjoy ummis chilli pickle and have that with almost all of ummis delicacies..

Today was sunday… abba, ummi and I always spend the afternoon outside in the garden, where we spread out our hand knitted red shawl and play a couple of games of uno..

I’m beginning to become a master at the game… I seem to always win… But ummi and abba probably let me win because they love me so much and always want to see a smile on my face..

I wonder if its going to be the same once my little sister habiba is born…. I’ve been spoilt for a long time and always get all their attention… Things are going to be a little different soon, but nevertheless I’m very excited for my sister to arrive…

I’m hanzalah gujiwala and I’m a happy little boy because of my parents…

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