part 4: (nicholas)

**”Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-**


Nicks life was pretty boring… He wasn’t much of a friendly kid.. Actually, he hated socialising… He just loved being home either watching action movies or crazy cartoons like spiderman and superman or playing PS or X-box…

His life pretty much revolved around that…

Waking up late on weekends and during the holidays, making himself a bowl of coco-pops and plonking infront of the plasma screen..

Only getting up to eat or drink something, at times he’d even resist the urge to go to the loo because he couldn’t tear his eyes away from his entertainment..

His Mum didn’t care really, as long as nicholas was happy and occupied… She worked most of the day and weekends was ‘her’ time…

Saturday mornings was spent at a spa or beauty salon or hairdresser.. She needed to always look good for the different men she tried to introduce Nick to almost every month…

That was Ms. Abed for you.. She was sweet but couldn’t really stick to one man… Her excuse was always nick… That she needed to find the one that would accept him as his own son.. And none of them could..

Nicholas being an extrovert and totally ignoring them when they came home didn’t really help the situation much..

But he was a kid.. What do you expect him to do? Run and jump on the guy and say.. “Hey dad! Nice to meet you..welcome home!”

Bleh… That was so not going to happen…

You see. Nicks dad… He doesn’t really know who he is.. Everytime nick brings the subject up, its swept under the carpet with a scowl…

“He’s a dog! You hear me son!? He’s a coward who can’t seem to own up for his responsibilities…”

And that’s pretty much all Nick ever knew about him… Not his name, not his last name, not his mums name.. Not even where he lives or what he does or whether he’s still alive or not…

So he kind of just left it to lay under the carpet where it was swept with a scowl.. It just blew the wind in the wrong direction when nick mentioned it, so it was a conversation better left untouched..

He was content not knowing.. Who cares really?.. Cos there’s pizza and a brand new DVD for him today anyway… There always is a brand new DVD..

He sometimes thinks its his mums way of bribing him to just be satisfied with that annoying nanny while she goes out to party every saturday night..

Sundays are pretty much the same too… No they don’t go to church.. Nicks not sure why… They just don’t.. He thinks they’re christian because there are times where he hears his mum say: “oh good Lord!” So they’re definitely not atheist or else she wouldn’t be using the word ‘Lord’…

But they’ve never been to church and they don’t pray either… They celebrate christmas… But then again, they celebrate almost every public holiday.. New year, easter, halloween, sometimes even eid and diwali… Oh and not forgetting Valentines day.. Thats miss abeds favourite ofcourse…

She loved being spoilt and getting attention… But what she failed to realise was that her only child needed the attention too…

Nick being an only child tends to find it abit boring at times, but he isn’t much of a socialiser anyway… He prefers being alone and doing his own thing… He doesn’t like kids his age or any other age for that matter..

Nick attends a private school now..

He started off at a normal school but cried every day for the 180 somewhat days that he needed to attend school.. He hated being around other kids and hated going to school…

And since miss abed always gave in to suit nicks style, she took him out and searched high and low for a home tutor…

The tutors would come and go at prices of their own, but none would stay longer than a month.. As soon as they were handed that months fees, they wouldn’t return…

Nick just wouldn’t pay attention.. He wasn’t disciplined enough to be taught at home… None of his work was ever completed and miss abed didn’t have the time to see that it was completed either..

She was too busy working as a single parent to provide for her child and by the time she got home, she was already exhausted….

Finally they settled, halfway through the year, on a private school where there was a maximum of only 10 kids. It was like being home-schooled, just not at home…

Authors note:
I know I promised to start only next week, but changed my mind, so inshallah this blog will continue from today…
All posts will be an average of 800 words as that is all I can manage inbetween my hectic schedule so please do not ask for longer posts…
Enjoy and please keep the comments coming as they motivate and inspire me about what to write next.. This blog is not prepenned so I can alter and change as I go along
If you don’t enjoy the blog, please don’t feel obliged to keep following… You’re more than welcome to unsubscribe

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16 thoughts on “part 4: (nicholas)”

  1. Wow! جَزَاكَ اللهُ خَيْرًا sister for posting early!yaaay!
    ɪ had a stay at home mom (جَزَاكَ اللهُ خَيْرًا ma for everything! love u lots) & I’m a stay at home mum….I’ve always felt sorry for those kids whose mum’s work….there’s just somethings money can’t buy!
    (Just my opinion…!)


  2. Awww maaan !!!!
    Kids need their parents love n attention !! N not just material things …. Money can buy everything except LOVE n HAPPINESS !!!!
    جزاك اللهُ خيراً
    Really a good storyline …. Keep it coming !!!!


  3. Salams. You are a Star writer Mashallah! I thoroughly enjoyed Forever A Mess up and I’m certain that I’m going to love this one too.


      1. Aww sister we all get a bit of cold feet since we’re not sure if everyone will like the new story as much as the old story. We worry about disappointing the readers but don’t stress, it takes time to build up and I’m sure everyone will enjoy this new story. Really looking forward to it 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  4. sister r who commented about feeling sorry for kids whose mums go to work… please consider that sometimes mums NEED to work for survival..
    and after a day at work we still come home to cook, clean and pay all the attention we can to our kids…
    my mum was a working mum and i am too. i have a wonderful well adjusted and independant child – no need to feel sorry. most of us r doing our best!


    1. Maybe that was sort of painting everyone with the same brush.. I won’t say too much as nicholas’s story will speak for itself… Just want to clearify that nick isn’t unhappy or deprived because his mum works but because of the lack of attention he gets by her leaving him home alone most of the time while she’s out partying and enjoying life… She doesn’t have time to give him love but spoils him with material things which is her way of showing love but isn’t filling the void in his life really…
      This has nothing to do with her working or anything like that as you will see in future posts nshallah..


  5. What is meant for u will never bypass u & what is not meant for u no matter how hard u try you’ll never have it!
    Rozi is predestined…my molana always taught us & was a firm believer that a woman’s place is at home looking after her children etc & that in every law of islam there is wisdom even if u don’t understand it…& there are many things/jobs a woman can do from the comfort of her home…there’s no need to go out & work.
    ɪ feel sorry for those kids because they will never know what its like to have their mother available 24/7.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. sister silent living – i totally understand that the story is aimed at showing that nick is unhappy due to a lack of attn.

    i however disagree with sister r’s comments regarding the children of working mothers. i do understand the islamic point of view about women in the workplace. unfortunately some women have to go out and work otherwise there will be no home to live in let alone work from.
    also consider all the female educators and muallimas… should they then not be going to work to schools and madressas to teach our children? esp our girls?
    i think the main thing to consider for all working mums out there is that u need to be guarded in ur dress, how u speak, how u interact. set ur boundaries and be assertive about ur beliefs! u will be respected for it in ur workplace inshallah.
    and lastly regarding the children… we are available for them. we know how precious our time with them is and we go the extra mile at every opportunity.
    each to their own opinion i guess.


    1. Totally agree with you sister..

      In the end, we should all just respect eachother… I personally have many friends who are working mums but still go out of their way to see their kids when they get home.. They cook, clean up and sit down with homework even after a tiring day…

      I’m a mum that’s at home, but I work from home and I do get abit annoyed when working women pass comments thinking that because they work and see to their kids, that their sacrifice is much more…

      I think every mum has her own sacrifices…

      I’m enjoying the discussion here but as sister R has said.. Its just Her opinion.. And everyone is entitled to their own opinion.. As muslims let’s just agree to disagree on certain topics..

      Luv you all my sisters…and may Allah reward everyone for their efforts everyday..


  7. ameen… and i totally agree with u – agree to disagree. also totally agree that working mums should not think their sacrifice is greater than stay at home mums – it is most certainly not – i have been a stay at home mum so i know how that is also. everyone has their own burdens to bear and to each of us our burdens seem heaviest and most important. maaf if i have offended anyone tht was not my intention!


  8. جزاك الله خيرا
    For the early post, I got unsubscribed somehow and just came to check and Alhamdulillah I wasn’t disappointed
    Sister with regards to children of working mums being deprived etc sometimes you get mums who are with their kids all the time but are too busy to spend halite time with their kids because of other commitments and also you get working mums whose kids get all the attention of their mums when they come home
    As sister SL said we can’t paint everyone with the same brush


  9. sorry it posted before i finished….
    in the same way tht u get annoyed abt mums who pass comments…. i too get annoyed when stay at home mums comment negatively on the kids of working mums. tht is why i came across strongly on this topic. Sister R – i respect ur opinion and i do hope we have learnt something from each other 😉 sister silent living jazakallah for ur thought provoking blog and for ur words of wisdom!


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