part 5: (nicholas)

**”Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-**


“Mum… What are we really?” Nicky asked his mum while flipping channels… There wasn’t much to watch and he was bored of rewatching the same dvd’s over and over again…

“Hmm? What do you mean what are we nicko… We’re humans obviously, what did you think? We’re apes?” she replied without taking her eyes off her laptop that lay on her lap while she relaxed against her mirrored headboard…

Nicholas rolled his eyes.. “Duh ma.. Obviously humans.. But are we like christian, moslem? I know we’re definitely not jews…”

“Whatsup with these weird questions sunny?” She asked nonchalantly..

“I’ve just been wondering.. Our surname is like indian kinda.. And my name is sorta christian… And we’re blackish…. ”

She paused for a moment to look at her son with a creased forehead before speaking.. “Have people been making fun of you at school nick?”

“Ha uh….” He replied not so convincingly…

She raised an eyebrow at him…

“Well maybe.. Just a little.. But they’ve got a point hey..” He stated without making any eye contact

“We’re special okay.. Tell em that… We’re coloured…” She answered proudly

Nicholas wasn’t satisfied with that answer so miss abed spent the rest of the night explaining to her curious son howcome they are like how they are..

You see, miss abeds mum was a stunning african woman with a very light complexion who worked for an indian man.. Mr Abed..She fell in love with their son Mr abed junior… She then became a muslim and much to the familys and communitys dismay, they got married and had 2 daughters… Miss abed whose name is natasha and her sister whose name is roxy.. Supposed to be ruksana..

At that time there was apartheid in south africa and just after roxy was born and tasha was a mere 2 years old, their father was killed in a so called ‘motor accident’..

Well that’s what they say.. But tashas mum never believed that really because once her husband died, they never allowed her to even see his body or attend his funeral… They kicked her out onto the streets..

Its sad really, if you think of the mentality of our indian people in the old days.. If only we thought like muslims rather than imbeciles… atleast they couldve accepted her as a muslim… But they didn’t.. In those days, muslims of south africa thought that islam was only for indians and anyone else of any other race or colour can never be accepted as a muslim…

Atleast times have changed.. Not completely, but a lot of people, not all, have opened up that narrow mindedness and opened up their hearts to teaching and bringing on reverts to islam…

tashas mum went back to living in poverty as a widow bringing up 2 little babies all on her own which was a struggle that she had to bear with absolutely no support whatsoever… She left the fold of islam and went back to her old lifestyle because that’s what she new better.. There was no one to teach her about islam anymore so there was no point staying…

She was christian but not really a practising one.. And due to that tasha and roxy were also brought up in the same manner…

So their colour they get from tashas mum… Their surname from tashas late muslim dad and well their religion… They don’t entirely have one… They believe that there’s a god, but they’re not sure of who he is.. They pray when they’re are in some kind of trouble and they thank god when somethings gone exceptionally well… That’s the most of religion they had in their lives..

Natasha changed to tasha and ruksana changed to roxy… They lived happy and carefree lives without any religion since they had no rules or laws as such to follow…

Tashas mum gave her girls all the freedom that they wanted.. She felt like they deserved it after the hard life that she had… But the sad part was that tasha ended up falling pregnant out of wedlock at the age of 18 with nicholas and the guy just disappeared from the face of this earth…

That’s what happens when we go around sleeping with every tom, dick and sammy I guess…..

There isn’t much socialising done at school as they attend school for fewer hours than a normal school and are jam packed with work… Nicholas usually takes his PSP to school so that he doesn’t have to mingle with anyone during recess…

He’s an okay kid like that.. He passes his grades.. Not with flying colours… But atleast he passes.. And that’s all that matters to miss abed really… She doesn’t expect him to be some great einstein or anything..

He doesn’t fall under the category of the ‘bullies’ and neither does he fall under the category of ‘nerds’.. He’s just inbetween…

Nick hates school actually, he just attends because he’s forced to.. He tried distracting himself by playing games under his desk but was caught atleast 4 times already and was given a warning and detention and not forgetting his PS being confiscated.. So now he had to just stick to concentrating which was the hardest thing for him to do in the world..

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4 thoughts on “part 5: (nicholas)”

  1. *shew* …… Really mixd masala ….
    I just hope that they get hidayat n come bak to Islam .. إن شاء ألله
    Poor child ….. He’s searching for the truth !

    جزاك اللهُ خيراً


  2. Poor child, totally confused because of ‘Indian mentality’ that anyone not Indian can’t be a good Muslim. it is sad that the family was kicked out because their mother was not ‘Indian’ but of the local nationality


  3. جَزَاكَ اللهُ خَيْرًا
    For the post…read it 2x to completely understand the story! very interesting. awaiting the next post anxiously!


  4. Regarding comments on part4….جَزَاكَ اللهُ خَيْرًا sister S for the debate! We never too old to learn. Each side has its pro’s & con’s….ɪ make duaa that allah makes it easy for each & every mother.آمِيْن


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