part 6: (nicholas)

**”Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-**

Nicholas knows that his mum works hard to support him.. He knows how hard it must be to be an only parent.. To have to always be strong for your child and never get off the hook from your responsibilities as a mum…

Couples usually have it abit easier knowing that the other spouse can sometimes occupy the kids while you just need time-out.. And it makes the financial stress much lighter when there are 2 parents rather than only 1..

All in all tasha is an extrovert.. She loves people and socialising unlike her son.. She enjoys the thrill of meeting new people with different inerests and is often invited over for get togethers which she has to either decline because of nick or go alone..

She’s had enough.. She’s decided that nicholas was reaching his teenage years very soon and he needs to get out and make some friends… There was a world out there waiting to be explored and nicks life was just passing him by…

“Nicko… We’ve been invited to one of my friends sons birthday parties this weekend… She’s practicall begged for us to come over.. She’s hired all sorts of entertainment to keep you kiddos occupied for the entire day…” She began in the sweetest tone she could pull out of her vocal cords..

“Mum you know I don’t like parties and people… You go!” Nick whined..

“You know I’ve always let you do as you please.. I always just left you to not be around people but you cannot go on like this forever nocholas.. This time I’m not asking you.. I’m telling you that you have to come…” She stated sternly

Nick started his usual tantrum when he wanted things his way.. He threw the playstation remote and it just missed the extraordinarily huge, deep red, glass, cherry vase that was carefully set on the coffee table in the T.V room.
“I won’t go ok!! And you can’t make me…just leave me alone!!”

He stormed off to his room and banged the door closed behind him…

Tasha was so used to his tantrums but she couldn’t take it any longer.. She sat with her head in her hands, clenching her teeth hard together…
“Damn you nick! Damn you!” She growled

Often we become frustrated when our kids throw tantrums.. But most of the time its our fault for not putting an end to it in the very beginning.. If tasha didn’t spoil him by giving in to everything he always wanted, she wouldn’t be facing this dilemma right now..

She always assumed that he was just going through a phase and would come out of it soon.. But his anti social phase never passed and that’s because it never was a phase.. It became his character..

While she sat frustrated in the TV room, Nick lay angrily on his bed…

“I don’t want to go to any stupid rich kids party” he thought.. “What am I supposed to do with other kids? I just wana stay at home.. Alone.. People are mean and ugly and I don’t like them.. Why can’t she just leave me alone….?”


Miss abed pulled up the driveway of a massive plum colour house with black tinted windows.. Sounds weird but it looked super modern. She parked the car in the first available parking spot and looked towards nick with a sigh before opening her door..
“Come on son! You’ll enjoy yourself.. Just have fun.. You’ll see, it won’t be so bad…”

But nick just stared angrily, with his arms folded across his chest, ahead of him without looking at his mother and didn’t respond…

Tasha really didn’t take no for an answer this time and practically had to drag nick out of the house and into the car.. She was determined to do something about him this time….

The party seemed to already be in full swing by the time they got there..

There were people everywhere…. Men stood outside, leaning against their state-of-the-art cars, having a merry conversation…

As they entered the house, they were spotted by the host herself…
“Oh tash!!! You made it! I’m so glad you could come.. Come in! Come in! All the ladies are this way and some are sitting on the patio….” She squeaked through her nose.

‘The gold studded nose ring probably blocked her air passage and that’s why she sounded so squeaky…’ Nicholas thought…

“Oh and I see you brought along your little man too…. Run along now.. All the kids are outside. There’s tons of entertainment and you’re sure to have lots of fun.” She continued in her over excited tone…

“Thanks pat.. I’ll join you in a minute, let me just see that nick finds his way around.” Tasha replied..

Tasha took nick by the hand but he pulled his hand away. He was not a little baby to be held by the hand. It was bad enough that he looked so different to the other kids, now it would be even more embarrassing if anyone seen him being tagged along holding his mothers hand at the age of 11…

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  1. جزاك الله خي إسلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
    for the lovely post
    enjoying the blog so far
    please post soon


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