part 8: (sabreen)

**”Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-**

Sabreen could hear some muffled sounds coming from downstairs.. She was at her aunt Hildas house for the weekend because her family had some matric function of her elder sister, alice, to attend.

Sabreen was never taken to any gatherings.. Infact, she wasn’t even allowed to attend school… She was always told that she was a huge mistake to their lives and ever since she was born, they’d had an enormous amount of bad luck running through their lives…

Aunt Hilda was mums only sister, but she and mum were like shampoo and shoe laces… Really different.. She liked her aunt as she was very kind to her.. But she’s always believed that she’s a curse and is too afraid to get close to anyone or receive affection… She feels like the minute she’s going to succumb, they’re going to start ill-treating her. But when she’s here at aunt hildas place, she just doesn’t feel that scared like she does at home…

She carefully threw off the thick duvet that was covering her and tip-toed to the island ontop of the old wooden staircase to see who was talking.. She was curious because her quick glance at the bedside clock in the guest room showed that it was 2am in the morning…

She was extra careful not to kick anything or make too much of noise. She Didn’t want anyone to know that she was up and listening and like mama always said.. Sabreen is a very clumsy and careless girl..

“She was afraid beth… She was screaming in her sleep” she could hear aunt hilda say to her mama in a very calm voice…

Her Mum agitatedly replied in a sort of a loud whisper.. “She’s crazy that girl, she sits the entire day and night watching scary movies.. I warned her a couple of times that its not good for her, but she’s stubborn that one.. Stubborn I tell you… She never listens..” Sabreen could picture her mum saying that through gritted teeth…

She hated sabreen.. And when she spoke of her, it was always as if she was spitting out some poisonous venom…

“But she was screaming for you to stop… That it wasn’t her fault…” Aunt Hilda continued

“You shouldn’t pay attention to that girl.. She’s a drama queen… She’s known for causing problems by pretending… For all I care she wasn’t even sleeping, she must have just been trying to cause a commotion and look for attention here.. We’re so used to it.. Don’t give it too much of thought…”

Beth and sam were married young and after a couple of years needed to fill the void they both were feeling by having a child… It was then that tony was born..

They doted on the little blue eyed boy.. He was the light of their life and made them spin around to his little demands..

They both were working at the time and valued every second of their time with him when they returned from work in the evening..

2 years later, alice was born and yet again they were thrilled.. They had a son and a daughter.. What more could they have asked for.. But alice was a busy little child compared to Tony.. She demanded a whole lot more of their time and attention but none of them refused…

However, she drained them so much that as a couple, they decided that 2 kids was more than enough..

Their life was just perfect this way.. They had a little princess and a prince aswel and now that alice was growing up, things could go back to normal..

Beth lost all her baby weight fast enough and was back to wearing those skin fitting clothes she used to wear before and sam could continue his nights out with the boys more often… Being a daddy wasn’t easy in the beginning and he just needed some space and air from it all..

Being out with the boys meant long hours alone with her nagging kids for beth. She found it taxing and frustrating having to always sit at home and babysit while her husband was always out having fun… She too needed a social life..

This caused a lot of strain on their marriage.. Beth was always tired and angry and sam was always tired and drunk…

They would fight non-stop. Screaming and arguing about every little thing around the house…

Sam complained that the house was always a mess. What was beth doing the whole day that she had no time to atleast neaten up..

And beth complained of sam not spending enough time at home and seeing to their needs..

Sam used so much of his money on the wrong things that when the time came to spend on household necessities, he never seemed to have enough..

Slowly but surely sam started neglecting his job as a mechanic at the famous garages service department that he’d worked for. He was absent more and more often from work due to the hang overs and eventually his boss got fed-up of him and fired him….

Sam was now jobless with 2 growing kids and an angry wife

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5 thoughts on “part 8: (sabreen)”

  1. السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
    Really enjoying your new blog. Its so sad to read about all these kids and their families who lacking something in their lives.
    looking forward to see how everything is going to unfold

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  2. السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركات ه
    Interesting story sister SL. ! Njoyin da new blog. 🙂 Haven’t had tym 2 comment recently bt followin da story.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Shame – really feel sorry for kids who r neglected or treated like this !! They r innocent …
    Hmm ….. Wonder wat happens now !!??!!

    جزاك اللهُ خيراً

    Liked by 1 person

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