part 9: (sabreen)

**”Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-**

Sam woke up one morning, after another night out gambling, drinking and having ‘fun’, to beths growling in the main bathroom…

She had been at it for the past hour and he still managed to sleep right through it all.. But now it became louder and forced him to wake up..

“Beth? Babe? Are you okay?” He grumbled without making any effort to move even an inch to see what what was going on…

He was just asking as a formality.. He didn’t really care.. He was so exhausted that nothing else mattered to him in the world right now.. All he needed was sleep, sleep and more sleep..

Again the noise came from the bathroom… Beth sounded like she was in major discomfort and distress..

Sam reluctantly pulled the covers off him and dragged himself to check on his wife who clearly was suffering from something.. Maybe just lack of attention.. He thought..

Beths been complaining of less attention lately and she’s been trying almost anything to get more of his attention. His was probably just another one of her tricks to manipulate him.

He pushed the bathroom door open to find his wife hanging over the toilet bowl.. She looked like a mess with her blond hair all over her face and her black and white sleep shirt hanging half off.. She looked like a beggar who was on their last few moments of life..And then yet again came her growling…

Sam couldn’t stand the sight before him and neither could he tolerate the stench.. After all the booze he’d had last night, this was clearly not something he wanted to witness, otherwise he’d have to be leaning with her in the very same toilet spewing his guts out too..

So he took a step out of the bathroom, far enough to be relieved of he odour emanating from the bathroom but close enough for her to hear him..

“Beth what’s wrong? Did you eat something funny last night? Do you need to go to the hospital?…” He tried to sound concerned but the sarcasm was quite apparent in his tone..

Whatever she was suffering from couldn’t be serious enough to be taken to hospital for and considering the long wait at our government hospitals before one can be seen to.. You might as well stay home and die..

“GO TO HELL YOU DOG!!!!” And she was at it in the toilet again….

Sam remained silent… What did I do now? He thought.

Once she recovered abit she continued breathlessly… “This is all…your… Fault…. I hate… You!” She screamed and then was back to the toilet…

“I guess you feeling better then…” Sam replied with a don’t care attitude and went back to find comfort in his bed… She was clearly feeling better enough to be back to throwing insults at him..

He was so used to it.. Lately that’s all that she did… It was a problem that he wasn’t around and when he was around that was a problem too…

When he helped it was a problem and when he didn’t help it seEmed to be an even bigger problem..

They were always fighting lately and that just made sam want to spend every last minute out of the house..

He had been changing jobs almost every 2 months.. No-one wants a drunk who’s messing up clients engines or break pads as an employee..

Tony was now 12 years old which made alice 10.. The 2 of them were previously oblivious to what was going on around them but now things were just getting out of hand.. They chose to spend most of their time out at friends houses instead of their own.. Atleast they would get a decent plate of free food at their friends home and could save themselves from the unnecessary bickering that always seemed to be going on here.

Beth got up from the bathroom floor and managed to reach the basin. She opened the tap angrily and splashed cold water over her face after gargling her mouth a couple of times..

She tried to compose herself and then dug into the bathroom bin and thereafter proceeded to her bedroom to show her husband the worst nightmare of their lives…

“This you idiot!!” She pointed it at him….” This is why I hate you.. Its all your fault…..!”

Sam looked at her confused with one eye open… “What? What’s my fault? What did I do now elizabeth?”

“There are 2 lines here sam… There are 2 damn lines!” She waved the pregnancy test again in the air And then burst out into fresh tears…. “I’m pregnant for goodness sake…..!”

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