part 10: (sabreen)

**”Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-**

Beth was pregnant and she hated every moment of it.. It was totally unplanned as they were intending to never have children again. She couldn’t cope with any more kids especially financially…

As muslims we are always taught to not stress about our financial status when it comes to kids. Allah is our sole provider and sustainer.. He alone will see to it that our worldly needs are fulfilled.. And every child comes with their own blessings.. But ofcourse we need to have faith in that and we have to accept it whole heartedly for Allah to put things into action.

She spoke of abortion many times but sam didn’t give much attention to it and so it never got done..

He too wasn’t impressed about having another child.. How in the world were they going to support another child? They could barely support themselves and their other 2 kids..

Beth became depressed and even more angry.. She spent most of her days sleeping and when she WAS awake she was banging and throwing things and screaming at everyone around her..

She tried overdosing herself a few times but that didn’t seem to make her lose the baby.. It just gave her extra time to sleep and more time in her depression..

She hated living and hated her husband. She hated her kids and everything basically.

the pregnancy was a tough one.. Either because her mind was set to negativity already, or because it really was just more difficult than the first 2 and she was much older now. Her body couldn’t endure what it previously could.

The kids were neglected badly. But they were at school for most of the day and other times with friends. The times that they were home, they had to just see to eachother and occupy themselves with homework or watching TV..

Alice and tony were watching TV one afternoon after school and sam was out as usual when they heard their mother scream…

“Mama? Is everything okay?” Asked a concerned alice from the door, too scared to walk any closer to her mother..

Yes they were used to their mothers constant moans and squeals but this was a much louder scream..

“Where’s your father?” Came her screaming reply

“He’s not here mama… What’s wrong?” Asked alice

“I need to go to the hospital NOW!!! Call him… Get him here NOW!!!!” And beth breathed in deeply and out again.

Alice ran to the telephone and searched for her fathers cellphone number in the telephone book that was kept next to the phone.. She could barely read her mothers untidy handwriting but somehow managed to make out the numbers and dialled her father immediately..

The first 2 tries led her to his voicemail and on the 3rd try, the call went through without any answer..

Just as soon as she’d put the receiver down, it began ringing again and she immediately picked up..

“Alice? Sweety… What’s wrong? Did you try calling?” Her father asked. she was still the apple of his eye.

“Mum asked me to call you.. Its urgent daddy.. You need to come home! She needs to get to the hospital immediately.. She’s not well..” The helplessness could be heard in her young voice.

About half and hour and 50 swear words later, sam finally barged in.

He ignored the tantrum that beth was throwing and helped her to the rusty red and almost broken down fiat that he was driving.

The labour was long and tiresome and beth begged for a caesar.. But the nurses at the government hospital heard nothing of it..

Beth was only a centimetre dilated..

“Once your husband has filled in the admission forms and you are settled down in your room, he will have to leave dear. We’ll call him as soon as you’ve dilated completely…” Said the nurse

“What? Are you crazy? He can’t just leave me here.. What if he just reaches home and I dilate. Then he would have to come all the way back…”

But they ignored her cries and left her In the lonely room checking up on her every 2 hours to check on her blood pressure and if she’d dilated further..

beth hated her stay here. It was cold and lonely and the pains were more and more severe and coming every 5 minutes but she still wasn’t dilating any more than a centimetre.

“You need to walk dear. You can’t sit on that bed and sleep all the time. If you want that baby to come out quick, you need to walk up and down the corridors to make the labour easier….” Suggested one of the nurses on one of their rounds.

Beth didn’t feel like. She sat in her bed crying and cursing the innocent foetus that lay safely in her womb..

There was another sudden contraction that consumed her… And she yelped in pain and clutched on the edge of the bed tightly… But as soon as it had come, it was gone.. She breathed a sigh of relief and then sat up to drink a glass of water and then suddenly, there was darkness…

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