part 11: (hanzalah)

**”Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-**


Hanzalah sat staring out of the study room window at the flock of white doves that stood on the telephone wire outside their home in a straight row all facing in one direction. Almost as if though they all were watching something very interesting.

He always marvelled at Allahs creation and how perfect everything was. He was taught that there’s a reason why Allah creates everything differently and that’s so that we as human beings, with intellect can appreciate His many favours upon us.

“Hanzalah, you have 5 minutes to be done with those sums sweetheart.. Make quick okay?” Came the voice of his mother from the door..

She had just ran to check her pot of beef curry which was simmering on the stove in the kitchen and had given hanzalah some work to do in the meantime.

She hated him sitting idle and preferred to give him something to do IF she had to be away for a few minutes.

Hanzalahs mum home-schools him and she usually blocks everything out for the 2 hours in the morning that she sits down teaching him so that she can give him the undivided attention that he needs. She usually only starts her cooking after she’s done with school but today they were getting some very important visitors…

Hanzalahs paternal grandparents were coming down from pakistan to stay for a while and help his mum out for a few weeks since she’ll be giving birth anytime soon.

He was so excited as he’s never met his grandparents before. They came down when he was born which was 11 years ago and they haven’t been back since. Its quite costly to travel up and down from pakistan and back, especially for his grandparents who were retired and depended on hanzalahs fathers money to pull them through.

Hanzalahs father was a great man. He looked after his family very well and never neglected his parents who were thousands of miles away either.

He was a soft, respectable,very hardworking and Allah fearing man who hanzalah has never seen lifting his gaze up at any woman besides his mother. Not even at the spares shop that he owns or the domestic at home. Infact, he prefers that the domestic only starts work after he has left for work himself and she should leave before he returns. And because he doesn’t work on weekends, she should get the weekends off too.

Having the men at home on the weekend is always extra work, but not with hanzalahs dad, abdullah. It was his choice that there shouldn’t be a domestic in the house over the weekend, so he makes sure to help his wife in the house wherever he can even if it means washing the dishes or mopping the floors.

Naseema is an awesome mother to hanzalah who has taught hanzalah the true and beautiful lessons of islam from a very young age..

As they say, that a childs education and religion begins in the lap of a mother.

Abdullahs and naseema both moved to south africa when they were very young. Naseema was 16 and married to abdullah who decided that it would be best for them to move away from pakistan and live in south africa.

While abdullah was away working most of the time, naseema spent her time furthering her secular education. She had learnt everything about islam back home, but not much of secular education was taught to girls back in pakistan. Only the fortunate were able to attain knowledge..

She completed her studies from home and then started studying psychology also from home… Inbetween all the studying, hanzalah was born and then she had 2 more miscarriages after him. Now she was finally expecting another baby almost to full term.

They knew that it was going to be a little girl. And they were ever so excited. In the beginning of their marriage, abdullah joked that he wanted 7 children or more. Nothing less. And naseema didn’t mind at all because they were 7 children altogether back in pakistan. The house was always full and noisy but full of love. And now that her parents were late. They still had eachother.

Naseemas inlaws adored their only daughter in law. Abdullah didn’t have any other siblings and that’s the reason he wanted to expand his own family.

hanzalah completed his work just as his mother walked back into the study. Together they finished up a few more lessons and then it was time to pack up.

Hanzalah usually gets some free time after school to do whatever he likes to. and today he was set on sitting in his study, sketching a beautiful picture of those gorgeous doves that were still waiting on the telephone line outside…

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One thought on “part 11: (hanzalah)”

  1. Wat a contrast! Hanzalah’s family hav دين °̩и their lives & are living °̩и peace. Their home is filled ώĩ†̥h L<3√ع & hapiness الْحَمْـّدُاللَّه.
    On the other hand the lives of the other characters lack دين. They hav no peace & hapiness °̩и their lives.
    FACT: Only through دين can a person achieve peace of mind & contentment of heart سبحان الله. Keep up da gr8 work sister SL. . Inspiring stuff! Xoxo

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