part 13: (hanzalah)

**”Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-**

On their way to the hospital they both continued sending abundant durood upon our beloved messenger(peace be upon him).

This is known to give one comfort in times of difficulty.

And abdullah having memorised the holy quraan in its entirety, began reciting suratul yaaseen..

They were taught to recite surah yaaseen in the beginning of every day and at the end of every evening so that all their needs are fulfilled for that day. They also learnt that surah yaaseen eases the burden during labour.

Giving birth is such a heavy task assigned to women. Its almost as if the womans one leg is in the grave already whilst giving birth as the burden is tiresome and a dangerous one too.

Once all the formalities were sorted out, naseema was rushed by the efficient nurses at the private clinic which their medical aid paid for.

Abdullah followed suit and didn’t leave his wifes side for even a moment. And she was grateful for all the support he could offer.

She was at ease knowing that hanzalah was safe and sound at home with good people to take care of him.

She continued reciting abundant durood all through the tedious task of giving birth and alhamdulillah just 2 hours later, little habibas wails could be heard echoing in the corridors.

The couple embraced their little one gently with a smile.

“Assalaamu alaykum our little princess… Welcome to this world.. May Allah always protect you and make you a pious little girl” abdullah said just before he began to call out the athaan in her right ear…

Her whimpers were silent all through the time that the beautiful and peaceful words were being uttered into her tiny ears.

She stared wide eyed and alert at her father as he stopped. He then turned her so that her left ear was close to his mouth and began reciting the iqamah..
“Allaahu akbar allahu akbar”
-Allah is Great!Allah is Great!

“Ash- hadu allaailaaha illallaa”
-i bear witness that there is no diety besides Allah…

And he continued till the end of the iqamah..

The nurses then took habeeba to be washed and cleaned up while naseema was wheeled to the maternity ward..

It was late and she was exhausted. All she needed was sleep.

She rested for a while before habeeba was brought to her for a feed…

“You need to get some rest now mrs gujiwala. And if all goes well, you should be discharged in the morning by around 11…” The doctor said and then left..

Habeeba was taken away to the nursery, abdullah departed for home and naseema was fast asleep in no time.

An overjoyed hanzalah rushed through the doors to naseemas room the next morning. Naseema was up already, dressed and waiting for them to pick her and habeeba up to go home.

That’s the thing with natural birth.. You’re up and about the next day already.

Hanzalah couldn’t believe the sight before him. This gorgeous creature with tiny fingers and teeny weeny little toes. It was unimaginable throughout his mothers pregnancy. And she was his sister. Here to keep him company for good.

Everyone marvelled and fussed over habeeba as soon as she got home. Dada chewed a tiny piece of a date and place it in the babies mouth. Our nabi(peace be upon him) encouraged this act of placing something sweet in the baby’s mouth.

Dadi took habeeba to be bathed while hanzalah watched her delicate body in the warm water. Her bosy was still wrinkled slightly. Her hair was thick and black, her eyes were a dark grey and her cheeks were rosy pink…

He watched as dadi carefully held her in one arm and washed her with the other.

“Hanzalah beta, bring me her towel so I can take her out now..” Said dadi

Hanzalah excitedly obliged.. He was a great help around since he was so much bigger. He would most certainly make naseemas tasks much easier.

Dadi took her out of the water…

Uh oh…. And there goes the loud screams of little habeeba. She had a voice far louder than expected from her tiny little self..

“She likes the water?” Hanzalah asks amused… “And she doent want to come out?”

She went on screaming and crying until she was dressed and warmly wrapped in her baby pink receiver and thick mora blanket.

Once naseema fed her, she had a peaceful sleep for 4 hours straight.

Hanzalah sat beside her cot at every opportunity he got and just watched her sleep with no cares or worries in the world.

Don’t we all wish we were those very new born babies with not a care or frustration to bother us? To have a peaceful sleep and not be concerned of what was going on around us? To be so content and have all the angels play wilth us, surround us and protect us?

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