part 14: (Nicholas)

**”Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-**

“Nicky….I’m so sorry my son for forcing you to come to the party….” Tasha apologised

Nick was still angry. He hated those boys and because of them he had almost died. If it wasn’t for the safety net over the pool, he would’ve definitely been dead by now. Thank goodness the hosts of the party had enough brains to have it covered..

But he was angry at those kids. Why did they always have to pick on him? Why couldn’t they just mind their own business and leave him alone?

He was angry at his mother for forcing him to go and for not giving a damn whether he was fine or not and for being the last one to figure out that it was him that was actually tangled up in the safety net at the deep end of the pool.

He had told her that it was a bad idea, but she kept on insisting..

And now she’s apologising.. She shouldve thought about the consequences before she forced him.

The next couple of months passed by just normally. Nick engrossed in the latest dvd’s or games. And tasha always working or running around with friends.

One cool summers day, tasha was up early on a saturday while nick slept in late.

She tidied up whatever she could and then popped into nicks room before leaving.
“Nicko…” She whispered while sitting down next to him on his bed and placing her hand on his head…
“The nannys not going to make it today.. And I have to run ok.. I’ve got an appointment at the salon in 15 minutes. I’m already late.. Will you be okay on your own?”

“Urgh! Mum.. Just go! I’m not 5.. I’m 11.. Almost 12.. I don’t need some dumb nanny looking after me!” He groaned and pulled the pillow over his head.

“ you!” She kissed the pillow since she couldn’t get to her son.

“See you in an hour or 2. Call if you need anything!” She called out from the door of his room.

She hesitated abit before saying:”Oh! And we’re getting a guest over for dinner tonight… Just thought I’d let you know…” And she ran out before nick could start a tantrum or protest any more. All she could Hear from outside the apartment was nicholas’s moaning inside the house. She giggled to herself and rushed off for her manicure.

Nick finally got out of bed by 11:30. If he could help it, he would’ve slept the whole day. But he’s tummy was grumbling and he desperately needed something to eat so he reluctantly got up and instead of going to the bathroom first like normal people, he went straight to the kitchen…

He opened the fridge and look through all the shelves for anything that may catch his eye..

Since nicholas didn’t lead a very normal life, he didn’t have a normal breakfast either. He would find the weirdest things to eat for breakfast. Today he settled on a tin of koo spaghetti on tomato sauce.

He opened the tin and emptied its contents into a bowl, took out a spoon from the drawer and was about to head to the TV room to see what was good to watch when he spotted a note and a little gift bag on the far end of the granite top in the kitchen.

he put his bowl down to check what was in the bag before he could read the note. He already knew that the note was from his mother and that the gift was another bribe for something. He would read it later…

“Oh YEssssssss!” Nick jumped out of excitement. It was a brand new PSVita… he’s PSP was getting old and he needed an upgrade anyway… Plus there was the latest batman game gifted with it…

He was so excited to start it up that he forgot about his breakfast and neglected the note that was written to him altogether..

Tasha returned at around 2 in the afternoon..
“So much for being back after an hour or 2” nick thought sarcastically…

“Hey nicko! I see you’ve got your new game…d’you like it?”Tasha asked as she entered the house and placed her grocery bags down on the dining room table.

“Yeah. Its awesome…..” Nick beamed without taking his eyes off the game

“So did you read the note with it?” Tasha asked in anticipation…

“Oh yeah! Sorry.. I didn’t get much time to.. And then I forgot.. I’m sure it can’t be that important..” Nicholas shrugged still not taking his eyes off the game

“Nicholas! It is important….”. She whined

“Mum.. Stop nagging! I’m in the middle of a game here and you’re disturbing me..” Nick shouted back..” I’ll read the stupid note just now.

Tasha just rolled her eyes and then sighed. “I give up with you nicky…” She grumbled inaudibly

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4 thoughts on “part 14: (Nicholas)”

  1. Slms. ɪ haven’t commented recently but ɪ have been reading the posts. Wonderful story lines so far but I’m puzzled as to how the stories will join! Lol waiting impatiently for the main story to unfold! جَزَاكَ اللهُ خَيْرًا for always posting regularly & for the captivating story!


    1. Jx for reading and following the blog sister. Pls try to comment wenever u can.its the comments that keep me motivated…
      Its only the beginning and you’re already wondering how its going to join? That’s great though.. Just shows how your mind is working.. Feel free to share what you think the possibilities are.. :)))


  2. Slmz..I have started reading this blog. .its a wonderful realy enjoying it..cant wait for the next post…may Allah always grant you great wisdom in your writing. .much excited for this blog


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