part 15: (nicholas)

**”Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-**

“Son”.. Tasha began as she sat down next to nicholas on the L-shaped couch in the tV room. “Please may I have just a few minutes of your precious time? I need to discuss something important with you..”

“Yeah mum… Just wait..I’ve almost reached high score here….” Nicholas said annoyed still not giving his mother any kind of attention.

Tasha grew frustrated. “Nicholas dammit! Put that thing down right now! I’m talking to you! I asked for just a few minutes…” She screamed and snatched the PS from his hand..

Nick looked annoyed but remained silent anyway. This seemed important otherwise tasha would never scream at him.

“I’ve left you alone for far too long. I’ve given in to your many demands far too many times. I also need to settle down sometime in my life.” Tasha told him

“I guess that’s what the gift and the note was all about right?” Nick said, rolling his eyes.

“If you just took abit of your precious time to read the note then you would understand how important this is to me nicko.. My relationships don’t ever last because you’re more important to me and if any ma can’t accept you as part of our relationship, then I’m not willing to go ahead with it. ” Tasha explained

Nick wondered where this was heading again..

“This time I’ve found someone really wonderful and we’ve been seeing eachother for over 6 months now. He’s coming home for dinner tonight nicky.. Please.. I’m begging you to just co-operate.. Atleast for my sake?” She had a pleading look in her eyes.

“So what do you want me to do ma?” Nick raised his voice.

“Just don’t be such a spoilt brat. Atleast give Tom a chance.. Be nice. That’s all I’m asking.. Please” tasha replied

“Well fine! But don’t expect me to play candle in the middle the whole night.. Its disgusting having to stick around you and all your dumb boyfriends while the 2 of you act is if I’m not there. I’m older now ma.. And its sickening to watch my mother carry on for herself. You can keep all of that for when I’m not around…” Nick got up and started walking away..

Tasha felt slightly embarrassed. She hadn’t realised that nick was growing up this fast and that things like this would bother him..

“Oh and by the way… About having a few minutes of my time.. Think about all the times in my life I also just expected a few minutes of your precious time but you were always too busy to notice..” And nick retreated to his room

That felt like someone punched her straight in the gut.. But it was true and the truth hurts like hell..

How often is it such. Our kids crave our attention when their little.. They come to ask to show us something and we shove them away saying.. “I’m busy.. I don’t have time for you silly nonsense..”

How many times do our kids ask us one too many questions and we begin to get annoyed by them and ask them to just “shut up!”

How many times don’t our kids just nEed a hug or someone to give them comfort and we choose to just ignore it..?

And then when they’ve grown up and treat us in the very same manner, we just cannot handle it and find it disrespectful. But how much of respect did we as parents show them when they were young? Both parent and child deserve respect.. And in order to get respect from our kids, we have to give respect aswel.

Nick and tasha avoided eachother for the rest of the afternoon.. Nick moped in his room dreading this evenings dinner and thinking it through while tasha was too busy preparing the perfect meal and dressing up to impress the new man in her life.

Finally the door bell rang and tasha nervously popped into nicks room on her way to open the door for tom, her new boyfriend and hopefully her future husband.

Even though tom hadn’t directly asked her to marry him. She was almost 100 percent sure that he wanted to. He seemed genuine and was a jolly, gem of a person. Just what tasha and nick needed to complete their empty lives.

“Nicky… Tom is here.. Please come to the front…”

And off she went to open the door for her beloved…. And what a night it turned out to be..
Authors note:
I really apologise for not posting these past 2 days. I owe you all 2 posts to cover up. Inshallah I’ll post them as soon as I get a chance…

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7 thoughts on “part 15: (nicholas)”

    1. Tony is sabreen and alices elder brother.. That’s a different part of the story..tony has nothing to do with nicholas’s story..
      Nicholas’s mothers ‘friend’ that she’s bringing for dinner is ‘tom’

      Hope its clear now?


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