part 16: (sabreen)

**”Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-**

Load shedding? In a hospital? Is that even normal? Aren’t they suppose to have generators? What if they’re busy operating on a patient and the lights go? Isn’t that dangerous?

Well this is exactly the situation that beth found herself in. She was sitting all alone, in the middle of an ill equipped government hospital, with no electricity and suffering from severe labour pains.

‘Urgh!!!! I hate this baby! What hell I have to go through just for a dumb baby that I don’t even want… Why am I being punished like this?” Beth began to cry..

“Mrs williams? Are you okay in here?” A nurses voice was heard entering the room..

“Okay?!!” Beth began to scream in her usual frustrating tone.. “How can you ask if I’m okay? You don’t allow my husband to even stay with me ad now I have to sit in this hell hole with no lights in the middle of the night!!!”

“Mrs williams.. Calm down! I’m just here to bring a candle for you and to check how far you’ve dilated by now.” The nurse replied in a flat tone.

“I’m sick of you all poking your fingers up me every hour. Dammit! Can’t we just get this baby out of me now.. ?!” Beth complained further

“Unfortunately not mrs williams” the nurse continued putting on her gloves, unconcerned about beths behaviour.. “There aren’t any doctors on call till tomorrow morning and here in this hospital, we don’t do caesarian birth.. Only normal birth and I’m afraid you’re going to…”

“OU!!!!!!” Beth screamed

The nurse was feeling to see how far dilated beth was. “There there… Sit still dear.. You should be used to this by now…” She pulled off her blood stained glove..” So as I was saying, I’m afraid you’re going to have to wait until that baby comed down completely.. And by the looks of it, it just doesn’t seem to want to come out of that womb ant time soon…”

“How many centimetres now?” Beth asked angrily

“Still only 1…. That’s why I said that you need to walk more… Up.. Down.. Up.. Down the corridor dear…” The nurse replied swinging her finger from left to right like a pendulum.

“But..but that looks like blood… Am I bleeding?” Beth asked

“Yes.. Just a spot.. Nothing serious.. Now either get some rest or walk up and down the corridor…” The nurse said as she walked out with the candle in her hand leaving beth in complete darkness once again..

The rest of the night was long and tiring.. Beth was exhausted and all she craved for was the comfort of her own home. Her own bed. And even her sickening husband will do right now.

She fell off to sleep about a dozen times but every so often was awaken by the extreme contractions that gripped her from the waist down, back and front.

She groaned and moaned but nothing much was done. And not a single nurse came through to even check on her.

At 5:30am the first nurse for the day popped in to check her blood pressure and do the usual routine. No contractions were monitored and no pain killers were even prescribed…

The time seemed to have been dragging and finally at 3 o Clock in the afternoon it was visiting hours.

Beth waited anxiously for sam, alice and tony to arrive. Atleast there was something to look forward to. She miSsed her kids so much. They would have helped her abit. That’s for sure. They were good kids. She thought..

She was starving and the hospital food made her want to puke. Alice would definitely think of packing a little basket for her. She was sure of it. Even if it was just a sandwich. Oh how she craved for something tasty to eat.

And tony would hug her and give her that perfect smile of his. He was very handsome, just like sam. With blue eyes and sharp features. He was going to make a whole lot of girls cry when he’s time comes. She thought.

She decided to take that dreaded walk up and down the corridor. But not because the nurse said so. She was way too anxious for her family to barge through those clear hospital doors so she paced up and down in anticipation..

She looked around to see other families join their mothers, wives, daughters..

They all looked so happy to have someone around.

She kept looking from the clock to the entrance doors of the ward.. But the clock just kept ticking away and her family wasn’t coming through the doors.. They didn’t come to visit her. They actually didn’t come.

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3 thoughts on “part 16: (sabreen)”

  1. Oh dear! That’s sad. I don’t blame her family though. Who would want to visit her when all she does is grumble, complain and scream and shout. There are so many people out there who would do anything to have children. That is downright ungratefulness for the favours of Allah upon you.

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    1. Most definitely sister.. There are people in the world that want children so badly but Allah hasn’t bestowed it upon them and then you get ungrateful people who take advantage of their situations…a lot to learn from beth’s pathetic habits..


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