part 17: (sabreen)

**”Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-**

Sam and the kids were having peace at home without beth. Its been ages since there was this serene feeling in the house.

Sam didn’t even feel like going out. He didn’t send the kids to school and they had fun together.

They laughed and played. They had pillow fights and water fights. Overall it was a great day. So great that when sam looked at the time, it was already 5pm and he realised that visiting hours were already over. No sense going all the way for nothing. And he knew that if something was happening, the hospital would call.

The past nine months were hell in this house. Not that it was fine before this. Beth and sam seemed to have never ending fights. They both would become abusive and things would be thrown around the house.

Sam wasn’t going to just sit back and allow his wife to hit him, so he used to hit back. Its not what he ever envisioned his married life to be. He always wanted his wife and him to be the best of friends. But since beth was always such an ungrateful old witch, he chose to spend most of his time away so he wouldn’t have to hear her persistent nagging voice.

Ever since she fell pregnant, things just got worse. Sam didn’t find it fit to hit back at his pregnant wife, so beth took more advantage of the situation.

As much as they both fought, the kids always stayed out of it. Once tony tried to intervene when things were getting too far and beth almost through a glass vase at him. It just missed his face and crashed on the wall behind him.

So ever since then, sam warned the kids to just stay in their room when beth and him fought.

Sam didn’t want this baby just as much as beth didn’t want it, but he had accepted that it was done. He didn’t believe in murder. Yes he drank, he smoked, he partied wild.. But murder was just the limit that he would never cross. So when beth suggested an abortion, he just ignored it completely. Because that’s what abortion is… Murder! And that is murdering the innocent. The child didn’t ask to come into this world.

He knew that he would never love this new baby as much as he did tony and alice. But he just accepted it and let it be.

Sam took the kids to get some hamburgers and chips from the mcdonalds down the road. They had a good meal after ages together. Finally it was time for the kids to shower and hit the bed.

The next morning after the kids had left for school and sam was still having a good nap, he received a call from the hospital to say that they were going to induce labour for beth as the baby may be in distress. But they would wait for him before they went ahead with anything.

He got out of bed, took his own good time to ready himself and then finally headed to the hospital an hour later.

When he got there, beth had already been wheeled in and the baby was born.

“Mr williams?” A nurse asked as he walked in the direction of where he was told beth would be.

He stopped walking “yes..”

“We tried waiting for you but once we induced, she had gone full into labour and we had to rush her off immediately and get things done. You just a few minutes too late.” The nurse informed him

“What do you mean? Is my wife okay? ” He asked feigning concern

“Yes yes.. Mrs williams is fine. She was just a little hysterical after the birth process so we had to give her something to stabilise her.. So she’s asleep right now..” The nurse replied

“Okay.. Good then. Can I see her?” Sam asked.

“Aren’t you interested in the well being of your little one atleast? Or whether its a girl or boy?” The nurse asked frowning

“Oh yeah.. Err..” Sam let out a little giggle of embarrassment.. “What did she get?”

“Its a beautiful little girl.. But I’m afraid she’s not too well.. The baby was too distressed and the cord was slightly around the neck. The baby is in the NICU at the moment. We’re hoping that she recovers soon. Her lungs seem to not be functioning very well.. She may not make it. There’s just a 50% chance of survival.”

Sam sat down trying to let the nurses words set in. Was this it maybe? If the child doesn’t make it, maybe it would be better. Their lives would probably go back to normal. He felt guilty for feeling this way, but he thought that this could possibly be Gods way of bringing happiness into their lives once again.

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5 thoughts on “part 17: (sabreen)”

  1. ….. Shame ….. We don’t realise what some ppl go thru’ !!!!!!

    Its soo sad – the birth of a child is a miracle – not every1 is grantd this opportunity , yet there r those ppl who have babies and don’t appreciate them !!!
    We take so much for granted – this is an eye opener for us !!!

    جزاك اللهُ خيراً

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh Allah.!thats so sad
    I just had a baby last wk alhamdulillah and baby was also in NICU for 4days.its a terrible feeling seeing ur little 1 in there n having 2 go up n dwn 4feedz.
    Allah save us 4rm thoughts lyk that.


    1. Yes it must be so difficult having to see your little baby so helpless in those incubators.. May Allah grant ur baby the best of health inshallah and make you a wonderful and perfect mother who will bring ur children up according to the divine laws of Allah.ameen!


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