part 19: (sabreen)

**”Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-**

Aunt Hildas house was always a pleasure to stay at. She was so different from beth. She was kind and sweet. She had no kids. Sabreen always wondered why. Whether it was her choice or just Gods will.

She often pondered that hilda was just like beth and opted to not have kids. Until this day when sabreen stood at the top of the stairs eavesdropping in their conversation.

“You know beth, mikey and I have tried long and hard to have kids and we’ve accepted that its Gods will in the end of the day. These things are out of our control…” Hilda began

“You know I’ve had a really long day Hilda. I’m honestly in no mood for your religious talks right now. All I need is a bed..” Sabreen heard beth say and the chair squeak back on the kitchen tiles..

Sabreens heart began racing out of fear of being caught listening in on adult conversations. It was always prohibited for her. She was never part of any conversations at all. Everything was always a top secret in her home.

But she continued listening anyway. Ever since she turned 9, she felt a little more daring than she usually was. She would run as soon as she was sure that beth was on her way up the staircase below.

“This is no religious talk beth… What are you now? Atheist or something? You were brought up in a good christian home and you were taught well that there’s a God.. But anyway, this has nothing to do with your being another ‘charlie hebdo’ here.. This has to with sabreen…” Hilda said sternly

She was older and a very religious woman. She attended church often and trusted a lot in God.

“Another topic I’m not in the mood to discuss” beth mocked

“Well just consider it. Mikey and I would like to put forward a suggestion… We’d like to keep sabreen here with us.. For good! Like adopt her…” Hilda suggested

Sabreens felt something inside of her. Something she only ever felt around tony or alice. It was a strange feeling. A feeling of being wanted By someone..

Alice often told her that her day would come. That she would oneday see happiness. Was this it? Was this how she would see happiness? But what if aunt hilda and uncle mikey also thought that she was useless. What if they realised how hopeless she really was?

Beth confirmed this..” Why in the world would you want to adopt that girl?” She let out a sarcastic laugh.. “Who would want her? Trust me, you’ll be making a huge mistake.. You should reconsider. She’s just bad luck I tell you.. We’ve only ever sEen bad luck since that girl entered our lives. Trust me! Ou don’t want her..”

“That’s for us to decide.. Why don’t you speak to sam and the 2 of you can give it a thought…” Hilda pleaded

Before beth could answer, they heard a noise coming from the top of the staircase…

Sabreen in her clumsy as always state managed to move a little too close to the railings ontop which caused a slight creek..

She was petrified… And decided to retreat back to the guest room and pretend to be fast asleep. Beth did say that she was a good pretender..

Beth and hildas conversation ended and they too went to bed. The next morning beth had to be up early with alice and they had the matric function to attend.

It was a whole days affair and sabreen had to stay over at aunt hildas.

Sabreen was used to waking up early and cleaning all day long. She actually loved cleaning. She couldn’t handle clutter and untidiness anywhere.

Beth and sam lived in a filthy little apartment. And sabreen made sure she cleaned up behind them all the time. What else was the little girl to do? Being at home all day, with no friends or much to do, cleaning just seemed like the only fun around.

She was up as soon as the sun rose. She made the bed and tidied up the guest room and decided to go for a shower and get dressed since the house seemed rather quiet which meant that aunt hilda and uncle mike were still fast asleep.

Once she was fresh and clean, bathed and dresses, she drew the curtains open and sat for hours looking out at the beauty of nature.. The chirping birds that flew around. The cars passing by. The leaves of the lush green trees swaying with the cool early morning breeze. It was so relaxing and peaceful and sabreen tried to imagine what her life would be like if beth and sam agreed to aunt hildas request..

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10 thoughts on “part 19: (sabreen)”

  1. Slms. wow the stories are getting more interesting. Really enjoying it. U have a special talent sister silentliving. جَزَاكَ اللهُ خَيْرًا for sharing with us always. (Still puzzling as to how the pieces will join!)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol… Good that you’re still puzzled.. That means youl want to read for
      May Allah continue to inspire us and only put what is beneficial in our hearts. Jx for the constant support. Means alot


  2. Oooh !!!! I just hope for her sake that they ” get rid ” of her !!! It’l probably be thee bestest thing that ever happend to her !!!
    *hoping* !!!

    جزاك اللهُ خيراً

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ameen ameen my dear sister. Its been a long tym since I’ve seen a comment from u. But always a pleasure. May Allah make me better than what you think me to be and forgive me for what you don’t know about me…


  3. I hope Sabreen is adopted by aunt Hilda & her husband. That wud mk it possible 4 her 2 live a normal life with a normal set of parents. She deserves all the love & care dat she was deprived off frm birth.

    Liked by 1 person

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