part 20: (sabreen)

**”Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-**

Sabreen stood with her nose pressed against the window watching everything outside in awe. She wondered what it would be like to ever have friends. To play outside without a care or fear in the world.

There was a soft knock on the guest room door and aunt hilda opened it immediately after she’d knocked without waiting for permission to enter. Sabreen jumped and stood back against the wall beside the window.

“Sabreen sweetheart. You up early?are you alright?” She said with a warm smile.

Sabreen gave a quick nod in her direction. She still wasn’t confident enough to say anything audible.

“You’ve made the bed and neatened up?” Hilda said in disbelief.. “You shouldn’t have sweetheart. The domestic usually sees to that.”

did she not like the way i made the bed? Maybe it wasn’t upto her standards. Sabreen thought. She immediately looked at the bed looking for any creases or where she’d gone wrong.

“Nevermind though.. You’re a good girl for doing that…” Hilda put sabreen at ease. “Come along. Join us for breakfast… We usually have a hearty breakfast on a sunday since both uncle mikey and I are home and not running off to work. What do you like to eat?” Aunty hilda asked concerned.

Sabreens not used to having breakfast as a family. Everyone gets up on their own time in her house and when they do, they just grab a bowl of something when they feel like and either sit infront of the TV or in their room eating alone.

A hearty breakfast? Sabreen thought.. She wondered what that would consist of.. Maybe some fancy porridge that the rich usually eat.

She just shrugged, not knowing what to say ..

“Come on sweetheart, you can decide downstairs.” Aunt hilda said and waited a while for sabreen to join her. But sabreen remained tensed up against the wall and only eased once hilda had left the room.

Mike spotted sabreen from the top of his sunday paper, standing at the door of the dining room.

“Hey there breeni…” He smiled and removed his glasses to give her full attention.. but having someones full attention on her made sabreen more nervous and shy.

Uncle mikey always liked to call her ‘breeni’. He had a habit of shortening everyones names. It was his way of showing affection.

He pulled out a chair next to him.. “Come on darling.. Have a seat, your aunty hildas just preparing the haddock with some sunny side up for us….”

Sabreen looked down and slowly made her way to the open chair that he’d pulled out, all the while leaning on the wall beside her for support.

She nervously sat down just as hilda entered the room with a sizzling pan in an oven gloved hand.

“Oh you’re here. Just in time sweetheart… I hope you eat eggs? And fish? Fresh smoked Haddock is uncle mikeys favourite on a sunday morning.”

Sabreen didn’t bother to respond.. The smell and the sight of the food before her looked absolutely tantalising. She didn’t realise how hungry she was until now.

Aunt hilda placed a hot piece of fish in sabreens plate and a runny yolked sunny side egg. She sprinkled some salt and pepper over it and poured a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice for sabreen aswel.

There was a basket of bakery bread and some Portuguese rolls in the middle of the table and a plate of some cut up fruit too but sabreen was too shy to take any.

When she was sure that hilda and mike had started eating and were not focussing on her, she slowly lifted her hand from under the table and began eating herself. The exotic taste on her tongue felt surreal. She couldn’t believe how delicious this was.

She’s had scrambled egg before.. But that was the only way she’d ever eaten an egg and that too was occasionally for supper, having it for breakfast would definitely be a luxury in her house.

Hilda and mike watched as sabreen gobbled the food down like a hungry lion. They felt satisfied knowing that sabreen could get this little pleasure from them. Even if it was in the form of food. They knew that something was most definitely wrong in beths home. Well atleast they assumed but didn’t have enough proof to put forward. But judging from sabreens behaviour the very few times they’d ever met her, it just wasn’t normal for a child to constantly be so reserved, scared and quiet..

“So sweetheart…” Hilda began after putting her knife and fork down once she had eaten her last morsel.. “Uncle mikey and I were just thinking.. Would you like to go for a little picnic to the park today? Your mum won’t be back to pick you up till very late this evening and considering that its only 9am, we have the whole day to enjoy and the weathers lovely outside…”

Sabreen almost couldn’t believe her ears. They wanted to go for a picnic? And they wanted to take her with? She’s never been for a picnic before.. Scrap that. She hasn’t even been to a park before or anywhere else besides her house for that matter…

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7 thoughts on “part 20: (sabreen)”

  1. So happy for sabreen. She seems like a child with so much of love in her.
    Hopefully if beth allows her to be adopted by hilda and mike she will blossom more with their love

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Awww …….. I just hope this works out for her … She has a lot of potential – and she’s such a shy n reserved person …
    She needs to experience some fun and happiness in her life – and here she’s getting that attention !!

    We take all these little things for grantd !! We don’t appreciate the simple things in life – which many ppl don’t evn get to experience !!

    جزاك اللهُ خيراً

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So true.. We live our life complaining about trivial things that aren’t really supposed to matter when there are people out there in the world that would be so grateful for those very things that we’re complaining about.
      Family time is so important and its something we should thank Allah for giving us. Many don’t know what family time is.


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