part 23: (sabreen)

**”Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-**

Hilda,mike and sabreen were at the park quite early. They thought it would be a great idea for sabreen to open up and play with other kids or atleast watch other kids and feel free. But unfortunately sabreen just stood, watching, too afraid to go forward and do anything.

Sabreen wasn’t sure about what she was allowed to do and what not.

She just stared.. She didn’t talk, she didn’t run to play like any other kids would, she didn’t even sit down and help. She just stared….

Once they had laid down their picnic blanket under a small tree, and hilda had made herself comfortable on her picnic chair with an interesting read, mike put his hand forward.. “Come on breeni… Let’s go have some fun….” He offered with a comforting smile.

Sabreen just stared at his hand for a while. She wasn’t used to holding anyones hand besides alice.

She nervously lifted her hand slightly and mike took the opportunity to take hold of it.

He took a slow stroll with her along the pathway and around the lake that lay in the centre of the park. Sabreen was absolutely awe struck at all the beauty that surrounded her. She felt like she was on a completely different planet altogether.

Her looking around at almost everything made her pace even slower, but this didn’t annoy mike at all. He let her be. He allowed her to watch and enjoy and even if they didn’t make it to the jungle gym, he would be satisfied to know that sabreen was taking in her surroundings.

Eventually however, they had reached the jungle gym but sabreen stood infront of it and refused to move forward. She has never played on one before in her life so she wasn’t sure of what to do. But sabreen was a terribly fast learner and observed every childs movements and techniques.

There were very little kids who were accompanied by a guardian who cheered them on at every step that they took. It was as if though they were so proud of their little ones petty achievements.

Sabreen drifted away to fantasy world again as she does ever so often. She pictured herself climbing and sliding down the red plastic slide and swinging high on the black tyre swings. And all the while her parents watching her and cheering her on. She pictured herself laughing freely and squealing as she went up in the air and back down again…

“Breeni…? Sabreen!” Mike had brought her back to reality… She was so far into her fantasy that she didn’t realise that he was talking to her.

She looked up at him with questioning yet apologetic eyes.. Sorry for not paying attention to him. She hoped that he wouldn’t be angry at her for not listening to him talk.

“I was just asking if you’d like to climb up and play on the jungle gym with the other kids?” Mike continued in his usual caring manner

sabreen didn’t respond. She just looked at him….

“Would you?” He asked again… “I won’t leave you.. I’ll stand right here and won’t move an inch.. I promise”

That gave her a little reassurance but she was too afraid. What if she didn’t do the right thing? What if she was careless and fell down or tore her clothes? Beth would be very angry with her for getting her clothes dirty or herself.

Mike placed his hand gently on the top of her back to give her a slight push forward. she took a step forward but wasn’t sure of what she was supposed to do so she watched a young boy who looked a little older than her and followed in his steps. Ofcourse not as fast or confident as him but she did, nevertheless, try her best.

She turned back to make sure that mike had kept to his word and hadn’t left her and he smiled with a nod reassuringly.

She looked further ahead to where hilda was sitting and noticed that she too was watching sabreen. Her hands on her book but her sun glasses lowered and looking in sabreens direction.

That made sabreen a little more nervous but if she didn’t enjoy herself today and right now, when would she ever get this opportunity again in her life?

Would she ever be able to be out and free again?

Her thoughts were disturbed by the sweet sound of a lady calling out to her son.. The same one that sabreen was following. She had a slightly different accent to what sabreen was used to and when sabreen turned to the direction of the voice, she found a lady all covered up in black, such a sweet voice but it was hidden behind a veil.

“Okay ummi.. I’m coming!” The boy replied joyfully to his mothers calls..

And off he ran in record speed with his mother close behind him.

Sabreen tried to continue with the many obstacles that lay ahead of her, but suddenly felt afraid. What if she fell right down and broke her neck?

“You can do it breeni… Go ahead.. You’ll see! Its not that bad.. And I’m right here if anything happens..” Came mikes comforting words right beside her.

That’s all she needed. Just a little bit of someones comforting words…

She played for a while and mike was patient all the while.

Once she came down the slide holding on for dear life, she decided that that was enough for now. Maybe they could come back later. If there was still time.

As they walked back to their picnic spot, something flew just above sabreens head. She was stunned….and stopped dead in her tracks.. She’d never seen anything like that in her entire life..

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14 thoughts on “part 23: (sabreen)”

  1. This post really brings tears to ones eyes …. Knowing that our kids can be soo carefree and r soo used to these type of things that they take it for granted !!
    And then u get some kids who don’t evn enjoy their youth – they hav2 mature @ such an early age and r given tasks n chores to do which our children only do as adults or sometimes never !!!!
    Really – we need to make sooo much shukr to اللَّهُ for every bounty that we r bestowed !!!

    جزاك اللهُ خيراً

    Seems like the park is gonna b a meeting place for these kids … And a place where the stories merge !!! Just my quarter cent opinion .. Lol

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Slms. Just a thought: maybe the author is going to have the kids meeting during different stages of life & eventually become friends of sorts…?!?
    Someone help please! ɪ don’t know how to use smileys in the comments….
    جَزَاكَ اللهُ خَيْرًا sister silentliving for this awesome blog!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This post really touched my heart 😥
    Its really gud dat Sabreen got out of da house & is having such a gud tym. 🙂 Her uncle is so patient ώĩ†̥h her.
    Hope her aunt & uncle earn her trust & she opens up 2 dem. That way she will cum out of her cacoon. Dey can take her 4 professional help & إِنْ شَاءَ اللَّهُ her healing process will begin. She is still young. The sooner she gets help da better :). Keep up da gud wrk sis SL.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Assalamualaikum sister. Excellent story line. What really interests me is the different personality traits and family situations that are highlighted in this blog. It opens the mind to think that there are actual cases like these in reality which we need to educate ourselves on and for me as a psych student it has definitely given me something to fathom about.
    This is my first time commenting, however I have been following your blogs since forever a mess-up.
    Brilliant read sister and I have a feeling that might be nicko’s ‘copter 😉


    1. Assalamu alaykum…

      Jx so much sister.. I was really glad to read ur comment earlier today.

      Each home has a different story and each person is fighting a different battle in their lives and this is what I want to highlight in the blog..

      Please keep reading and commenting aswel. The comments really motivate me alot


    1. Will inshallah add it. I’ve got so many blogs that I’d like to add to my blog list but I’m just not getting a chance.. Okay I lie.. I’m just lazy..

      But leisure town will be added soon inshallah as its a good read aswel..


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