part 25: (sabreen)

**”Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-**

Everyone seemed enthralled with the helicopter that some kid was flying about in the park. But for some strange reason the park was getting a little empty.

Hilda noticed a few people pack up and leave and she wondered why.

They snacked on abit of fruit and the hotdogs that they’d bought from the nearby vendor and whatever else hilda had packed for today.

the little boys copter just flew by and as they looked up to where it was heading they noticed a huge black cloud coming their way. Overall the skies were blue but just one very dark cloud was spotted.

So that’s why so many people had packed up. Probably thinking that it was going to rain. But it was just one cloud. If it did rain, it surely would be just a passing shower and not a hard downpour that their lovely picnic had to come to an end.

“Mike… That’s why everyones leaving.. Should we pack up too?” Hilda asked indicating to the cloud

Mike looked up at the sky… ” Nah… Probably a few drizzles.. The rest of the sky is pretty blue still.”

Hilda nodded in agreement and continued reading while sabreen continued munching and watching everyone.

A short while later, hilda suddenly felt fine drizzles and she quickly looked up again. The cloud was directly above and it was beginning to rain…

“This trees not going to give us cover enough mike” hilda shouted over the loud roar of thunder and sudden downpour

“But the cars too far away… By the time we get there we’ll be soaked and the rain will be over…” Mike argued..

“So what do you want us to do? Sit here and soak and catch pneumonia?” Hilda argued back

“hilda… Its not a heavy rain… You’re not going to get namonia…” Mike laughed and then noticed a family near by that had a gazebo and were calling everyone around to take shelter under..

Mike hung the cooler bag on his shoulder and grabbed his camp chair… “Come on! Those people have a gazebo and they’re kind enough to shelter us until it stops…”

“What?! Are you crazy mike? They’re moslems….. Don’t you remember what pastor johns been warning us all along about these moslems?” Hilda complained in an audible whisper

“Okay, so you stay behind and catch pneumonia then” mike shouted as he ran to take cover..

After a few quick seconds, hilda decided to join them too..

She stood there sandwiched between a few people but dared not look up at anyone. She was afraid. Pastor john had warned then numerous times in church about moslems being terrorists and that they start off by being very friendly with you and once they’ve got you conned, they hurt you in the most obscene ways. He warned that they should never befriend a moslem. They should stay far away from them.

He emphasised even more after the charlie hebdo attacks. He said that it was moslems who had reacted in the most barbaric ways and killed 12 people. He said that moslems are barbaric and their only way of dealing with things is through violence.

He spoke of the al-qaeda and the taliban and hilda had even watched a few crazy things over the news about them. She’d read about moslems all over the media and now she was standing under the same cover as a moslem. What if this was a plot, and they were going to do something to everyone right here in the rain?. She instinctively clutched onto her handbag tighter.

“Ma’am…” She was startled by a voice beside her of the muslim family’s child..

“Yes?” She said coldly.. Acting brave and like she was not afraid of anything. She would stand up to them, even if it was to this young lad, she thought.

“Is that your child?” He asked pointing somewhere..

“Huh?” Hilda asked confused.

“That over there? Isn’t that girl supposed to be with you?” The boy explained further..

Hilda turned to look in the direction that his finger was pointing… Oh my goodness! It was sabreen.. In all her fear of muslims, and the rush of the rain, she’d forgotten all about sabreen and that she was responsible for her today.

Sabreen however wasn’t bothered in the least. While everyone took shelter wherever they could and hilda and mike took cover too, she was out spinning in the rain..

She looked so carefree and happy with her arms spread out and her beautiful cleft face turned to the skies in utter enjoyment….

she couldn’t stop this feeling of freedom. This feeling of being out and no-one to reprimand her.

Sabreen enjoyed the rain drops falling gently on her face. She enjoyed the smell of rain, the feel of rain. She felt like a blind person who was finally blessed with sight..

She had never been out in the rain. She had witnessed it rain before but from the confines of her home through the white lace curtains that hung over their windows. She always dreamt of it trickle down her face.

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