part 28: (sabreen)

**”Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-**

Sabreen waited everyday for the news from beth and sam that they were going to hand her over to hilda and mike. It was her daily dose of happiness and gave her something to look forward to waking up for everyday.

But unfortunately the days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months and the months eventually turned into disastrous years.

Beth and sam refused to send sabreen away. Infact, sabreen didn’t get to see aunt hilda again for ages.

Alice had moved out and moved in with tony. She visited occasionally over the weekend and complained of how different tony had become. It was terrible living with him. He had turned into their father but just a little worse. Tony had taken the satanic route. He wore black everyday. Had streaks of red here and there in his half shaven, half spiked hair. He had earrings on both ears and one just below his bottom lip and who knows where else. He drank and took drugs. He worked during the day though, because he needed the money to pay for rent. He needed his flat because there was no way that he was ever moving back in with his folks. It was a life he would never return to.

Alice somehow had her head screwed on well. She had no option but to stay with her brother until she was on her own 2 feet someday.

She chose to study law and was going to continue until she succeeded and made something of her life. She wasn’t going to waste her life like her parents did. And neither like how tony did. She had dreams of becoming something and someone important oneday and she had dreams of saving her little sister from the nightmare of her life.

“I promise you breeni, oneday, I’m going to take you out of this hell hole. I’m going to take you with me and show you what it is to have a life…” Alice would say to her sister.

Alice worked inbetween her studies so that she could earn abit of extra cash so that she could save enough to have her own place soon. But it seemed to have been taking longer than she thought.

Sabreen on the other hand was going through the worse type of abuse at home. now that she was getting a little older, beth and sam would often leave her at home and go out to do their own thing. Sabreen didn’t mind because it was at these times that she felt the safest. She didn’t have to hide away in her room and be afraid that they would come at her when they were drunk or angry about something.

As soon as she would hear their car pull up, she would begin to tremble out of extreme fear of what lay ahead. She wasn’t even allowed to lock herself up in her room. If she was ever caught with any door locked, be it even the bathroom door, she would get beaten with the metal part of sams belt until he was satisfied that she’d learnt her lesson.

Today was no different to any other day. Sabreen had been in the kitchen putting up a pot of noodles for beth and sam to eat as soon as they got home. She knew that they were always hungry when they returned and if they didn’t find anything to eat, that too was a call for punishment of some gruesome kind.

She had just placed the second glass on the table when she heard the car pull up. Again her chest tightened and she began to quiver.

She heard the 2 car doors bang harder than usual and she also heard some obscene words being thrown around between sam and beth. She was afraid. She was terribly afraid. And she did what she learnt to do best.

Sabreen stood holding a pole of the wooden dining room chair so tight and prayed inside of her..

“Dear God! If you do exist somewhere.. Please help me. Please save me. Oh God! I’m afraid! I’m terribly afraid. Please protect me and take me out of this house somehow, give me a better life.”

Sabreen was praying so hard that she didn’t realise that sam and beth had already entered the house and retreated to their room without even noticing her.

She opened her eyes as soon as she heard their bedroom door shut and sighed with slight relief.

She didn’t know whether she was allowed to go to her room aswel or whether she was supposed to wait here until they came to eat, so to be safe she waited.

She waited for around 20 minutes and when she was almost sure that they were not coming to eat, she slowly walked to her room.

Sabreen was already in her pj’s and was feeling terribly sleepy. So she switch off her room light and climbed into bed with her room door wide open.

She closed her eyes in an attempt to fall into a deep slumber when her eyes impulsively jolted open again due to the feeling of someones breath less than an inch away from her face.

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