part 31: (hanzalah)

**”Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-**

Just before hanzalah had turned 15 and habeeba was around 4 years old, naseema was feeling totally out of it. Tired, bloated and nauseous.

Since habeeba was 4, naseema began including habeeba in school as well. She would also sit in the study room while hanzalah was busy with school and either build puzzles, colour or draw something.

Naseema didn’t over do it with habeeba, but she tried to get her into the routine of schooling because she intended to start grade R with habeeba the following year if all went well this year.

For some reason today, naseema just couldn’t keep up, her tummy ached terribly and she kept on running to the bathroom.

Naseema had been cooking quite abit of lentils lately and thought that it might have something to do with that. Certain lentils give off quite abit of gas and that’s probably the reason for her running tummy.

Hanzalah was old enough now to study on his own. It was just a few complicated or new things that he needed naseemas assistance with.

“Habeebi… Why don’t you just colour something today alright? Ummis not feeling too well.” Naseema told habeeba affectionately.

“Ummi jaan, why don’t you lay down for a while, I’ll see to habeeba today. You’re looking abit weak and drained.” Hanzalah offered inbetween writing some notes in his workbook

“Jazakallah beta… I must have just eaten the wrong things last night. Inshallah I should be fine later on.” Naseema hesitated for a while but then realised how responsible hanzalah had become and decided that it was best to take his offer and just rest.

The following day she felt a little better, apart from the mild nausea here and there during the day and a little bit of heartburn too.

For the next week or 2, naseema cut out spicy foods from their diet. She cooked some salt and pepper foods and soups or light pastas even though her appetite seemed to have been lost.

Her family wasn’t used to this type of food, she did cook it occasionally but they were used to curries almost everyday.

But if it would make naseema feel better, then they would sacrifice. No-one fussed and everyone tried their best to make things easy for her.

Naseemas stomach began to feel more and more bloated as the weeks went by.

A month or 2 later, the illness seemed to have subsided abit and naseema brushed it off as just a stomach ulcer.

Naseema was fed up of feeling ill and since she is the more positive kind, chose to ignore how she felt and stop neglecting her family and responsibilities any longer.

Life went on.

Until a couple of weeks later when abdullah and hanzalah returned from esha prayer one evening.

The house was quiet as usual. Habeeba usually sleeps early and naseema also sits down to pray while the men are gone for salaah.

“Assalaamu alaykum….” They both greeted softly as they entered the house.

Hanzalah went in to the kitchen to put the kettle up to boil as they liked to enjoy a good cup of tea after esha every night, while abdullah went in search of his wife. It was just his habit. She was the coolness of his eyes and the first thing he did anytime he entered the house was look for naseema.

Today was no different. Except, when he entered his room, he expected to find naseema smiling up at him from her prayer rug in anticipation for his embrace. But today, abdullah found naseema clutching onto her tummy and rolling around on the floor uttering all kinds of thikrs to keep herself from screaming….

“Naseema jaan!” Abdullah ran towards her with a panicked expression on his face…

Naseema had tears rolling down her face and her eyes were tightly shut trying to suppress the pain that she was experiencing.

“Jaanu… What’s the matter?” Abdullah asked concerned and trying to lift her up onto the bed.

“My stomach… It hurts…” Naseema managed to say in urdu to her husband.

Abdullah placed her onto the bed carefully and rubbed her a little while.

“I’m going to start the car…. I’m taking you to the hospital…” Abdullah suggested

“No… No… Inshallah I’ll be okay.. I must have picked up a very bad bug. I’m just feeling a little nauseous.” Naseema groaned. “Let me just take some medication. There are some tiny red pills in the medicine cabinet, ask hanzalah to bring them to me please…”

Abdullah immediately obliged leaving naseema in the room. He informed hanzalah of his mothers condition and returned to the room with the medication, only to find that naseema had thrown up all over the bedroom floor…

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19 thoughts on “part 31: (hanzalah)”

  1. ‎​إنا لله و إنا اليه راجعون

    Wonder what has happend 2 her !!
    @first I was wondering whether she was pregnant agen – but then she would hav realised it !!!!

    But she’s such a strong lady – hope its nothing too serious !!

    جزاك اللهُ خيراً

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aameen my beloved sister.. May Allah grant you many pious and healthy offspring who will be subservient to the orders of Allah ta’alah and sunnah of His beloved rasool sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam.
      Never give up hope and keep trusting that Allah is The Most Wise and knows why He does certain things.


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