part 33: (sabreen)

**”Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-**

“How many times before has this happened breeni?” Tony asked in a straight forward tone looking ahead at the road.

Sabreen still couldn’t talk. She was shaken up because of what had happened. Everything seemed to be happening way too fast.

She had so many questions in her head. Why was tony there in the first place? What did tony do to their father that he just managed to lay there motionless? was he dead or alive? What if he was dead? Would the police come after her?

Her mind was racing with all the questions but her voice just couldn’t find the courage to talk.

“Sabreen! I’m talking to you… Has this happened before? Has sam ever done this to you before?” Tony asked a little louder this time. Tony had given up calling beth and sam mama and dad. He felt like they were not deserving of such respectable titles. He just called them by their names now.

All sabreen managed was a shake of the head and then all of a sudden, the tears flowed out so freely and wouldn’t stop. All her emotions had been kept in for far too long. Sabreen was never allowed to cry in the house before. She would get a severe beating for crying. She would have to always endure the sufferings without emotion. Almost as if though she were some kind of a robot with no feelings.

Tony noticed her tears and put a comforting arm around his little sister. He pulled her as close as was possible in his tiny car and allowed her to let it all out.

“Its okay lil sis… Its okay.. Its not going to happen again. I won’t let it happen again.” Tony reassured her and tried convincing himself aswel.

He felt pathetic about the fact that he was hardly there for sabreen anymore. That he had no idea what kind of hardships she had to face. He felt immense guilt that he had only thought about himself when he moved out of this pit of hell and he didn’t care less about his sisters.

Tony didn’t enjoy the life that he was living right now. But it was the only way to numb all the pain that he was feeling. The drugs managed to take him away from his anger and stress for a little while at a time. Atleast when he was high he couldn’t think about the sorry life that he had all these years.

He felt guilty that alice was living under the same roof as him but never had he made the time to talk to her about how she felt in her life. Was she happy? How had their upbringing affected her?

He thought back to earlier today. He needed a few things of his from the house since he was in the neighbourhood to drop a friend off and decided to stop by.

He found the back door still open and walked in without even knocking. He usually doesn’t ever knock since he is part of the family still. He found the house eerily quiet and when he went to beth and sams room, he found beth snoring but she was alone in bed. The bathroom was empty, so where could sam have been? The car was in the driveway so that means he was definitely home. And when he got to sabreens room, he found the door closed which was even more strange since he knew that it was forbidden for their room doors to ever stay closed. To his horror, when he pushed the door quietly open, he found sam ontop of sabreen and in his enraged state pushed the drunken sam off. Sams head knocked onto the side pedestal of the bed.

Tony wasn’t sure if sam was dead or alive. He didn’t care actually. He wished that sam was infact dead. No man who is sick enough to rape his own blood daughter deserves to be alive and walking the face of this earth.

He wrapped sabreen with a light blanket that he found on the edge of the bed and dragged her to his car. He was not leaving her to live in this mess any longer.

But tony also knew that he wasn’t financially stable enough to keep sabreen with him at home. Alice stayed with him, but she paid her own share of the rent now. They wouldn’t be able to afford to keep sabreen with them and the flat was relatively very small too.

When tony and sabreen finally reached the flat, he helped her up and unlocked the door of the flat. Alice was sitting in her room studying with the door open. At first she was too engrossed in her modules to look up and notice them. But then she did look up absent mindedly and down back at her modules again and then back up quickly with her jaw dropped wide open like she’d just seen a ghost. She dropped everything, jumped off her bed and ran to the front where tony and sabreen were still standing awkwardly.

Jumuah mubarak everyone….. Have a lovely day and don’t forget to read abundant durood today

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8 thoughts on “part 33: (sabreen)”

  1. 😥 😥 😥 😥 This is just tooo sad mahn! That poor child! Fortunately Tony caught Sam out red handed. I hp Sabreen doesn’t end up bak °̩и dat house. Tony must report his parents 2 da police. Den Sabreen will b removed from their home. 😦

    Liked by 1 person

  2. An intoxicated person can cause so much of havoc!

    I hope Tony realises that if he doesn’t bring about change then he would follow the same footsteps.

    It’s so sad! But it’s the reality of what trauma people go through.

    Liked by 1 person

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