part 35: (sabreen)

**”Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-**

Alice and tony sat at their kitchen nook waiting for their toast to pop. They usually don’t have breakfast together. They get up at different times and their life is such a rush that they hardly get to see much of eachother.

But today was different. Today they were both up early and stressed as hell about what to do with sabreen…

“What are we going to do?” Alice asked tony who had his head down on the nook. He was exhausted from last night.

“I don’t know.” He replied in a groggy voice. “There’s no way I can skip work today. I’ve already stayed absent for too many days and my boss has given me a warning that if I stay away one more day, he’s firing me.”

“And I can’t miss my lectures either. I have assessments that need to be handed in today. But that’s just in the morning. I’m sure my boss won’t mind if I take the day off. He knows I don’t usually stay absent, but what are we going to do with sabreen in the morning? I don’t think she’s okay to be left all alone. I don’t think she’ll cope…” Alice put forward her concerns

“But that’s today.. What about what we’re going to do from here on? Surely that dogs going to come looking for her and the first place that his going to come to is here…” Tony said

“He needs to be put on his place.. They both do. This is no way to carry on. And there’s no way she can go back there.” Alice complained

“But she can’t stay here either. Its too dangerous. They can come back for her when we’re out and besides. The flat is too small and my measly salary is not going to be enough to support her and me..” Tony sighed..

Alice was about to start talking when they both were startled by a sound from alices bedroom. They turned to look at where sabreen was sleeping…

“NO…” Sabreen cried out loud…

“Please!!! Don’t…please stop.. I’m sorry…..” She screamed again

Alice and tony both ran to the room. Sabreen was having a nightmare it seemed. They tried waking her up but she was so deep asleep, she just wasn’t waking up.

She just kept screaming and even in her sleep there were tears rolling down her cheeks.

Alice placed her hand on sabreens face to wipe away the tears and she felt the heat. Sabreen was burning with fever.

“Tony… Wet a towel with warm water and let me sponge her down.” Alice commanded

Tony rushed for the cloth and by the time he had returned, sabreen was having a fit.. Her eyes were rolling and there was foam emanating from the sides of her mouth.

They didn’t know how to settle her. Alice was panicking that she was going to lose her little sister. While tony regretted leaving things until it got this far.

“Aunt hilda!” Alice shouted.

“What?” Tony asked confused

“We need to call aunt hilda and uncle mike. They’ll help us. They’ll know what to do.” Alice said through tears while still holding sabreen down.

“tony. You need to get aunt hildas number somehow and get it quick. Please call her!” Alices voice was desperate.

Tony rushed for his cellphone and tried to get aunt hildas number.

In the meantime, alice tried to remain calm. She thought of what she’d watched on TV and remembered that when a person is having a fit, we should try to keep them on their side so that whatever fluid is coming out, can leak out from the sides of the mouth.

As terrifying as it was to see, it was over within a minute and a half and sabreens body managed to calm itself.

Sabreen began to cry and alice held her tight stroking her hair and giving her the comfort she needed. Alice loved her sister dearly and watching her in so much pain was becoming unbearable.

Tony returned a while later…

“She’s coming.. Aunt hilda and uncle mikey are on their way. I’ve given her the address of the flat as well as both mine and your mobile numbers. She should be here shortly” tony informed them and then joined his sisters on the bed to offer some comfort too.

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4 thoughts on “part 35: (sabreen)”

  1. *shew* !!!!!!!
    @least it was a nitemare !!
    But shame … Poor Sabreen , she’s soo traumatised by this incident — I just hope aunt hilda n uncle mike can help !!

    جزاك اللهُ خيراً

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Dat poor innocent child!!! 😦 😥
    Let’s hp aunt Hilda & uncle Mike take Sabreen in2 their care & help her overcome & heal frm all dat she’s goin through 😦

    Liked by 1 person

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