part 36: (nicholas)

**”Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-**

Tasha and tom had a huge engagement party. They had it at a venue nearby and since it was the beginning of spring, they had it outdoors with a garden theme.

Tasha looked stunning as she mingled around with the guests. Some whom she was already familiar with and others who she was meeting for the first time.

Nick wasn’t too impressed with the whole socialising thing but ever since tom had come into his life, he had taught him to be more self confident.

Tom took out special time for him almost every weekend just to spend quality time with him and also to take nick out of his shell.

Nick needed to mingle with others without the fear of being judged or treated like an outcast.

Tom didn’t allow nick much technology when he was around him. He wanted him to do physical stuff. But he did it in such a warm way that nick didn’t even realise what tom was up to.

At the engagement, nick tried to duck and dive and hide out on one of the far tables at the end where no-one would notice him so that he could keep himself occupied with something more interesting. He was beginning to get bored out of his wits.

He watched tasha and tom and wondered if he was really selfish all these years to not allow his mother happiness.

She wasn’t a bad mother, its just that she nagged about silly things and thought that buying nick the latest of everything was happiness. She didn’t realise that all nick ever wanted was her time and acknowledgement.

Nick learnt to walk, talk, run, and basically everything without his mother being there. He learnt it all with the different nannies that he had. He couldn’t even remember half of them and none of them mattered to him in the least.

There were a few younger boys at the function. But nick wasn’t confident enough to go up to them and start a conversation. They probably had nothing in common.

They would most probably talk about sport and girls and nick on the other hand had no interest in sport. He wasn’t a physically active kid. And girls… That was so not his cup of tea… Yet!

He noticed tom coming towards his table with 2 teenage boys. He wanted to run away and find another hiding spot. But before he could think of where to go, tom was already infront of him.

“There you are little man! I’ve been looking for you all over. Come on! There’s a few kids I’d like you to meet!” Tom said as he gestured for nick to stand up and join them.

Nick reluctantly pushed his chair back and dragged himself to where they were standing.

“Since you’re going to be moving to our area, its a good idea to get familiar with these guys. They’re some of my friends kids…. John… Kevin.. Meet my son nick! Nick.. John.. And kevin” tom introduced them to eachother.

“Hey!” Was all nick managed with a slight nod of his head. He sucked at making conversations.

“Hey there! Good to meet you.” Kevin said putting his hand forward to shake nicks hand.

He did some weird thing with his hand that nick wasn’t familiar with.

“Err.. There’s tash looking for me again.. Gotto go.. Have fun and get to know eachother okay?” Tony nodded and dashed away conveniently.

Nick stood there looking at his shoes until john began talking. “So…. I hear you gona be moving to our town soon hey? What school will you be going to?”

“Uhm.. I think its st. Gunstons school for boys or something like that…” Nick shrugged.

The 2 boys laughed. “You mean st. Dunstons.. Not gunstons.”

“Oh.. Yeah. That!” Nick felt embarrassed. His first attempt at socialising and he was doing pretty bad for his first time.

“Cool.. That means we’ll be in the same school dude. What grade?”

“11” nick decided to stick to simple answers to save himself from any more embarrassment.

“we’ll be the matriculants of the year… You should join us sometime though…” Kevin suggested.

“Ok.. Uhm. Thanks!” nick managed to say.

It was almost the end of the year. Nick was finishing up at his old school and tasha was rounding things up at work and getting a transfer to one of the banks in toms town.

She needed to wait till her lease of her flat ends also before she could move in with tom.

So the wedding was planned for after everything was sorted out.

They had spent so much of effort and money on the engagement that they felt that the wedding needed to be plain and simple.

Nick was to spend his holidays at his aunt roxys house while tom and tasha were on honeymoon in maldives. They thought of taking him with because tasha was worried about whether nick was going to cope without her or not. But tom assured her that this is exactly what nick needed to grow up a little.

“You need to stop babying him tash… Give him some space to experiment and be free.” Tom suggested.

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6 thoughts on “part 36: (nicholas)”

  1. Tom is just the rite person for him !!! He has a very mature nature and a positive effect on Nick !
    Let’s hope Nick does open up – in a good way …..

    جزاك اللهُ خيراً

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