part 39: (hanzalah)

**”Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-**

And so.. The decision was made after a lot of thought, consulting with eachother and dua. Hanzalah would attend school the following year to complete his grade 11 and matric.

The search for a decent school begun. They found out about different schools in the area from friends and neighbours. And it often resulted in debates.

While some preferred to have their kids in a muslim/islamic school, others felt like it just wasn’t a good place to put their children if they wanted discipline.

Those who were not in favour of muslim schools felt like there was way too much of competition in muslim schools.

That those who went to muslim schools were rich and spoilt. That was the only way into the muslim school, if you had money and were well known in the community . And your childs results inevitably depended on how much was spent in charity towards the school.

In the end, naseema and abdullah decided that they’ll go with those who were in favour of the school instead. They made a very valid point…

A friend of naseemas strongly voiced her opinion. “Atleast you know that your child is in a sort of islamic environment. He won’t be looked upon as strange for dressing in the islamic manner that he does and atleast every morning he’ll start his day off with Allahs name and the recitation of surah yaaseen. You won’t go wrong naseema bhen. Here’s the number of the school, just call and make an appointment with the principal and go through to speak to him.”

The next day naseema called the school and spoke to the secretary.

“Mr hassan is a very busy man. Is this important! Does it have anything to do with funding the school?” The secretary asked bluntly.

“Err. No.. Maaf, we actually wanted to speak to him about admission for my son. He’ll be starting grade 11 next year and wanted him to attend this school.” Naseema replied

“Admission? For grade 11? Which school has he attended before? Was he expelled? ” The straight forward secretary asked.

“Expelled? Yaa Allah no… You see, my son has been home-schooled up until now, but I’m err.. Not too well anymore and felt it best to send him to a school for his final 2 years. The islamic school has been our first option.” NasEema explained

“Oh… Umm. Let me speak to the principal and we’ll get back to you as to when he will be able to see you…” The secretary replied and was ready to end the call.

“Okay.. But don’t you atleast want my details? How are you going to contact me if you don’t have any of my details?” Naseema managed to get in before she cut the call.

“Oh.. Yes..” The secretary laughed in embarrassment. “Your name?”

“Its mr and mrs gujiwala. And my sons name is hanzalah” naseema answered

“Contact number?” The secretary asked robotically.

After naseema had given her their landline number, they ended the call. Naseema doubted wether she had actually taken down the details or pretended to have taken them down.

As the days went by and there still was no call from the school after 2 whole weeks, naseemas thoughts were confirmed. They were never going to call her back.

Abdullah spoke to one of his friends after salaah oneday about the inefficiency of the school and how they hadn’t called back yet…

“Hey… Why didn’t you tell me that you wanted hanzalah in the school. I’m part of the school governing body and the principal and I play tennis together every sunday. We very good buddies. I’ll get him in in no time. I’ll call him as soon as I get home and I’ll let you know what happens.” Mr patel stated proudly.

True to his word, he called back about an hour after abdullah had returned from salaah.
“I’ve spoken to mr hassan, the principal… He said its no problem. I sent him your e-mail address and he’ll forward you the admission forms shortly.”

“Oh alhamdulillah… That’s great news mohammed. How will I ever repay you? We’ve been waiting and stressing for so long and you’ve just gotten us in one shot…” Abdullah said gratefully.

“No problem at all. Let me know if you don’t get those forms, so I can hurry the process.” Mohammed patel said.

“But won’t hanzalah need to have an assessment done and all of that before they accept him?” Abdullah asked

Mohammed laughed… “Naah. Don’t worry brother. All is sorted. All is sorted. No need for all that now. I told you… The principal and I are very good buddies.”

But that didn’t make sense to abdullah. They were so used to doing things legally and the proper way, this just didn’t make sense to him. So what if he had no contacts with the principal?. Was hanzalah straight out not going to be accepted at the school?

By the next afternoon abdullah had received the admission forms from the school. It was all filled out in detail and sent back to the school. To abdullahs surprise, hanzalah had received acceptance into the school no longer than 2 days later.

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10 thoughts on “part 39: (hanzalah)”

  1. Too true – and sooo SAD !!
    Money talks — shaytaan has corrupted us all .. And the saying ” money is the route of all evil ” is so true and apt here !!!
    Well .. Money and status …

    جزاك اللهُ خيراً

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sadly this has become the state of our ummah. I’m not saying that all islamic schools are bad. But all those that I know of are quite corrupt.
      Money seems to be making everyones worlds go round.


  2. But in this case it wasn’t money, just so happened that they had a ‘contact’ , though they were innocent to how it all works. And it’s ‘principal’. Just thought I’d point out the spelling error.


    1. Yes true sister… It was the contacts… But mr patel was one of the rich and famous and that’s how he was in ‘contact’ with mr hassan. Lol

      Jx for pointing out the spelling error. I’ve edited. I type out the posts in such a hurry that I don’t get time to even read through or edit. So I appreciate the readers letting me know where I’ve erred so that I may edit.


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