part 40: (sabreen)

**”Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-**

hilda and mike were not surprised at all about what alice and sabreen had confessed to them.

Tony unfortunately had to run off to work and couldn’t stay until they came. Not that it mattered much to him anyway. He never really had any relationship with his aunt and uncle.

Alice needed to rush off to campus aswel but she wouldn’t leave sabreen alone. So she was quite relieved when hilda and mike turned up.

“Sabreen darling, would you like to come and stay with us for a while?” Hilda asked.

Sabreen looked at alice for an answer but alice just looked at her sympathetically.

“Why don’t you try it out for a few days. And if you’re not happy and want to come back to stay with alice and tony, then we’ll bring you back and if you’d like to visit them over the weekends, we can arrange that too.” Mike said trying to reassure her.

“Breeni sweetheart. As much as you’d like to stay here, alice and tiny are out the entire day and I’m afraid that its not going to be safe for you to stay here alone. Well atleast not until we don’t get things sorted out with your mama and dad okay?” Hilda added

Sabreen sighed, looked down and gave a sad nod.

Although she initially wanted to stay with her aunt and uncle. She didn’t want to be away from alice and tony either. She was used to them and she felt safe around them. But she realised that in due cause she would get used to hilda and mike too.

It was a very sad goodbye for the 2 sisters. While alice cried, sabreen felt emotionless. She couldn’t cry any more. Actually, she wasn’t used to crying at all. All her emotions were usually bottled up until this last experience that just turned her completely inside out.

She wondered what was happening back at her parents house. Whether sam was still alive. What had beth done when she woke up and found sam lying there? And if she was worried that sabreen was gone?

Hilda and mike tried to come up with some kind of a solution to this problem. They were so angry at beth and sam. They knew that sabreen was having a hard time living in that house but they never ever realised how bad it actually was.

They felt that it was necessary to report it to the police but with south african law, nothing really gets done properly. And if something gets sorted, it will take forever.

They were afraid that if they reported it, sabreen would be taken away by social services and put in some kind of a home and then they wouldn’t be able to be there for her. That would probably break her even more.

Sabreen needed some kind of professional help to deal with all that she’d gone through all these years. Having kept it in all this time must have done some major damage to the child internally.

For today though, they decided to let it go. Sabreen needed to not focus on the situation. She needed to make herself at home and be happy. To find some kind of solace and security.

Mike had also gone to work in the afternoon and it was just hilda who had cancelled all her appointments for the day so she could spend time with sabreen.

After lunch, hilda took sabreen to the backyard where she had a beautiful, blue and well kept pool.

Hilda encouraged sabreen to roll up her jeans, which she borrowed from alice, and dip her feet in the pool. Sabreen had never done this before and was abit apprehensive at first. But once she watched hilda do it, she eased down abit.

It felt so refreshing to have her feet immersed in this awesome feel of cool water.

Water always seems to having a calming effect on people.

“What do you say about going for a bit of shopping tomorrow breeni? Do you like shopping?” Hilda asked considering the fact that sabreen would need some clothes and shoes and a few other necessities.

Sabreen just shrugged. She’s never been for shopping before. She usually wore all alice and tonys hand me downs and whenever beth went for shopping, she had to stay home and wait. And as soon as beth returned, she would have to unpack all the shopping bags for beth and pack everything in its respective places.

“What do you enjoy doing breeni?” Hilda asked

That got sabreen thinking again. What did she enjoy doing? She didn’t even know what the options were. She didn’t have any options before but honestly, she enjoyed doing anything, as long as it kept her away from being beaten up.

“Breeni? Do you like writing? Drawing? Painting?” Hilda offered a few suggestions. She wanted to learn about sabreen.

Sabreen looked down. ” I don’t know how to write. Or draw.”

“Have you never been to school?” Hilda asked astonished. Sabreen was old enough to start high school soon.

Sabreen just shook her head… “Dad never had enough money to send me”

Hilda became more furious. What ribbish! Sam had no money to send his child to school? But he had all the money in the world to gamble, drink and party?

She always hated sam. Beth wasn’t always this kind of person. Yes beth always had a big mouth. But she wasn’t as bad until she met sam in high school. He then transformed her into a drinking snob.

He introduced her to the worst of things and made her hate her family.

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8 thoughts on “part 40: (sabreen)”

      1. Well …. They r such incapable parents , they don’t evn want her , yet they don’t want her to enjoy life also … Selfish ppl … They probably wouldn’t wanna let her go … N they may evn make life evn worse for her ( I wonder if it can get any worse *hide* ) ….
        But with abit of threatening .. *evil grin* …. Mayb , just mayb they’l let her go …. *hopeful* !!!

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  1. I am thoroughly enjoying the blog, but a point of clarification our laws when it comes to children rights. The law also will not remove the child from a family caregiver to social workers. Another thing is government schools are free education. I feel Sam and Beth should pay for what they did to poor Sabreen. I am reeling with anger at parents who do this.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jx sister for that info.
      Not sure whether you’re from south africa but our government schools are not free here in SA.
      Deff every transgressor will pay gravely for their actions.
      Besides beth and sam, the real beth and sams of this world will deff pay and be dealt with severely. Its a sad reality in lots of homes around the world


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