part 42: (sabreen)

**”Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-**

The following day hilda and sabreen went on a little shopping spree. Hilda went all out and spent on sabreen like crazy.

She bought a whole lot of pretty dresses, jeans, t-shirts, skirts and shoes. She even bought her some paint and canvas and a few toys to keep her entertained.

Sabreen was thrilled although she was not used to showing any emotion outwardly. She felt so happy but didn’t know how to express it to hilda.

She wanted to tell her how grateful she was for everything that she was doing to patch up her broken life. But she was too shy and reserved and wasn’t used to expressing her feelings to anyone.

Before they left the mall, they stopped for lunch at a burger place.

“What would you like to order breeni?* hilda asked while studying the menu.

Sabreeen just shrugged. It was her way of saying anything would be enough. She had never eaten out before.

Hilda realised this and opened up the menu infront of sabreen.

“You could order anything that you like. Don’t be shy sweety. Look! They’ve got burgers, chips, sandwiches, wraps, pastas, pizzas..” Hilda pointed to a few pictures on the menu.

Sabreens tummy started to grumble seeing all these mouth watering foods that she’s never seen in her life.

But she wasn’t used to making decisions either so again she just shrugged…

Hilda smiled. “Ok, I’m going to order a hamburger for you then okay?”

SabrEen nodded.

“And what will you have to drink?” Hilda asked?

again sabreen just shrugged…

Hilda giggled… “Would you like a soda? Or a milkshake?”

Gosh! So many decisions to make. This was all so new to sabreen. She usually just had to eat whatever was on the table. And cold drinks were a luxury. Only sam and beth were allowed cold drink in the house. She was never allowed to touch it. She always thought that it was harmful for her and that’s why they’d stopped her. Well atleast that’s what they told her. That it would make her really ill. But aunt hilda would never offer her cold drink if it was going to be harmful to her.

And milkshake? Hmm.. She wondered what that tasted like…

“Ok sweety.. Don’t worry! I’ll just order something for you…. How about a bubblegum milkshake?” Hilda offered. “Would that be alright?”

Sabreen just nodded.

After giving the waitress their order, sabreen looked around and watched as families sat to eat. There were kids jumping around at some tables and there were some couples too who sat enjoying their meals.

Everyone looked so happy and content. Laughing and giggling and some having deep conversations.

There was a young lady shooing her baby lovingly in a pram.

The time seem to have flown by and sooner than sabreen expected, their food was placed on the table.

Sabreen stared at this huge burger with fries in her plate and an even larger glass of blue milkshake with cream and sprinkles ontop.

“Enjoy!” The waitress said smiling at sabreen.. And off she went.

Sabreen watched hilda begin eating. She wasn’t sure how she was supposed to finish all this food in her plate. She watched hilda sprinkle some salt and pepper on her chips and then squeeze some ketchup over it.

It looked yummy and so she decided to follow and do the same thing. She picked up the salt and shook the bottle a little too hard causing a little too much of salt to come out.

“Here you go sweety. That amount of salt is sure to give you high blood pressure…” Hilda giggled and dusted some of the salt off the chips and move it to the side of the plate. She then helped sabreen by sprinkling some pepper and ketchup on her chips for her.

Sabreen didn’t realise how hungry she was until she put the first chip in her mouth. She picked up the burger and savoured every bite of it. She has never eaten such a delicious burger before.

And when she took a sip of her milkshake, the cold, sweet and thick taste on her tongue felt so refreshing and tantalising.

Hilda and sabreen left the mall feeling absolutely stuffed.

As they entered the house, hilda heard the house phone ringing. She dropped the shopping bags at the entrance and ran to answer the phone.

Authors note:
This post is dedicated to ‘pink cake’ for being so eager and visiting the blog so many times yesterday eagerly awaiting a new post.
Sorry for no post yesterday. I was extremely busy.
And then we were experiencing load shedding the whole morning so was unable to post earlier.
Will make it up to you guys as soon as I can inshallah. Have a lovely weekend.

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