part 43: (sabreen)

**”Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-**

The cordless phone wasn’t on its base and before hilda could even find the phone, the call had ended. So she didn’t bother looking for it and went back to the entrance to collect her parcels, some of which sabreen had already brought inside.

“Thanks sweety. You’re such a help” hilda said.

Hilda had no idea how those simple words made such a difference to sabreen and she let out a genuine smile.

She’s never heard her parents ever tell her that she was a help. Even though she did all the cleaning and cooking and washing and everything else in the house. She always helped to unpack the shopping bags when beth returned from shopping but beth never ever said thank you… And here, all she did was carry 2 plastic bags with her own things in and she was thanked.

Gratitude is something so marvellous. We never realise the impact it may have on the person that we are appreciating. Gratitude is the best gift anyone can receive.

“Why don’t you try on some of those clothes and see if they fit. If they don’t, I’ll just take them back to change them.” Hilda suggested once they’d reached sabreens room.

Fit on clothes? Sabreen thought. And why would aunt hilda want to give them back? She was used to just wearing whatever second hand clothes she was given, whether they fitted or not. Why would she have a problem with brand new clothes which were her size? But she complied anyway just after hilda had closed the door and walked away.

Hilda spotted the phone on her bed as she entered her bedroom and remembered about the phone ringing when she got home.

She took off her shoes as her feet were killing her from all the walking at the mall and untied her hair as it was too tight and giving her a headache.

She then reached for the phone to check the caller ID.

It showed that the missed call was from beth. And she had tried 3 times before that aswel.

Why didn’t she just try on my cellphone? Hilda thought. But then again, beth was stingy and wouldn’t call on her cellphone as the charges are much more. Calling on a landline was free from her landline.

She decided to check her cellphone for any messages and pulled it out from her handbag and then only did she realise that her battery was dead.

She put the phone on to charge and took a deep breath before she dialled beths number.

Beth was annoyed at the fact that she had tried calling hilda more than 3 times and there was no answer.

“Where could she be? That means she’s taking that child with her everywhere….spoilt brat” Beth said to sam annoyed.

Sam was afraid. He had these crazy thoughts running through his head… “Do you think that they’ve gone to the police? To you know…. Lay a charge like she said she would?”

“Why sam? We’ve done nothing wrong. That little tramp threw herself all over you after she drugged me to sleep that night. They can’t do anything to us. We’ll tell them the truth about her. Beth tried to convince her husband.

That morning after the incident, beth woke up feeling totally hung over. She had a splitting headache and didn’t find sam in the bed next to her.

She threw her legs off the bed and went looking for sam everywhere.

The clock in the passage showed that it was 11am already. Why was the house so quiet? Where was sabreen? Why was there no sound of her making breakfast or cleaning up. The house was in such a terrible state. She was fuming and was going to give sabreen a solid hiding for sleeping late and not doing any of her chores.

But to her amazement, when she went to sabreens room, she found sam lying on the floor with his trouser half off.

“Sam! What in the world?” She shook him awake…

She looked around the room and didn’t find sabreen anywhere…

“Sam! Wake up? Sam!”. Beth tried even harder

She got up from the floor and went out to get a cup of water. She filled the gargling cup in the bathroom with cold water and went back to the room. Her mind was racing. What had happened and where in the world was sabreen?

But sabreen was the least of her worries right now. She needed to wake her husband up. Something was terribly wrong.

Sam woke up with a shock after beth threw the water on his face.

He got up and took in his surroundings and then held the back of his head..

“Ow… My head hurts…” Sam said in a very groggy tone

“What’s going on sam? Why are you laying here with your trousers half off? Its 11am already. Where is this child? I’m so going to kill her!” Beth screamed for some answers.

Sam looked down at his trousers… “Little tramp!”

“Who? ” Betb asked confused..

“That rubbish child of yours… She put something in. The food last night when we got back. You started acting all weird and then went straight to sleep. And then… Gosh.. She did the most unbelievable thing…. Once you were asleep, she dragged me to her room and started taking off all her clothes. Then she started taking off my trousers… And after that I… I can’t remember… I don’t remember what happened.. It all went blank!” Sam scratched his head trying to recall what had happened and said convincingly.

Authors note:
This is your cover up post for yesterday….

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14 thoughts on “part 43: (sabreen)”

  1. its amazing what small words of praise can do for a person whether they are young or old
    My goodness these 2 are really mean.Sam doesn’t remember tony hitting him. everything has a way of coming out nothing stays hidden. I hope hilda threatens them more. If sabreen goes back they really going to hurt and destroy her

    jazakallah for the 2 lovely posts today

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Its so true. That’s why islam encourages us to always be thankful to everyone for every little thing that they do. Not thanking sumone could totally drop their self esteem
      Sam doesn’t remember? Or sam is just acting like he doesn’t remember?


  2. O m Gosh …….. They r soo wicked ….. Pure evil !!!!!!
    I just wish I could b there to gorge their eyes out !!!!!! *really angry* !!!!!

    U can see from her reactions to everything that she’s soo terrified to do or say anything……. Cos she’s been oppressed all her life …..
    Aunty Hilda is soo wonderful…..I just hope things work out for the best – they need each another !!!

    جزاك اللهُ خيراً

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s what happens to abused kids. They’re always too afraid and don’t know what answers to give or what’s right or wrong… They’re afraid that even if they do the right thing, its still going to be wrong


  3. السلام علیکم و رحمة الله و بركاته و مغفرته

    I’ve been a silent reader so far,sorry about that..makes me feel selfish,to take n enjoy all ur hard work n not even acknowledge it..but i really am enjoying ur story,especially sabreens story..i feel so sorry for the poor kid! To b abused,neglected n bullied through no fault of hers,simply coz she was born at the wrong time in the wrong place? How heartless beth n sam r!! they shud hav given her up for adoption as soon as she was born..or given her to hilda wen she asked for her..i hope she gets to stay with hilda now n her life changes for the better..what goes around comes around,as beth n sam will realise 1 day..
    Same goes for nicholas..he may not b an abused kid but hes also neglected by his mum..nowadays parents think theyr showin love by showerin their kids with materialistic things,but neglect to giv them valuable time,affection and truly bonding with them,wich is far more valuable..tom is just payin nick a bit more attention yet its makin such an effect on nick..hope tasha realises this n bonds with nick more…
    Hanzalah’s story was picture perfect,but like all wordly things,doesnt last forever..this cancer is a test for them all but hanzalah is showing the results of his parents hard work n wonderful upbringing..naseema is the kind of mother every1 shud try n be,n hanzalah is the son every parent wants..hope everythin works out well for them as well…
    looong comment i knw,but i felt i should put in my 2cents,though its rather overdue..keep up the good work..may Allah take u from strength to strength..آ مين ثم آمین

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wa alaykum salaam sister..

      Wow…….that was one awesome comment. It truly makes a difference when readers comment. Because even though we see the stats, we’re not sure whether readers are enjoying the story or not or benefitting in any way.

      When readers comment, it makes us ant to write more especially if they contribute as to which parts appeal to them more etc.

      I love your analysis of the 3 parts.

      Ameen to your duas and continue to remember me In ur duas.

      And pls keep those comments coming…. Good to know that you’re still around and reading my thoughts
      Jx soooo much


  4. Aslm sister… so heartbreaking and unfortunately it is a reality for some children. A lesson for many of us though that although we do not physically abuse our kids but sometimes unknowingly we can emotionally abuse them… by degrading, calling names or making them feel insignificant. May Allah protect us and guide us. Kids are a beautiful bounty from Allah given to us as a trust and we will be questioned about how we treated them. Would love to see this ending off in a good way for sabreen. Keep up the great writing ♡

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wslm sister..

      Its so true.. Abuse comes in many forms.. And emotional abuse is just as detrimental.

      May Allah guide us to always say the right things and keep everyone free from the evil of our tongues and hands… Ameen!


  5. Those evil, filthy, rotten scoundrels …………
    I can’t wait 4 dem 2 get xposed >=)
    They must not get near Sabreen EVER again * very angry * . Hp Sabreen remains wid Hilda. She understands her & will tk good care of her. Beth & Sam must go 2 prison & rot der till dey die.

    Liked by 1 person

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