part 45: (sabreen)

**”Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-**

“Sabreen. ” Hilda called as she entered sabreens room.

Sabreen was sitting on the edge of the bed thinking hard about what to do when hilda walked in. She hoped that hilda didn’t know that she was eavesdropping again. And she hoped even more that hilda wouldn’t be here to tell her that she was taking her back to her parents… She also hoped that hilda didn’t notice her streSsed out face. But thanks to her cleft that always gave her face the same look, hilda didn’t notice a thing.

“Oh… You’ve fitted it on… Looks good on you sweety.. Glad it fits..” Hilda said noticing that sabreen had been trying on some of her new clothes.

sabreen looked lovely in a clean set of clothes that were her size instead of the overly large t-shirt and jeans of alices that she had on previously.

“I’m just jumping in for a quick shower. I won’t be too long. Will you be alright? Should I switch on the television for you?” Hilda asked.

Sabreen shook her head.

She had trust issues. She couldn’t trust her parents and She couldn’t trust hilda now either. Hilda wasn’t saying anything about her call to sam and beth. And that made sabreen more scared. Were they all conspiring against her?

“Ok then… See you in a bit…” Hilda said as she closed sabreens room door and headed towards her en suite..

Sabreen sat thinking… Its either she runs away now or she won’t get an opportunity again. And then they would drop her off back home and that would just be a nightmare.

But where would she run to? Alice and tony were in the next town and she didn’t know her way around at all. She has never been in the outside world before, let alone all by herself.

What if someone kidnapped her? Or hurt her?

Well either way she was still going to be hurt and right now running away was her only option. She’ll figure out where to once she’s out.

She opened her room door and walked towards hildas room. She placed her ear against the door and listened for the shower. Just at that moment she heard the shower door close and knew that hilda was definitely in. She would have to be very quick.

She ran back to her room and threw whatever hilda had bought for her (which was basically all that she posseSsed) into the shopping bags. She grabbed the bags and tiptoed swiftly down the stairs and out the back door.

The front would be too obvious and she didn’t know how to open or close the main gate and she did notice a side gate where the domestic entered and exited from.

She prayed with everything she had that the gate was left unlocked. Or else therE would be no other way out.

As she neared the gate, she noticed the lock on the gate was open.

She carefully opened the gate and rushed out…

She was out… And free… For now.. In this HUGE world…

Where to now?

Sabreen didn’t think, she didn’t care… She didn’t even look back. She was too afraid that someone was behind her and hilda had noticed that she was missing.

So she ran and ran and turned into the next street… She remembered coming this way. It looked vaguely familiar but she couldn’t place where she was.

It was still broad daylight and there were cars passing by but she was too afraid to look so she kept her gaze down.

There were many people walking, either to and from school and to the shops perhaps and back home. So she didn’t look that suspicious to anyone.

That’s it! That’s why this road looked so familiar.. It was the road that lead to the park they’d visited the last time with mike and hilda.

That would be a good place to hide for a while. No one would notice her there..

She picked up her pace and rushed eagerly to reach the park a little sooner. She needed to get off any familiar roads or areas because hilda was sure to look for her.

After some time, much effort and continuous huffing, sabreen had reached the park. Only, she wasn’t interested in its beauty today. She needed to find a quiet spot where she could hide and nobody would find her.

There were tennis courts and a football ground part of the park which sabreen had paSsed.

She found a face brick building which was possibly the bathrooms and changing rooms. she went to the back of the building. It was quiet and there was a brick wall behind. This would be her hiding spot for a while, until she thought of a plan…

She was exhausted. Her feet ached and her chest too. All that walking had been too much for her little body, so when she sat down on the gravel, she felt so relieved even though it was hard and stoney.

She leaned against the wall with her knees drawn to her chest and placed her head to rest. With all the exhaustion she had drifted off into a deep slumber.

She awoke to a loud thundering sound above her and trickles of raindrops falling onto her bare arms and head.

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18 thoughts on “part 45: (sabreen)”

  1. Awww maan !!!! All alone out in the beeeg world !!
    Hope nothing seriously bad happens to her …. Mayb Nicks family or hanzala’s family will find her …. Then she’sl b in safe hands !!!!

    جزاك اللهُ خيراً

    Liked by 1 person

  2. alhumdulillah!this blog got me addicted.The writer is trully gifted!coupled with my humble opinion is that we felt glued till midnight reading the entire thing ,but when things from church were mentioned we felt uneasy….like is the ending going to serve as an inspiration for me.It did open my eyes to the nasty world tho.May Allah help the opressed.It made me cry soemtimes and hope that Allah guides the ppl of the world.
    perhaps the respected author knows were shes taking this or maybe an ispiration after each post??
    wud lurveee to read the next post…


    1. Assalaamu alaykum sister.. Maaf for late response. Had abit of a family crisis so only getting to approve your comment now even though I read it early this morning.
      Jx for taking the time to read this blog and comment.
      I’ve purposely made nick and sabreen none muslims as you will find their lives slightly off track and hanzalah a muslim so that we can see the difference that deen brings to a persons life. Also, as the story unfolds, a lot of things which readers may have found uncomfortable or inapropriate wil be rectified inshallah.
      I won’t be putting inspiration after each post as the entire story is supposed to serve as an inspiration inshallah.
      Just as my other blog,everyone was meant to take inspiration on their own and at the end of the blog I mentioned all the lessons one should have learnt from the story. So inshallah, this blog works round about the same way.
      Jx for reading and commenting. Hope to hear from you more often inshallah


    1. Sum ppl,when they were born to suffer, bad things are bound to always happen to them unfortunately.thats the cycle of life n sum die just waiting for the light at the end of the tunnel which seems to never be there


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