part 50: (nicholas)

**”Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-**

Its been a boring holiday for nick. Nothing much to do at his aunt roxys house..

She’s abit of a pain compared to his mother. Aunt roxy is a little OCD…

She wants everything in a certain manner and screams at the top of her voice about any and everything.

Nick is used to doing whatever he feels like, whenever he feels like and however he feels like. No-one ever scolds at him for leaving the towel on the floor after he baths or for sitting on the bed once its made or for dropping breadcrumbs on the floor whilst having breakfast in the morning.

He’s used to eating whatever he wants to for breakfast, lunch, supper and snacking inbetween.. Unfortunately things in roxys house is very different. She’s a health freak.

You won’t easily find chocolates or junk food in her house and breakfast needs to be wholesome. Snacks inbetween should strictly be dried fruit and nuts or fresh fruit.

Nick sitting with his i-pad or phone was driving her crazy…

“Don’t you ever read in your life? Your mother really spoilt you rotten.. And in all the wrong ways.. These things are so detrimental to your life.. We have a whole library of books.. Go and pick something or do something constructive with your life..” She screamed at nick for the millionth time.

“No wonder she has no kids. She would probably drive them bananas” nick muttered to himself..

“What was that?” She asked since she was half deaf.

“Nothing.. I was just saying that I need to snack on a banana…” Nick smiled broadly..

“Sure.. Sure.. That’s a good start.. I’m glad you’re learning. Maybe you can teach your mother a few things when she returns.” Roxy said and walked away.

Nick rolled his eyes…

He took out his phone and sent his mother a message..
“If you don’t return soon, I’m afraid I’m going to turn into a raging teenager…. And then you’re going to regret not coming home sooner.”

Tasha replied about 6 hours later..
“It can’t be that bad nicko… Aunt roxy is just like that.. Just ignore her and do your own thing.”

“Its not that easy when you have her hounding you down every second of the day..” Nick replied instantly..

But tasha didn’t reply…

Tasha was having a ball of a time on honeymoon… Tom was just the perfect husband and spoiling her rotten. She didn’t regret leaving nick behind one bit.

They made the most of every second of their honeymoon.

They’ve been to different beaches, the shopping was to die for, the variety of cuisines were divine and all in all, she was finally happy.

after years of being used and dumped by men of different ages and races, she had finally found someone who treats her like a queen.

Tom was a gentleman in the true sense of the word. He was mature and wise but the kid in him came out when it needed to aswel…

It was the perfect time to unwind and let loose. Because as soon as they got back, life began….

Tasha started work at the new job… Well it wasn’t entirely new.. She was still at a bank doing the same work, only in a new town and with entirely new people.

Tashas an extrovert and makes friends easily.

But nick on the other hand…. Wasn’t doing so well making friends at his new school.

He was forced to stick around with john and kevin who seemed to be the main guys of the school. they were the famous lot. He didn’t know anyone else and they dragged him along with them during lunch time.

“Who’s the new geek?” One of kevins friends asked as he approached their usual spot near the cafeteria…

“Aah.. Just some familys friends step kid… Don’t be too harsh for now.. His new… We’ll make him one of us soon… He is abit of a loser. But I’m hoping he’ll come around. If not, we’ll ditch him” kevin replied.
“His step dads loaded so I suggest we keep him for now…”

Nick didn’t hear any of it because he was too busy taking in his surroundings and feeling awkward. If only he knew what kind of crowd he was getting involved with..

After they ate half of their lunch and threw the rest of it in the waste bin, the crowd strolled to the back of the school to hit a smoke.

Something nick definitely wasn’t familiar with.

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7 thoughts on “part 50: (nicholas)”

  1. Oh gosh …. R we in for trble !!!
    I just hope he doesn’t get too influenced by them !!!

    So nice to hear that she’s enjoying her honeymoon … Hope they stay happy always !!! And that Nick adjusts to a step-dad !!

    جزاك اللهُ خيراً

    Hope u all r well !!

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