part 51: (sabreen)

**”Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-**

Hilda came to call sabreen down for supper and discovered that she was fast asleep.

She ought to be tired after all the running away and being out in the rain all day. Hilda thought.

She covered her lightly with a blanket and closed the door again.

“sabreen not coming to eat?” Mike asked while nibbling on a cucumber.

“She’s fast asleep.. Shame.. Poor kid must be exhausted from being out in the rain the whole day.” Hilda sat down at the table

“Have you spoken to beth again? To tell her about sabreen running away?” Mike asked

“No” hilda sighed.. “She’ll just be worried sick if I told her.”

“But why did she run away babe? Did something happen?” Mike asked concerned

“I swear she was normal. Well as normal as she can be. She even tried on some of the clothes we’d bought earlier and came to show me. I sat for hours trying to think if I’d maybe reacted in a way that offended her or something that would have made her want to leave. But I just cannot understand what happened.” Hilda expressed her frustration.

“Maybe beth was right after all. Maybe there is something seriously wrong with the child. Maybe she needs to see a psychologist or something.” Mike suggested.

“Maybe.” Replied hilda.

“I’ve asked for leave for tomorrow.” Mike told hilda. “So that we can take a drive down and drop her off at home.”

Hilda nodded and continued eating.

After clearing up the supper table and washing up the dishes, hilda checked in on sabreen who was still fast asleep.

Mike and hilda sat watching TV for the remainder of the night and then retreated to bed just before midnight, oblivious to the fact that sabreen was really out..

The next morning they were quite surprised to find that she was still fast asleep and in the exact same position from last night.

“Mikey… She’s still asleep… Is that normal?” Hilda was concerned

They didn’t have kids so they were not entirely sure. Maybe this was just the way kids were nowadays. They loved their sleep.

“Maybe I should wake her. She skipped supper last night, she ought to be hungry by now. She has to wake up for breakfast now.” Hilda said as she headed once again for sabreens room.

“Hi…” Hilda greeted the domestic who had begun cleaning upstairs.

“Hi madam. Is still sleeping?” The domestic replied

“Yes.. I’m going to wake her now. You can start in the bathroom in the meantime and when she’s up, you can clean up the room..” Hilda ordered

The domestic nodded and headed downstairs to fetch her cleaning stuff.

“Sabreen…sweety….” Hilda sat next to sabreen on the bed and called out gently.

But sabreen didn’t respond.

Hilda shook her lightly and pulled the blankets slightly off..

“Sabreen… Come on sweety… Its time for breakfast… Sabreen… Wake up!” Hilda said again, this time a little louder.

But still no reaction from sabreen.

Hilda began to panic. From the few times that she’d known sabreen, she was generally an early bird. Sabreen was always awake before everyone else, washed up and ready early.. This was worrying…

She instinctively reached for sabreens hand to feel a pulse. It was there but it was very faint.

She began shaking a little harder and pulled off all the blankets…

“Sabreen! Wake up!” Hilda shouted.

But when sabreen didn’t move, panic set in..

“MIKE….. Hurry…. MIKEY…” Hilda screamed out of the room…

Mike understood from the panic in her voice that something wasn’t okay and ran to the guest room immediately still throwing his t-shirt over his head…

“What’s happening babe? What’s wrong?” Mike asked as soon as he entered the room.

“Madam….. I find this in bathroom……” The domestic stood at the bathroom door with the bathroom bin in her hand…

Mike and hilda looked in the bin and then looked a eachother…

How stupid could they both be.. Sabreen was not asleep…. She was probably already in a coma.

Authors note:
Sorry for no post yesterday. Inshallah I’ll try to type out another post today to make up for yesterday…

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2 thoughts on “part 51: (sabreen)”

  1. Awww maaan …. They never realise that something is not rite !!!

    I just hope that she’s not too bad !!!
    N now they’l hav2 find out y she did this … Mayb get a pschycologist or something to assess her !!!!
    N then she can stay with her aunty Hilda !! *hoping*

    جزاك اللهُ خيراً

    Liked by 1 person

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