part 53: (sabreen)

**”Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-**

Sabreen was dazed. Her tongue felt heavy and her body weak. She had no strength. She was just angry that they revived her. She didn’t want to live. She wanted her misery to end. She wanted to be dead and never face another difficult situation again in her life.

She felt alone. Like no-one understood her. She felt trapped in her own body.

She lay almost lifeless on the hospital bed. She could hear the nurses talking but she couldn’t open her eyes. Well, she didn’t try anyway. She didn’t want to see anyone.

Once she was sure that she was alone and the nurses had left the room, she opened her eyes, only to look straight into the face of a strange woman smiling at her.

She didn’t even have the strength to smile back. It was an effort.

Why was this woman smiling at her anyway? Doesn’t she know how useless and hopeless she was? She didn’t deserve this womans warm and genuine smile.

But instead of looking away or closing her eyes again, sabreen continued to stare into this womans kind eyes. She had seen those eyes somewhere but just couldn’t remember where. Not that she had been to many places in her life. But even trying to figure that out was an effort. It hurt to think.

The lady slowly got up and dropped her legs off the side of the bed. She searched for her slippers and put them on, right leg first and left leg second.

Sabreen was hoping that this woman wasn’t coming to her. To try and talk to her or try to be friendly. She was in no mood to talk to anyone.

Thank goodness, she walked straight past sabreens bed and headed for the bathroom.

Her head was covered with a scarf and she wore a long sleeved, full length night gown with a pants instead of the hospital gown that sabreen had on.

Sabreen wondered what could be wrong with this lady. Was she sick? But she was able to walk herself to the bathroom.

She heard the toilet flush and sabreen expected the lady to come out immediately, but she took a while before she finally emerged from the bathroom.

As soon as she got to her bed, she picked up a clock and looked at the time. She then placed it back down and opened the drawer next to her bed and pulled out a black piece of cloth.

She watched as the lady donned it over her face immaculately without the use of even a mirror…

That’s it! That’s where sabreen had seen this woman.. At the park. She was the lady who was kind enough to shelter everyone when the rain suddenly came down.

Could it possibly be her? Or was it just another woman who also wore this veil?

How coincidental was it that they were both in the same ward?

As soon as she’d tied her veil, she closed the curtain between the 2 of them and sabreen could hear her getting into the squeaky hospital bed.

Was she going to sleep like that? How was she going to breathe like that? Why was she wearing it in the first place? And why did she close the curtain? Did she also realise how pathetic sabreen was? Or could she merely not stand the sight of sabreens ugly face?

All these questions caught sabreens curiosity but she had to stop wondering because mike and hilda had just entered the room…

She wished that her eyes were closed and they’d think she was asleep, but they had already seen her awake.

“Hey there sweetheart. How are you feeling?” Hilda asked whilst brushing a few strands of sabreens hair behind her ears.

Sabreen didn’t answer. She didn’t want to speak to them. She was still angry that they wanted to take her back to beth and sam. And she was angry at hilda for coming to find her. And now she was even more angry at them for getting her to a hospital and saving her from dying.

“Breeni… We’re here for you… Talk to us breeni.. Why are you doing all these things to yourself? ” Mike asked.. His voice etched with concern.

But sabreen still wouldn’t answer…

“Mr and mrs williams I presume? Miss williams parents?” The voice of a young, tall woman was heard from the door of the room.

“Err.. No.. I’m her aunt. Mothers sister actually… Mr and Mrs du plessis…”. Hilda corrected.

“Oh… I’m dr nicole.. I’m a child psychologist and I was called to assess miss williams… I’m sorry to hear about what had happened.” Dr nicole put her hand forward to greet hilda and mike.

Authors note:
I was given a very good suggestion by one of the readers. In order to make this blog more beneficial, we have decided to share some sites, numbers or peoples names where help can be sought by people who are going through similar situations to everyone in this blog.. For example, places where abused kids may seek help, cancer patients may receive counselling and support groups of every kind inshallah.
If you know of anyone or anywhere that may be beneficial to someone, please feel free to share with the readers either by commenting or e-mailing me (to those who have my e-mail address or you may request for me contact you personally via e-mail)


4 thoughts on “part 53: (sabreen)”

  1. Oh maan .. I just hope that she opens up to some1 … N realises that they want to help her !!!!!
    And she recognises Naseema … That’s great !!
    Let’s hope some good comes out of this !!

    جزاك اللهُ خيراً

    Liked by 1 person

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