part 54: (hanzalah, sabreen)

**”Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-**

Naseema needed to use the bathroom urgently and as soon as she was done, she began making a perfect wudhu.

She washed each limb carefully even though it was slightly difficult due to the weakness she felt throughout her body.

She tried to always keep herself in the state of wudhu. Ever since she had found out that she had cancer, she tried to keep herself prepared incase Allah decided to take her life away.

Being constantly in the state of wudhu just made her feel more pure. More like Allah was pleased with her.

She carefully wiped her face and pinned her scarf back into place.

She checked the clock next to her bed and realised that it was just a minute before visiting hours. Thank goodness the hospital was strict about visiting hours. That gave her time to rest and she didn’t have to always have her niqaab on. And now that there was another patient sharing her room with her, she would have to keep her niqaab during visiting hours.

She drew the curtain between them closed and layed down on the bed waiting for her loved ones.

She missed them dearly and couldn’t wait to see them. More than anything she wished that all the tests could be over and done with so that she could go home again.

Being In hospital sometimes makes people feel even worse than they’re actually feeling.

She heard some hushed voices on the other side of the curtain and realised that the young girl had her visitors already.

A few minutes later there were more voices and the curtain was drawn completely around to give them complete privacy.

She picked up her clock again… Her family was late. But just when she thought that they weren’t coming she heard little habeebas voice…
“Ummi jaan…… We missed you… Its all bhais fault that we’re late….”

Hanzalah and abdullah chuckled and shook their head.

“Everythings always my fault.” Hanzalah stated jokingly. He knew his sister by now. She liked to blame everything on him. But he didn’t mind. He was old enough to understand that she’s still small.

“Assalaamu alaykum beta..” Naseema kissed hanzalahs forehead affectionately.

“Wa alaykumus salaam ummi… How are you feeling? I hope you’re taking it easy and resting properly”

“Oh how I miSs those days when I would get the first greeting…” Abdullah said sarcastically to no-one in particular.

They all laughed.

He leaned forward to give his wife a peck on the cheek.

The family made the most of their hour together by talking only about happy things. They didn’t focus on naseemas being ill or anything depressing. Naseema was a positive person and her positivity had passed on to everyone in her household.

A positive person is able to fight through any situation.

Once they had left, the nurses were back to check on them and give them their necessary medication. The curtains were drawn open and then they too had left to see to other patients.

Naseema and the little girl were left all alone in the room.

“What’s your name darling?” Naseema asked sweetly.

The girl was startled by naseemas voice. She tried to answer her but she was too soft….

“Sorry?” Naseema asked

She cleared her throat and tried harder this time.
“Sabreen… Mm My name is sabreen”

Naseema smiled warmly… “My name is naseema… You have a lovely name sabreen… Sabreen in my religion would mean a patient one…”

Sabreen smiled a sad smile.
“I guess I’m running out of patience now”

“You can never run out of patience my dear. God is always at your side.” Naseema comforted her

“You a believer? In God?” Sabreen asked

“Ofcourse… A very strong believer.. I believe in Him with all my heart, life and soul… Why don’t you believe that there’s a God?” Naseema continued the conversation

Sabreen shrugged
“I’m not sure.. I’ve never bEen taught about a God. Or religion really. My aunt is a believer too. And I’ve heard her using Gods name a few times. She calls Him jesus I think”

“She must be christian then.” Naseema said

“What’s that?” Sabreen asked

Naseema began explaining to sabreen all about islam and what her beliefs are as a muslim and about hilda being a christian and what her beliefs are as a christian.

And so the 2 began a some light hearted conversation which continued for hours thereafter and led to many deeper and personal conversations.

They got along so well and it was the first time in sabreens life that she ever felt so comfortable talking to someone other than alice.

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6 thoughts on “part 54: (hanzalah, sabreen)”

  1. YAY !!!!!!!
    She’s talking !! And comfortable in Naseema’s company … I just hope , hope , hope that she tells Naseema , so that something can b done to help her !!

    Lovely post !!
    As ALWAYS !!!!!

    جزاك اللهُ خيراً

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