part 56: (nicholas)

**”Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-**

The drive home from school was tense and silent. Tasha didn’t even look at nick ever since she was called in and explained the situation.

Nick wanted to explain himself, but he was afraid that she would just lash out at him.

The principal didn’t ask for an explanation, merely because he was caught red handed by the teacher so there was no need for an explanation.

Tasha stormed into the driveway and banged her door closed before barging into the house.

She threw her keys on the kitchen table and then turned around to finally face nick..

“You are grounded from today. I don’t want to see your face out of that room unless you have to eat or use the bathroom. No television, no games and no cellphone…. You are an embarrassment… I’m absolutely disgusted at you…” Tasha shouted at nick while staring straight at him.

“But..” Nick began to explain himself.

“No buts. Save it! I don’t want to hear your useless excuses.. Just get the hell out of my face before I do something that I’m going to regret!” Tasha screamed.

Nick threw his school bag on the floor and walked angrily to his room. He banged the door closed and threw himself on his bed in utter frustration.

He stayed in his room for the rest of the afternoon and evening too. He didn’t even come out to have supper.

He was angry at those guys at school. What kind of friends were they? They introduced the wrong and then fled when the trouble came.

He was angry at the teacher for not being quick enough to catch the other guys.

He was angry at the principal for giving him such a pathetic punishment.

But most of all he was angry at his mother for not even given him a chance to explain himself.

Tasha should know her son better than anyone else to know that he’s not the type to do such things.

But how would she possibly know anything about her own son when she’s too busy enjoying life and doing other things?

He hated his mother right now and didn’t want to speak to her. He promised to remain angry with her for as long as possible. Forever if he could help it.

Nick could hear tom and tasha arguing down the passage in their room.

Tom was calm while tasha was shouting.

“Why don’t you just calm down babe.. He’ll come around.” Tom tried to convince her.

“Calm down? You’re asking me to calm down? I’m fuming tom. I least expected my son to get himself into some kind of trouble in the first term in a new school. First impressions last… Both the teacher and principal will always think him to be rotten kid.” Tasha shouted in frustration.

“He is not rotten tash… It was just one silly mistake.” Tom tried to convince Her otherwise.

“He is rotten. I didn’t even know that he smokes… How much more must he be doing behind my back? What if he’s doing drugs or other stupid things. What haven’t I given him? I’ve spoilt him rotten. He’s got the latest of everything on the market… What more could he want?” Tasha continued.

“What more could I want?” Nick thought to himself.. “What money can’t buy.. That’s what.. Stupid woman. I’ll show her what a rubbish I really am…”

Nick pulled the pillow over his head and shut the world out. He didn’t want to hear any more of his mothers insults towards him. And what hurt more was that he was being judged without clarification.

Couldn’t she just be a proper mother and sit down like a decent human being and ask nick what really happened?

Couldn’t she be a decent mother and advise her child of which path to take and how to go about in the future?

Nick didn’t have any guidance from his mother. Tasha did a very wrong thing by not giving nick a chance. By just shoving him in his room to be grounded till she decided was fit was a big mistake which just pushed nick into a totally wrong direction.

The next morning nicholas dreaded waking up for school. The thought of having to clean the toilet just made him feel depressed.

He’s never cleaned his own shoes before, let alone a toilet.

This was really going to be another pathetic day at school.

Authors note:
Jumuah mubarak everyone.. Remember me and my family in your duas on this auspicious day and jazalah for all the support with this blog…

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3 thoughts on “part 56: (nicholas)”

  1. Shame !! I feel soo sorry for both mother and son !! She doesn’t know how to handle this situation ,… She feels that if she gav him all the material things that it would suffice !! But …… Money can’t buy love , happiness and the attention that a child needs from the mother !! And that’s wat he needs .. I hope Tom goes n talks to him n makes him understand – he seems to b a very mature and level-headed person!!
    Defntly pertinent topic and points… We all need to learn how to address situations like these , with hikmat (wisdom) and maturity …. That’s how kids will listen and learn … Otherwise they will just rebel !!!

    جزاك اللهُ خيراً

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So true.. As parents we often get so upset and worked up that we end up over reacting and tarnishing the child for a long time. Islam teaches us to use wisdom in everything that we do. May Allah grant us the ability


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