part 57: (nicholas)

**”Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-**

Nick jumped off the car and banged his door closed making it quite apparent that he was still angry at his mother.

Nick and tasha were pretty much the same when it came to forgiving. They could hold a grudge for much longer than others and that didn’t help in this situation because neither tasha, nor nicholas was ready to apologise.

Nick walked towards the school at first with his head down. He wondered if the news of his punishment had circulated the school as yet.

“Well there’s the man…..” He heard kevins voice call out in the distance.

He looked ahead to find that they were referring to him.

The all girls school was just opposite the all boys school that nick attended and kevin and crew were surrounded by a couple of girls around the same age.

Another thing that nick wasn’t used to. He wasn’t used to mingling with anyone, let alone the opposite sex.

He wondered if he should just ignore them on a whole and walk into the school gates and straight to class or whether he should just join the gang and act like nothing happened.

He was angry that they had left him to face the punishment all alone but In a way they didn’t force him. He chose to take the cigarette from them. And ofcourse it all happened so quickly, maybe they just forgot that they needed to tell him to run. Maybe they thought that he would have enough brains to think for himself what to do.

Nick made excuses in his mind because if he ignored them now, they may just make his life more difficult for him considering the fact that they were the ‘it’ group of the school.

nick fought against his conscience and decided to just go over to the group.

“Hey nicko… What’s up?” John asked while doing that funny handshake thingy. Nick was slowly getting the hang of it and didn’t look like such a dweeb anymore when someone tried to do that with him.

Nick felt slightly out of place around these very forward girls who giggled like little chickens and threw themselves all over the guys.

He uncomfortably moved from one foot to the other wishing that the minutes would pass and the buzzer would sound so that they all could hit it straight to class.

None of the girls noticed nick much. Not that he cared really. Or did he?

They all seemed to already have their eyes on someone and he was as usual the spare wheel around.

That entire day in school nick couldn’t concentrate. His mind wandered off to why he was so different.

Why couldn’t he be ‘cool’ and noticed by others?

Why didn’t he have any specialities?

he was a loner. He had money, but that was it. He had nothing else but that.

When the bell rang at the end of the final period of the day. Nick didn’t rush out like everyone else.

He waited patiently for everyone to leave and then slowly made his way towards the mens room.

It was so empty that he could hear the echoing of his footsteps as he walked through to the last cubicle to fetch his cleaning equipment as was instructed earlier that morning by the teacher that had caught him smoking.

He walked in to the first toilet which was unflushed. The stench was disgusting and made nick want to puke.

He pulled his shirt over his nose and began his grievous task.

He cursed everyone and everything he knew from beginning till end and in the end had made up his mind.

This has made him stronger. He was going to change. Everyone needs to get used to the new nick in town.he was no longer going to feel sorry for himself. If money was all he had, he was going to use it to his advantage……..

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