part 58: (sabreen, hanzalah)

**”Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-**

Authors note:
So sorry about this delay but I typed out the entire post of 9 hundred somewhat words this afternoon and just before I pressed publish….my phone SWITCHED off and the entire post was gone 😥
And I was so frustrated that I wasn’t in the mood to retype it.but since I’m so badly in debt with u guys… Here’s your cover up that I owe you….
Hope my sad story is accepted..
The psychologist got straight down to business and wanted to know exactly what had happened that lead to sabreen taking an overdose.

Sabreen didn’t like her much. She looked like she was forced to do her job and didn’t really want to be here.

Mike and hilda filled her in with whatever they knew from the time that they picked sabreen up from tony and alices apartment. Sabreen didn’t know why they left out the main parts about sam.

Did they not believe what happened? Or did they just leave it out because it was not their place to tell.

Inbetween her questions, the doctor stopped mid sentence and looked up from the notes she was taking down…
“Erm…miss williams is on a medical aid right?”

Mike and hilda both looked at eachother, and then to sabreen and then back at the doctor..
“I don’t think she is…” Hilda replied

“Oh.” Dr nicole said.

“Look! This is important. Whatever it is I’ll pay. How much would it cost?” Mike chipped in and broke the awkwardness.

Sabreen was surprised at mike and hilda. That they were willing to spend so much just on her. She couldn’t understand why though. And she was hoping that they didn’t. She wasn’t comfortable with this woman and didn’t see hersefl opening up about such private matters to someone that she was not comfortable with.

“Well the first session would cost you R1800 and any follow up sessions thereafter would be R1200. Depending how bad the situation is she would need more sessions. And judging from what you’ve told me, its quite bad that she’s already had 2 episodes in 48 hours. So she would definitely need more sessions in the beginning. Any medication or anti depressants thereafter would be have to be purchased seperately.”

Hilda and mike were silent. They looked awkwardly at eachother and the silence continued for a little longer.

All they could hear was the giggling and laughter from the patient and her visitors on the other side of the curtain.

After an odd amount of silence, mike spoke up. “Give us some time to think things through and we’ll call you for an appointment as soon as we’ve come to a conclusion.”

Once dr nicole stormed out of the room with her briefcase in tow, there was silence again in the room.

Actually, sabreen appreciated the constant silence around.

This constant talk was making her sick.

“Sabreen sweetheart, would you like us to inform your mama and dad about what had happened?”. Hilda asked with her hand comfortingly over sabreens.

Sabreen tensed up and shook her head vigorously.

Mike and hilda exchanged looks again.

“Ok ok… We won’t… How about alice and tony… Would it be okay to call them and let know atleast?” Hilda asked carefully.

Sabreen thought for a while before nodding a small okay.

What would alice make of this situation. Would she be disappointed with sabreen?

Would she be angry that sabreen did these things? Or will she understand her situation.

Soon hilda and mike had left too and the curtains were opened up. It was only sabreen and the lady next to her whose name sabreen learnt was naseema.

They ended up talking for so long and sabreen liked naseemas company. she was so easy going and never judged sabreens situation or tried to ask what had happened.

They spoke about all other things besides sad things. Sabreen even found herself laughing a few times.

It felt good to laugh. Therapeutic actually. Sabreen could actually count the amount of times she’d laughed in her life.

And just like that her smile disappeared once again and her face turned sad.

Naseema noticed this and immediately asked. “Are you okay darling? Did I say something to offend you in any way?”

Sabreen shook her head sadly.. “No… No you didn’t.. Not at all.”

“So then? What happened? You were so happy and then suddenly you became sad.” Naseema explained her concern

“Its just… I haven’t laughed much in my life. It feels good but I don’t know if I’ll ever get to feel happy in my life. I don’t even know what’s going to happen to me after this. Where I’m going to go from here.” Sabreen told naseema

Naseema immediately felt her heart ache… “God will look after you my darling. He will always be at your side.”

“You know… I believe….” Sabreen confessed.

“You believe what?” Naseema asked confused.

“I believe that He exists. I don’t yet know who He is. But I know He’s there… There were times that I’d called out to Him for help, and He helped me.” Sabreen thought back to her last night in beth and sams home. Where she prayed so hard to God to help her and save her, and He did. He sent tony to rescue her from her beast of a father.

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4 thoughts on “part 58: (sabreen, hanzalah)”

  1. oh no,i can imagine ur frustration at havin ur whole post wiped out! It sometimes happens wen i type out a comment n i get so annoyed,yet my comments aren’t even as long…جزاك الله خيرا for retyping this post for us..
    I hope sabreen accepts islam إن شاء الله تعالى ..n mayb marry hanzalah 🙂 ok im jumpin way ahead here but the poor girl deserves happiness in her life n lots of compassion n understanding n naseema seems the empathetic kind,so probably hanzalah would b the same..sabreen has a long road to recovery though n i hopd she comes out of her long tunnel soon.. n i really hope she doesn’t get sent back to beth n sam otherwise she’ll b finished..enjoyin ur story,lovely’ve got me hooked 🙂


  2. Assalamualaykum

    جَزَاكَ اللهُ خَيْرًا for another brilliant post..
    Allah truly make it easy for people like Sabreen and remove them frm their difficulties


  3. i wish too that maybe she gets married to hanzalah but i thnk its my imagnation running wild. She isnt even a teenager yet. 😀


  4. She is a teenager..i remember readin in 1 of the posts that she would hav been in her final yr if she’d been goin to school..if im not mistaken…


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