part 63: (hanzalah)

**”Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-**

When naseemas eyes finally opened up after the sedation wore off, the light around her was too bright, abdullah was nowhere in sight and her eyes immediately caught onto a sympathetic sabreen on the bed beside her who gave her a weak smile.

“Hi” sabreen managed softly.

Naseema forced a smile out..

“How are you feeling?” Sabreen asked.

“I don’t know.” Naseema shrugged while still laying on her side with no energy to lift herself.

“You’ll be fine… I just know it. You’re a fighter and very strong woman. And like you said.. God will always be with you because He loves you.” Sabreen said confidently.

Naseema couldn’t help but smile widely. Those words touched her. It may not be an award winning speech but it was the sincerity behind sabreens words.

“Thank you my darling. I know He will be. He’s always been there for me and whatever He does is for the best.” NasEema reiterated.

There was a comfortable silence for a while. Both of them seemed deep in thought.

“I might be leaving today.” Sabreen looked sad again.

“Really? And have you decided where to?” Naseema asked curiously.

Sabreen shrugged. “We’re still deciding. My siblings want to take me with them to their apartment but their afraid that I’ll be alone all day and that mama and dad can come at anytime while their away.”

“Yes that’s true. It wouldn’t be safe for you to be alone the whole day.” Naseema agreed

“So for now I’ll be going back to my aunts house. But that’s just till they decide what to do. I have a feeling that they’re going to send me back though.” Sabreen looked like she wanted to cry.

“I hope not. But even if they do, just remember what you told me… God will always be with you and you are a strong soldier from now on. You will not let any bad things happen to yourself. Stand up for yourself always okay?” Naseema advised sabreen.

“Yes I will. I will be strong no matter what. And I’ll always think of you and pray for you.” SabrEen offered.

Naseema pulled out her tasbeeh from under her duvet and stretched her hand out to sabreen.

“Here…. This is for you… Its mine but I want you to have it…” Naseema said.

Sabreens face lit up. She jumped off her bed in excitement and took it from naseemas hand. She touched the different beads and admired the gorgeous chrystal coloured beads in turquoise and lilac on it. Sabreen was about to put it around her neck thinking that it was a necklace.

Naseema chuckled.
“No no.. Its not a necklace.”

“Oh!” Sabreen looked a little embarrassed. “So what is it?”

“Its prayer beads.” Naseema giggled.

Naseema tried to sit up with a little difficulty.
“Here. Let me show you.”

She took the tasbeeh from sabreen.
“In my religion, we meditate. We contemplate about god and for everytime that we take His blessed name, we are rewarded, forgiven and brought closer to Him.”

Naseema positioned her finger on the first bead and showed sabreen.
“You see…a tasbeeh has 100 prayer can read anything on it.the easiest is to read ALLAH.”

Naseema began to make thikr of the name Allah each time moving a bead to show sabreen.

Sabreen was bemused. “Wow.. Can I try?”

“Yes you can. Its yours…” Naseema handed it back to her.

“Aalaah..aalaah…aalaah” sabreen tried as her hand slipped from the 3rd bead. “Oops!”

Naseema giggled. “Its fine. Just pick up from where you left off. Its not about the beads or the number of times you read really. The importance is to say Gods name with sincerity and hope.”

Naseema felt a little more at ease and hopeful. She regretted her reaction earlier. What type of a mu’min reacts in that manner? She thought to herself.

This was Allahs will and it was important for her to accept the will of Allah.

When Allah had instructed prophet ibrahim(peace be upon him) to slaughter his son who he was bestowed with at such a late stage in his life, both father and son accepted the will of Allah. Nabi ismaail (peace be upon him) told his father to accept the will of Allah and he will be patient. And in the end, Allah saved prophet ismaail (peace be upon Him) and rewarded prophet ibrahim (peace be upon him) with the greatest of favours.

Authors note:
Next post will inshallah be up later today.

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4 thoughts on “part 63: (hanzalah)”

  1. Awww!!!! I just hope that Sabreen and her family become muslims !!

    Sometimes we don’t know how to react wen we receive bad news … We over-react and after everything is over we realise our mistake !! Its good that she has come to terms with it ….

    I hope she pulls thru for awhile !!!
    إن شاء ألله

    جزاك اللهُ خيراً

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