part 64: (nicholas)

**”Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-**

Nick was becoming a pro at cleaning the toilets. He managed to bring some extra gadgets from home for the first few days to clean up. Some extra gloves, stronger detergents and something to cover his face completely so he doesn’t puke.

After a week of cleaning up, he waited for his lift to pick him up from school. He was done a little earlier and the driver that tasha organised to pick him up was only due in another 20mins time.

He relaxed on one of the benches in the meantime and pulled out his phone to kill time when he noticed a beggar digging in a garbage bin nearby.

At first he ignored him and continued stalking some of his new friends on facebook, and then it clicked…

He had the greatest idea and biggest smile on his face from all the excitement.

He quickly placed his phone back into his school jacket and walked up to the beggar.

“Hey there sir…..” Nick greeted with confidence. He could speak to poor people. He didn’t need confidence for that. Maybe he should just imagine that the whole world was poor and gain his confidence like that. Nick snapped out of that thought and got back to what he was here for in the first place before anyone noticed him or his driver pitched up.

“Hhello..” The old dishevelled man stuttered back.

“Do you need some money? Or good food maybe?” Nick asked with trepidation.

The beggars face beamed with excitement. “Yes.. I’m very hungry. I have no place to stay. I live over there…” He pointed to a self built little shack not too far from the school which seemed to be built from cardboard boxes. “That is my home.”

Nick felt sick in his stomach at the idea of having to live in such a place.

While he lived in a comfortable mansion with every kind of technology and luxury, this poor old man had to suffer through both wet and dry weather in a tiny little cardboard box.

He pushed that thought aside for now though. “I’ve got a good job for you which could earn you a couple of good bucks. You up for it Mr?”

“What kind of job sir? I’m old, there isn’t much that I’m able to do. But but I need the money. So please. What is it?” The beggar asked

Once nick explained his situation, the beggar agreed. And he agreed just in time because the driver was making his way up the road.

“Okay, then! I’ll see you right here tomorrow as soon as you see the school getting empty.don’t let me down ok? I’ve got to go now. Here’s a 20 bucks for today. Get yourself something nice to eat.” And with that nick rushed towards the pickup car and sunk satisfied into his seat.

The next day after school, nick waited for the school to quiet down. He waited and watched that no-one was around and then quietly ushered his new friend into the school yards.

He explained to him everything that needed to be explained and passed on all the detergents too.

Finally, he was let off from this tedious task of cleaning filthy toilets of even filthier spoilt and rich kids.

One friday during break, while the boys were in their hide-out hitting a smoke again (something nick was getting pretty used to and even offered some cash to buy more when they were running low), kevin and his crew offered nick a night out at the movies over the weekend.

They were really starting to warm up to nick, considering the fact that he had loads of bucks to spare.

Nick knew that he was grounded. But maybe if he told his mum that he finally had friends, she would change her mind and drop his punishment.

“Yeah… That will be cool.. You can whatsapp the details to me after school then!” Nick replied eagerly.

Authors note:
Cover up post for those ages ago when I missed a post… Sorry once again. Now I owe you one for last week and another for yesterday. :))

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2 thoughts on “part 64: (nicholas)”

  1. Hmmm … Money talks !!!
    What a way to shirk his duties …..
    I just hope he knows where to draw the line – these so-called friends don’t seem to b too good !!

    جزاك اللهُ خيراً

    Liked by 1 person

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