part 65: (nicholas)

**”Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-**

Nick contemplated over how he was going to ask tasha about going out this weekend. He wondered if he should go in the first place. He never went out with friends before and what if he got himself into bigger trouble? What if it was just a prank and the boys wouldn’t show up and he was left all alone?

What if…

What if…

What if…

Okay nick! Get over yourself.. This is your only chance of having a life.. Nick scolded himself and let the negative thoughts pass.

Nick hasn’t spoken to tasha ever since the incident and tasha hasn’t made any effort to talk to him either.

It was awkward for tom. He was kind of in the middle of things.

He thought that tasha was over reacting and handling the whole situation all wrong, but he dared not to say anything because he had no kids of his own and maybe he just didn’t know how things worked.

He couldn’t confront nicholas either because he wasn’t Nicks father and he felt like he had no right to interfere.

Tasha and tom had meals together and nick would either eat before or after them to avoid them.

Nick decided that it would be better to ask tom for help out of this situation rather than confronting tasha. Tasha would just end up screaming and throwing things totally out of proportion. He knew his mother by now.

Later that evening, tom was home and tasha was working a little late. It was the perfect opportunity for nick.

“Hey uncle tom…..” Nick said as he walked into the TV room where tom sat flipping channels.

“Hey there son… What’s up?” Tom looked surprised to see nick out of his room for a change and switched off the television to give him full attention.

Nick felt abit nervous.. “Watcha watching?”

“Nah… Just killing time. There isn’t much to watch anyway… (Pause)… Good to see you out of your closet..” Tom smiled.

“I err… I kinda need a favour from you..” Nick said and waited for toms reaction before sitting down next to him.

Tom laughed. “I knew there was a reason for you being here.” He leaned back against the couch and rested his right leg on his left leg.
“Talk to me… What do you need?”

“Well I took your advice and started coming out of my shell a little. I kind of made some friends at school lately and they invited me out to the movies this weekend. But I’m grounded and mums not gona let me go and then I’m not gona have friends anymore and I’m going to go back into my shell and never want to make friends again. ” Nick rushed through his words nervously and stopped to take a deep breath.

Tom chuckled and shook his head.. “I understand.. So you want me to convince your mother to let you go right?”

Nick nodded and pulled his face. “Yeah.. Something like that..

“You do know what a difficult person your mother can be sometimes?” Tom asked wearily.

Nick sighed. “I know.. That’s why I want you to do it. You have a way of getting through to her..”

“Hmm.. Let me see what I can do. But on one condition…” Tom said.

Nick looked up expectantly…

“I don’t want you getting into an more trouble now ok. She’s upset.. And rightfully so. But I know that there was another side to the whole story.. But that’s not my business in the end of the day. All I’m asking is for you to be careful out there. Don’t be too naïve and remember that everyones not all that innocent.” Tom advised sincerely.

Nick nodded at toms caring words. It meant a lot that tom took the time out to advise him and care this much. Something tasha was always too busy to do.

“Now don’t stress.. I’ll speak to your mother as soon as she gets home okay…..” Tom punched nick playfully on the arm in a friendly manner to lighten the mood abit..

“Speak to me about what?”

the two of them turned to the entrance of the tV room to find tasha standing there with an irritated look on her face.

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2 thoughts on “part 65: (nicholas)”

  1. Oooops !!!! Now wat ???

    Let’s see how they weave their way thru this situation !!!!

    Its good that Tom is mature and caring … And also considerate enough to value the mother /son relationship !!
    Not all step-parents can draw the line or stay out of it !!!!

    جزاك اللهُ خيراً

    Liked by 1 person

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