candy coated dreams



The little muslimah climbed into bed after a rather tiring day. She had been up from around an hour before fajar time set in to perform her tahajjud prayers. That was the best time of her day. Where she was all alone with her beloved, telling Him all her secrets and enjoying every moment that they shared together.

She then performed a fresh wudhu and stood before Him once again observing her fajar salaah. She spent a little extra time praying to Him again before she opened up her well kept blue quraan which was gifted to her at the beginning of the year by her awesome parents. They were proud that their little muslimah wanted to memorise the holy quraan in its entirety by her own choice.

After praying her surah yaaseen for ease for the rest of the day, she jumped into the shower and readied herself for school where she was eager to learn more and more each day.

After school was a quick lunch in the name of Allah whilst sitting down on the white mat layed out to eat.

And then she hurried to perform a perfect wudhu and head off enthusiastically to learn about the only true religion. She envisioned the angels spreading out their wings for her as she made her way to muallimahs classroom.

She never tired listening to the beautiful stories about the true heros of Islaam.

So after helping mum in the kitchen to prepare supper and thereafter clear up. And after all her homework was completed,it was finally her second most favourite time of the day.

It was the time when she lay in bed and dream of all those candy coated trees and rivers of strawberry juice that she’d created throughout the day for herself in Jannah.

Sweetest jannah dreams everyone and don’t forget that your beloved awaits you at the time when all other souls are fast asleep

Authors note:
This is the second post of the 5 story 5 day challenge passed on to me by

And i am passing it on to

Its this simple.
Choose a picture a day and write a story or your thoughts about it for 5 days

Link the person who sent it to you at the end of each post and send the challenge to a new blogger every day of the 5 days as i have done above


Authors note:
Maaf for the typos. I can’t attah pics from my phone so I have to use my husbands phone for the challenge and I’m not used to typing with sophisticated I’ve edited all typos


3 thoughts on “candy coated dreams”

  1. Awwww …. ما شاء الله

    Tooo sweet n cute !!!!
    Mmmm…. Candy coated trees and rivers of strawberry juice !!!! *starstruck* …..

    May we be ever so fortunate to experience the grandeur of this beautiful place , Jannah !!!
    إن شاء ألله

    جزاك اللهُ خيراً

    Liked by 1 person

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