“Why is life so complicated?”
Is a question we often hear people ask.

But is it really?
Or is it us who make things a difficult task?

Things arent as difficult as it seems
If we really put our mind to things.

Every problem has a solution
Its determined by our determination.

Should we wish to solve the complication,
Write things down as a calculation.

Be strong and never regard a task as too difficult
Because we will manage..
For that we were built.

Begin your solving with Allahs name
And seek His pleasure and no worldy fame.

He will be by your side throughout your trial
And thats what will make it extremely worth while.

So my dear friends…
Life itself is not complicated
But rather what you and i make it..

Authors note:
This is the third part to the 5 day 5 story challenge passed onto me by:

And im passing it in to a worthy fellow blogger:

The challenge is simple.
Choose a picture each for 5 days and either write a story or something about the picture.
Link the person who sent the challenge to you each time and send the challenge to a different blogger each time.

Hope you enjoy it as much as i am.


5 thoughts on “complications!”

  1. Beautifully Written is us who make our lives so complicated

    JazakAllah for the challenge my sister in islam. May Allah take you from strength to strength for providing such a beautifully written blog.

    Your challenge has been greatly accepted

    Liked by 1 person

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