part 68: (hanzalah)

**”Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-**

Naseema underwent another operation during her stay at hospital. The doctors wanted to see if they could prolong the cancer a little from spreading to other organs.

That meant that naseema had been in hospital for almost a month as the recovery period thereafter wasn’t good.

Naseema was weak and felt worse than before she’d undergone surgery.

Abdullah and the kids were frustrated and just wanted her back home in their care where they could see to her better and look after her to the best of her ability.

Since things were not looking good at all, abdullah thought that it was best to inform all their family. Both his and hers.

They were all distraught. They couldn’t imagine such a thing.

From young, naseema had always been the vibrant one of the family. Always making everyone laugh and easing any tension if there ever was any.

Abdullahs parents were upset too. They had taken naseema as their own daughter and when they came down a few years ago when naseema had given birth to habeeba, they became so much closer.

She would make it a point to call them every week just to find out how they were doing and they appreciated that so much knowing how expensive it was to call all the way to pakistan.

She never complained about how she was feeling. Infact, she always sounded so happy and lively. They couldn’t believe that the doctors had given her so little time to live.

On naseemas last day at the hospital, the doctor came to discharge her.
“Mrs gujiwala, how are you doing today?”

Naseema was too weak to reply but she gave a faint smile and nodded.

The doctor looked at her sympathetically before looking at abdullah who sat next to naseema holding onto her hand.
“Mr gujiwala, we’re going to be giving her a discharge today. I’m afraid, there’s nothing more we can do besides hope. God is great… Our prayers are with you.”

Abdullah didn’t look up as she spoke, but she knew that it was out of respect. He had never looked up at her in all this time. He just nodded.

“We’ll send the discharge forms shortly so you can have them signed and the nurse will explain anything else necessary.” The doctor said sadly.

She walked to the side of the bed and touched naseemas forehead affectionately.
“Hang in there. You’re a very strong and brave woman and you’ve been an inspiration to us.”

A tear escaped naseemas eyes. She was touched by those words but right now, she didn’t feel brave or strong. She was strong enough to be there for her family. Or brave enough to even face them.

Once abdullah had signed the necessary forms and collected her medication from the pharmacy downstairs, he came back up to the ward to help her dress and take her home.

As soon as they got home, naseema was beyond shocked to find so many people there.

Her inlaws had flown down from pakistan. One of her sisters were there with her husband and kids. Her brother and his wife were there too and her youngest sister had also come down to south africa.

There were a few of their friends and people of the locality too.

Abdullah had organised a small khatam for naseema.

What better way to get Allahs help than by reciting His word and asking thereafter.

The ladies were all in the front room while the men were out in the garage.

Habeeba and hanzalah ran to their mother. Hanzalah was old enough to know that he needed to be more careful with his mothers delicate body so he hugged her lightly and kissed her on her forehead. He was so happy to have her back home.

Habeeba on the other hand jumped to hug naseema which made naseema wince silently in pain. Although it hurt, she didn’t mind. She missed her little princess so much.

This was all she needed. Her family who cared for her were right there with her in her last few moments.

Authors notes:
I honestly am very sorry. I do have a valid excuse.. And sister/in/islam its not because I’m scared of your heavy
I’ve had the flu really bad for the past 2 and half weeks and I’ve coped with it all these days but yesterday was one of those days that I really was feeling terrible. I considered sending a post to apologise for no post, but I didn’t even have that much of energy to pick my phone up, so I apologise for that. However, I know I’m running into debt
Jumu’ah mubarak everyone…rem me and my family in your duas on this blessed night

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10 thoughts on “part 68: (hanzalah)”

  1. Awww ….. Soo sooo sorry Mrs S !!!!
    *beeg hugs*

    May اللَّهُ grant u complete shifa …. And keep u strong and healthy – آمين

    Soo nice that she has a good support system …… And what better way than taking اللَّهُ name and asking directly !!!!!!
    Hopefully all will b well !! إن شاء ألله


    جزاك اللهُ خيراً

    And make me maaf !!!!
    All in the name of fun !!!!!!!!

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    1. Your comments keep me entertained so keep em coming.. 🙂

      Yes when a person is down like naseema is right now, its always a pleasure to have support of those who really care around


  2. Aslm ❤
    Shukran for always making an effort in posting no matter how much you have going on. I really appreciate it!
    Hope you get well soon iA :*

    Jummah Mubarak to you too. May Allah accept all your duas and efforts Ameen xx

    Liked by 1 person

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