what we love about you


So I’m not one for all these cool stuff and I’m definitely not one to care about what people like about me and what they don’t.

But this post is not about me…

Its about him….

Not that he cared anyway either about what people thought or think about him.because ultimately he was successful..

But for interest sake,lets ask ourselves…

1.who didnt love his eyes? Those very eyes showed kindness to even his worst enemies.

2.his face?it shone brighter than the full moon.it was radiant and had the beauty of the entire world in it.

3.his smile?none smiled more than he did and his smile was contagious making all those around him smile too.

4.his words?Allahu akbar. How unique were his words that it had to be recorded upto 1400 years later.

5.the way he spoke? So much so that people wouldn’t want him to stop talking. So much so that people changed their entire lives because of the way he spoke

6.his personality?no one had a more sublime and perfect character as he did.honourable in every sphere of his life

7.his attitude?he had a zest for life and ambitions which he achieved.he never gave up and taught us to trust in Allah. That was his attitude

8.sweet… sweet in every way,to every person and sweet was his heart. More than that,he was honoured with the sweetness of imaan.

9.his look… his dressing was impeccable. He was always neat,clean and presentable

10.his reactions?always calm and never over reacted. He dealt with ever situation with wisdom.

11.his jokes… were clean and never offended anyone. It put a genuine smile on everyones hearts let alone faces.

12.EVERYTHING…..yes everything was loved and is still loved of him. Even those who do not follow him find him to be the most perfect of human kind..

Now if someone did a survey on us like this, would we get 13 out of 13 like he did?

And yet we call ourselves his followers.

What a blessed day to write a post on none other than our master, our leader, our role model…. muhammad (may countless of salutations and blessings forever be bestowed upon him)

This is post 4 of 5 of the 5 story 5 day challenge passed onto me by

And im passing it on to my dear fellow blogger

Its simple
Choose a picture each for 5 days and write about it. Each time, add the person who sent it to you and pass it on to a different person each time.


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