part 70: (sabreen)

**”Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-**

The air was tense.

It was awkward.

All the friendliness and ease that surrounded this room just moments ago had vanished.

And then beth came running towards sabreen.
“Oh sabreen.. Sweetheart..” She sobbed.. “I’ve missed you so much…”

She was on her knees and pulled sabreen tightly toward her but sabreen didn’t reciprocate the hug. Instead sabreen squeezed alices hand beneath the table hard. She was petrified. Beth and sam were her nightmares. She couldn’t stand the sight of them.

Alice held on tight and watched beth make a spectacle of herself. She wanted to laugh but she was too angry.

What is this woman on about? She surely would win first prize at an oscar award for her grand performance. Alice thought.

Why didn’t she become an actor? It would have done her some good. Atleast she wouldn’t be the psychotic person that she was today.

Alice hated her parents.

Tony on the other hand felt sick having beth and sam under the same roof as he was. He couldn’t even look them in the eye. He didn’t look at them. He stared at his plate for a couple of good seconds.

He pushed his chair back angrily and it almost knocked the vase behind him. He looked at alice and said…
“I’m waiting in the car… I’m ready to leave when you are.”

He stormed past beth and bumped shoulders deliberately and hard with sam almost throwing sam off balance. Sam caught himself before falling and his face turned red with rage. But just as quick as he’d gotten angry, he calmed down too. He had a show to put on. He had to act like the good father here.

Tony had bEen body building, guess its paid off a little. He was much stronger than before and ready to beat his so called ‘father’ to a pulp if need be.

Alice didn’t know what to do. She was afraid. She didn’t want to leave sabreen alone here but she knew that she needed to get back home and how was she to do that if tony went without her?

Beth continued to hold onto sabreen.
“Whyd you go my little angel? Mamas been worried sick about you. I’ve missed you so much. Look at you.. You’ve gotten so thin and pale.”

Hilda sensed the tension in the room.
“We were just sitting down for dessert. Why don’t you join us?”

she looked at sam.. ” Sam? Grab a seat.. I’ll get more bowls.”

Alice wanted to follow hilda to the kitchen to warn her not to let sabreen go back with them, that they were psychopaths. But sabreen wouldn’t let go of her hand. She held on so tight that she could feel her fingers going slightly numb.

Sabreen didn’t say a word uptil now. She hasn’t smiled, she hasn’t showed any sign of emotion what so ever.

Once beth and sam were seated and hilda was back with the bowls, sabreen loosened her grip on alices hand abit.

“Aunt hilda.. Thanks a lot for dinner tonight, but I should get going. Tonys probably getting restless in the car and its abit of a drive home anyway. If you’ll excuse me?” Alice hoped that hilda would walk her to the door so she could talk to her privately.

Sabreen looked up with pleading eyes at alice and tugged onto her yellow floral summer dress.

Alice bent abit to hug sabreen and whispered in her ear.
“You’ll be okay breeni. I know it. I’ll call tomorrow to find out what’s happening. I love you.”

Sabreen held on tight and didn’t want her sister to go.

Alice walked to the door and listened for footsteps following her without turning back. But there were none. Hilda didn’t bother walking her to the door.

Sabreen began trembling. Tony and alice were gone. Hilda and mike don’t understand and by the looks of it, they feel sorry for beth and sam.

Sabreen didn’t touch the dessert infront of her. She couldn’t stand the sight of it. Infact, she couldn’t stand the sight of anything right now.

Suddenly the room felt too small and it felt as if though the walls were closing up on her.

The room was spinning.

She felt sick to her stomach.

her chest felt tight and she was about to pass out.

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4 thoughts on “part 70: (sabreen)”

  1. Really?
    Tony and Alice couldn’t wait a little longer? Are they dum or what?
    ugh Hilda and mike are so naive it makes me mad.
    And why exactly would Sam and Beth want sabreen back again if they hate her??
    It would help if Sabreen told Hilda straight out that she hated them and never wants to go back. simple

    Liked by 1 person

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