part 71: (hanzalah)

**”Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-**

Its been a long, sad, heartbreaking while since naseema was gone. Everyone stayed on a while so that they could figure things out for abdullah.

Losing a woman of the house is always harder than losing a man.

A woman can pick herself up and continue. Yes the loss will always be felt within and it won’t be completely easy. But losing the woman of the home is the hardest.

Who is to see to the daily needs of the household?

Who’ll be there to nurse the kids when their not feeling too well?

Who’ll be there to prepare meals to perfection so that each person in the house is satisfied?

Who’ll be there to change linen, do laundry and make sure that the house is spick and span every single day?

For hanzalah, who’ll be there to help with homework and tutoring?

For habeeba, who’ll be there to help her grow into a beautiful princess?

But most of all for abdullah, who’ll be there to comfort him when things are tough and who will he find solace in when climbing into bed each night?

Naseema was gone. They had accepted it. But she would always hold the most precious part of everyones hearts. She will be missed dearly in this home.

But no matter how prepared one may be for death, when it finally does occur.. Its way harder than expected.

The family was thoughtful. They thought of every possible solution.

It wasn’t an option for abdullahs parents to move down to south africa. They were old and wouldn’t cope with everything down here and just when they would settle in, it would be time for them to depart from this world too. They weren’t going to pull on for much longer.

Naseemas sister and brother also had lives back home. Kids needed to be settled and back to routine. They were too used to pakistan to ever move out and settle elsewhere like naseema and abdullah did.

So the final solution came from abdullahs mum.. But she was wise enough to not discuss it infront of everyone.

She spoke to abdullah in confidence first.

“Beta… I know its very soon and your wound is still very raw. But just hear me out.” She conversed her son in urdu.

He looked at her confused.. Sat back against the brown wooden chair that was still in his room from when naseema needed it.

“Jee ummi jaan?” He allowed her to give her say.

“What about naeema? She’s young, unmarried and a lovely girl. She’s responsible and will be able to look after your needs in this home aswel as the kids.” His mother suggested.

Naeema was naseemas youngest unmarried sister who had been down to help and support nasEema.

She WAS very young but the thought would never cross abdullahs mind.

He was so modest that in all this time, he never engaged in conversation with his sister in law. Islamically it was wrong and he would never go against the laws of Allah.

He shook his head.. “No ummi jaan.. No”

“Beta.. You are not doing anything wrong. Naseema would have been happy at this. She would want you and the kids to be looked after and who better than her own sister?” His mother tried to reason with him.

his mother did make sense. Rather naseemas sister than any other woman. Not for any selfish reasons, but because of hanzalah.

If abdullah married any other woman, it would be hard for hanzalah since he has already attained the age of puberty. Having another stranger as a step mother would be terribly difficult on him.

Since naeema is his mothers sister, that wouldn’t be a problem. It was his khalla. His mahram. Someone he was unable to ever marry.

But still.. Abdullah shook his head. “No ummi jaan.. No!”

It was too painful for abdullah to hear his mother suggest him settling down so soon.

He jumped in his car and drove to the park. He needed some space alone. He needed to just be by himself and think.

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6 thoughts on “part 71: (hanzalah)”

  1. Shame !!! Such hard decisions !!!
    Too sad !! She was such a livewire , always worrying abt every1 !!!

    Wonder what he’s gonna do now ??!!!

    جزاك اللهُ خيراً

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Naseema was loved by all because of her beautiful character, may Allah increase us with beautiful character too inshallah so that we too may be loved by all of creation and most of all our Creator


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