part 74: (nicholas)

**”Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-**

Nick was jumped out of tom car on saturday night at the mall..

“Now don’t do anything I wouldn’t do son!” Tom warned with a wink before driving off.

Nick waved with a mischievous grin as the car sped off.

Kevin and the rest asked him to meet them at the entertainment area on the upper deck of the mall at 8 sharp.

Nick didn’t want to look like a loser so he made sure tom dropped him off by 7:30 atleast.

He felt slightly strange being out here this time of the evening. the old nick has never done this before. But the new nick couldn’t wait for the night to begin.

Tom took a casual walk towards the entertainment area. He knew that it was right across from the movies as he was forced once to tag along with tasha and tom for a movie.

Apparently it was toms way of spending some quality family time.

It felt odd being out with his mother and step dad that time. But today he was free.. Liberated and with a new zest for life.

He found himself smiling a little to himself.

As he got to the entertainment area, it was already full. There were so many people. Kids of all ages screaming and having fun.

Nick began to feel abit nervous. How was he going to blend in with all these rowdy people?

He sat on a bench nearby and pulled out his phone to check the time. It was almost 7:45. He wondered if he should whatsapp one of the guys to find out where they are or what time they’ll be here but then decided against it.

He would just sit back and watch everyone and get in the vibe of things in the meantime.

Nick found himself feeling a little uneasy. He felt strange and restless inside. Like he was miSsing out on something in life.

He thought about all the kids he’d noticed in school. How come so many of the good kids just didn’t seem happy? How come you didn’t find them sitting in big groups and screaming and laughing about?

They looked rather empty and sad to him.

Here too he noticed a few kids that strolled around behind their parents looked so uptight and afraid. So afraid and oppressed. Bound by their parents rules.

And as he turned his head toward the game room, he found all the crazy kids with multi coloured hair to be so vibrant and alive.

They dressed according to the times and a few of them jived to the tunes in the background.

Each teenager had a bling phone in their hand and furiously typed away inbetween conversations with eachother.

Is this what I’ve been missing out on my whole life? Nick thought.

Is that why I’m so unhappy?

I have money but now happiness. All I’ve ever wanted was happiness. Was that too much to ask? Nick kept on thinking.

Nick felt a sudden slap on his back. He jolted forward and almost yelped in pain… But was suddenly surrounded by the gang.

They’ve all finally decided to pitch up.

“Hey nicky boy.. We thought you’d ditch us today. Didn’t think you’d actually make it through… Good to see you here man!” One of the guys from the group shouted ontop of the noise around.

They all talked amongst eachother for a while and nick thought of making some kind of conversation. He needed to start opening up and talking to them more. He needed to blend in.
“So…. What movie are we going to watch?”

Everyone was suddenly silent and turned to look at nick. And then they all burst out laughing.

nick frowned. He was confused. What could be so funny? He tried to think carefully about what he’d just said. He played the words a few times in his mind but didn’t find anything strange about his question.

Once the gang stopped laughing and calmed down, kevin put his arm around nicks shoulder..
“Nicky nicky….” He shook his head.. “You don’t really think we’re going to sit bored in one of those kiddie movies now are we? You think we called you here to watch some movie?”

Nick didn’t answer. He just thought to himself that they asked him to meet them At the movies so wouldn’t that make a person think that they’re going to watch a movie?

“We just asked you to meet us AT the movies” kevin continued almost as if he could read nicks mind. ” We didn’t say that we’re going to watch some movie. We’ve got some much more interesting things lined up for tonight bro… So you might as well loosen up and have some fun cos tonight you gona have more fun than you’ve ever had in your life.”

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5 thoughts on “part 74: (nicholas)”

  1. Oooh nooo !!
    What has he gotten himself into !!
    Its usually ” once bitten , twice shy!! ” … But seems like Nick is a slow learner !!!!
    These boys r beeeg trouble with a capital T !!!!
    I wonder what they hav up their sleeves !!

    جزاك اللهُ خيراً


  2. uh oh..i dnt like the idea of their “fun”..poor nick is too naive n sheltered from the real world n hes not gonna knw wat to stay away from..hope he doesnt do somethin hel regret..


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