part 75: (sabreen)

**”Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-**

Sabreen woke up and found herself laying on the bed in the guest room.

She adjusted her eyes slightly to the lighting and tried to put together what exactly had happened.

She remembered sam and beth coming and beth crying all over her, she remembered alice and tony leaving and the rest was blank.

She suddenly turned her gaze to her right and found beth and hilda sitting next to her.

“Oh sabreen.. Sweetheart.. You’re awake. Mama was so worried about you…” Beth began screeching.

Why does that statement sound so familiar? Sabreen thought to herself.

Oh yes. Those are the same words beth said when she walked in earlier that evening.

Sabreen tensed up as beth brushed her hair back with her fingers.

“I’ll get you some water okay breeni? I’ll be right back..” Hilda said as she exited the room.

Beth turned to make sure that hilda had closed the door behind her and was gone for a few seconds before she sat closer to sabreen.
“Now you listen here you little twit… Enough with all your performances and you make sure you come back home with us tomorrow morning. We have a lot of sorting out to do…”

Beths voice had an evil tone to it as she gripped a fistful of sabreens hair and spoke directly in sabreens face through gritted teeth.. “Your father and I are extremely angry and we have a lot of revenge to take. Don’t you think that you can go around bad mouthing us all over, because let me tell you something you liTtle weasel. NO-ones going to believe a useless little piece of nothing like yourself.”

Beths back was facing the door and didn’t realise that hilda had turned the door knob and silently entered. Hildas mouth was agape as she took in the sight before her and heard her sisters evil words to sabreen. But she thought better than to let her know that she’d heard or seen anything and quietly closed the door again.

Sabreen knew that hilda had seen what happened and she silently thanked God for letting someone witness it. Definitely those rosary beads that naseema had given her were making a difference.

Hilda stood for a while outside the room against the wall trying to process what had just occured. She was shaking.

How could she have been so naïve not to realise what a thriller her sister was. But more so, what had turned her sister into this monster that she was?

Hilda composed herself after a little while and decided to act as if she hadn’t heard anything.

She tapped lightly on the door before entering and presented the glass of water absentmindedly to beth instead of sabreen..

“Erhh.. Sorry..” She shook herself out of her shock and turned the glass to sabreen this time.. “Here.. Here you go breeni. Drink this, this water, hope it will make you feel a little better..”

Hilda felt clumsy. She stood around for a while until beth decided that it was getting late and she was feeling a little tired.
“We need to head back home early tomorrow morning so I suggest we hit the sack hey.. Its been a long day for all of us…”

Hilda just nodded in agreement without looking beth in the eye.

She looked at sabreen with sympathetic eyes and then closed the door and left.

Once Beth and sam were settled in the bedroom downstairs, hilda trotted up the stairs and headed down the passage way to her own bedroom.

She settled into bed after changing into her nightie but mike noticed her restlessness.
“What’s up lovey? Somethings bothering you from earlier. I noticed it but thought you’ll come around.”

“Oh god mikey.. I think we’re making a big mistake…” Hilda put her hands over her face.

“Hey….mistake? About what?” Mike gently pulled her hands away from her face.

Hilda whispered to him about what happened earlier.

“I had my suspicions.. I won’t lie. But its your sister and I thought that atleast you would have noticed if something was up.” He confessed.

“How stupid could I be? that means tony was speaking the truth. And whatever alice told us about them must be true. But how will we know for sure?” Hilda said.

“we have to catch them red handed.. That’s how?” Mike voiced his opinion.

“But I’m scared for her. What if they go in there tonight and do something to her?” Hilda said afraid.

“Does sabreen lock her door at night?” Mike asked.

“No, actually she leaves it wide open.” Answered Hilda.

They both remained silent. Each one understanding the other silently.

Hilda got out of bed and slipped on her gown. She peered downstairs to make sure everything was still before creeping into sabreens room.

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3 thoughts on “part 75: (sabreen)”

  1. YAY !!!! They found out !!!!

    But now !!! How do they get the truth out in the open ??!!!!

    @least Sabreen is using the tasbeeh , and having faith in it !!
    If only she knew abt Naseema !! She’l b soo heartsore !!!!

    جزاك اللهُ خيراً


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