part 76: (hanzalah)

**”Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-**

Hanzalah, abdullah and habeeba sat waiting to enjoy their treats at milky lane.

Abdullah ordered his famous coffee shake, hanzalah ordered a waffle with ice cream and caramel sauce and habeeba had to have a sticky bloo goo..

They sat in silence at first. And then hanzalah spoke first after their order was placed.
“If ummi was here she would’ve ordered her favourite…”

“Milo milkshake” they all said in unison.

And then there was silence. Both abdullah and hanzalah deep in thought. Habeeba was still too young to understand their emotions but she was silent because she was watching some other kid across them enjoying his chocolate ice cream.

Abdullah didn’t want to bring up the main topic until after the kids enjoyed their treats. He didn’t want to spoil this special moment.

“So son… How’s school lately? You’re enjoying it?” Abdullah tried to break the ice.

“Well honestly abba… No..” Hanzalah replied.

Abdullah didn’t expect that answer. This was the first time he was hearing of this.
“Why beta? What’s happening? You know you can talk to me about anything.”

“Its just.. I don’t know, I find it so awkward that we’re in an islamic school but we have to share the same class with a whole lot of forward girls.” Hanzalah confessed.

“What do you mean? Aren’t the boys and girls seperate?” Abdullah asked confused.

Hanzalah laughed sarcastically. ” Yeah right. We’re separate in primary school when it doesn’t actually matter but when we’re all starting to become baaligh, we’re suddenly put together. Doesn’t make any sense to me. From grade 10 onwards, boys and girls have to be together for certain subjects and the worst part is that they don’t even put us separately, some of the lessons, we have girls sitting next to us which is really awkward and annoying cos we weren’t brought up like that abba.”

Abdullah admired his son for this. While boys his age would be celebrating for having girls in the same class, here was his son complaining about it.
“Son, you know what is right from wrong. Just hang in there. The thing is, in life, we’re going to have to be around strange women. Whether in the workplace, malls, outings, and school in your case. Its for us to control and fight ourselves and do what is right and stay away from evil. The real jihaad is to fight when we’re faced with the situation, not to hide from the situation.”

Hanzalah agreed. “You’re right abba. But what’s getting to me is that there’s too much of intermingling. The teachers don’t even do anything about it and the girls and boys interact freely even during the lesson. the worst is that when we have to do projects, the teachers pair us up randomly and sometimes we’re paired up with a girl. I won’t deal with that. I just won’t.”

They were interrupted by the waiter who brought their order through.

Once they thanked him, they began to dig in and enjoyed every bit of it.

Abdullah took a sip of his coffee shake and then addressed hanzalahs situation again.
“Look beta. Let’s just pull through for now. There’s only half a year left and if things don’t get better, we’ll see what we can do.”

Hanzalah respected his fathers decision and decided to do it for his sake.

Abdullah was done first and played nervously with his straw in his empty glass for abit.

Once hanzalah place the last piece of waffle in his mouth, he recited his dua softly and took a serviette to wipe his mouth. Habeeba was still struggling to get the spoon properly to her mouth without messing but was failing miserably.

Hanzalah laughed. “Should I help you habeebs?”

“No! I’m almost done…” She said without moving her gaze from the gooey blue ice-cream infront of her.

Abdullah silently prayed durood shareef and asked Allah to make this matter easy for him. He took a deep breath and asked with a smile…
“You guys enjoyed your treats?”

They nodded..”Jazakallah abba..”

He took a few minutes before saying..
“I have something important to discuss with the 2 of you now.”
” You both are my life. You’re my link to your mother and you’re all I have right now. I love you 2 so much and I don’t want the 2 of you to ever be neglected. I know its very soon and that we all still miss ummi so much, but….err… ”

Abdullah couldn’t continue. He didn’t know how to say it.

“But what abba?” Hanzalah asked with a frown while habeeba was a little oblivious really.

Abdullah tried explaining:”We’re going to need someone to help out at home. Someone to look after us. Not that they’ll take ummis place. No-one can ever take ummis place. But we need someone to take care of things in the house… And dadi suggested that naeema khalla… Err.. You know.. That naeema khalla should stay.. I mean….err”

“That you marry naeema khalla?” Hanzalah completed the sentence with a straight face.

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3 thoughts on “part 76: (hanzalah)”

  1. Its sad … That some skools just have that ‘islamic’ name but go against soo many islamic rules !!
    Children get so confused then , and just follow the easier path !!
    Shame … So hard for them … Cos everything they do , everywhere they look they’l think of Naseema !!!

    But I know Hanzala is quite mature , he’ll handle it well إن شاء ألله !!!

    جزاك اللهُ خيراً


  2. Hanzu im proud of you!!!Hope he gets a good girl,lolz.May Allah make the sons of our ummah such.
    Hope he takes it well


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