part 77: (nicholas)

**”Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-**

The guys hung around till around 8:30 or so until kevin got a call.

After cutting the call he approached the group with a huge smile..
“Its party time!!!!!!!!”

The guys all hit hands and did some crazy dance and nick was the only one who didn’t know what was going on but he knew better than to ask anymore questions. They’ll just laugh him out. So instead, he followed their lead.

They walked towards the nearest exit of the mall. An exit which nick hadn’t been to before. It was more quiet around this side.

As soon as they were out, kevin picked up his pace towards a red BMW.

A very bling looking girl, who looked much older, jumped out of the drivers seat and embraced kevin affectionately.

All the other guys seemed to be heading in the same direction.

Once kevin was done with his very gross public display of affection, everyone jumped in the car and nick followed too.

Nick was nervous and looked all around hoping that this wasn’t another scheme of theirs to get him into trouble.

He hoped that tom and tasha weren’t lurking around somewhere here by any chance.

Much to nicks approval, The BM had tinted windows which made him relax abit in his seat. No-one would notice him. That was a relief.

But where were they going to? What if something happened on the way? Did this chick even have her licence?

Nick scolded himself subconsciously.. “You need to chill out nicky… If you want to have fun and know what true happiness is, then go with the flow.”

The barbie doll stuck a cigarette in her mouth and turned to kevin for a light.

After one pull she passed it on to kevin who also did the same thing. He took a puff and passed it on to one of the guys at the back.

Everyone else looked quite used to this. Its like they’ve been doing this for years.

The cigarette was lastly handed over to nick.

At first he grossed out at the idea that the blonde chick had her mouth to it but then again ignored his good side of his mind and heart.

After the incident at school, nick had become accustomed to smoking. He did it more and more often with the guys and occasionally tried it when he was home alone on the balcony.

He made sure that the smell was out long before tasha or tom came home and that all the evidence was cleared up.

So today when nick pulled the cigarette, it didn’t have the same effect that it did on the first pull he’d had in his life.

This time it felt awesome to be able to do it freely without being afraid of being caught out and he was glad that he didn’t have to pass it on to anyone else after him.

He puffed and puffed wildly until there was nothing left of it.

In all his excitement of the freedom that he finally had, he hadn’t even been concentrating on where they were heading. It was only when the car stopped abruptly that he looked up and realized that they were parked off in the parking area of some weird looking block of almost broken down flats.

What in the world were they doing here?

Nick followed them as they all rolled out of the car. Kevin was lost in his new attraction it seemed.

They stopped infront of a zinc shutter. It may have been someones garage door. blonde barbie knocked 3 times on the tiny window on the side of the shutter which was completely sprayed black.

Nick tried peering through the window but couldn’t see a thing.

After a few minutes, the shutter was opened just enough for them to enter.

Wow!!! There was a party going on inside there.. A party that nick was ever too excited to be attending.

Everything was in a sort of gothic theme. Red and black. But it looked cool to nick.

He noticed a few of the girls that the group had spoken to a few times from the girls school across from theirs.

In one corner was a sort of lounge idea where a couple of people sat ontop of eachother smoking sheesha.

There was a dance floor in the middle where a few teenage looking kids jumped around like zombies.

In another corner, nick noticed a tiny bar. And that’s when he felt a little sick. He wasn’t just about to get into such things. Had he made a mistake by agreeing to tag along with the guys?

I guess it was too late to turn back now.. Nick had no idea where exactly he was, or how he was ever going to get home. He wanted to run… But where to?

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3 thoughts on “part 77: (nicholas)”

  1. Oh no !!!!!
    This is not looking good !!!!!

    And …. He doesn’t even know where he is !!
    Seems like more drama !!!

    جزاك اللهُ خيراً


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