part 83: (sabreen)

**”Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-**

“Look! Let’s all cut the act and get straight with everything.” Mike said and looked at beth and sam. “I suggest the 2 of you stay seated and we sort this matter out once and for all”

Beth began fidgeting with the hem of her blouse nervously while sam continued with his award winning act of innocence.
“We have no idea what you’re talking about. If this has anything to do with you guys taking sabreen to the circus like you’ve promised her, I’m sure we can work something out”

“The only circus that sabreen will be attending is this very circus over here sam” mike looked him straight in the eye and kept his gaze for a few seconds before pulling out a chair to have a seat at the head of the table.

He gestured for sabreen to sit next to him.

Hilda was starting to feel a little anxious and stood up to clear the table without making eye contact with anyone. Everything was so tense and cold, she was afraid of what the outcome of this would be. Mike didn’t discuss this with her first. She had no clue that he was going to address the situation upfront like this.

They agreed that they’ll keep sabreen with them for a little while longer while they figure things out and speak to their lawyer about how to go about things.

“Darling leave everything where it is and have a seat too. We all need to be here right now” mike addressed hilda.

Hilda carefully sat back down and placed the dishes she’d picked up back down on the table with trembling hands. She hoped to God that this wouldn’t turn ugly.

“Sam… Beth… With all due respect, sabreen will not be returning with you unfortunately. I’m going to try and go about this in a very adult like manner so I’d appreciate if you too do the same” mike began cutting through the tension.

Sam sat back against his chair and folded his arms over his fat chest acting all macho. “And why exactly won’t sabreen be coming home with us? We’re her parents and we have all the right to take her home where she belongs”

“Her parents?” Mike faked shock “some parents I must say. Let’s lay the cards straight on the table. Sabreen has been refused an education and she’s already a teenager. Sabreen has been emotionally, mentally and physically abused. She has been neglected all her life, and not forgetting, this innocent young girl was almost a victim of rape… By her own father….”

“That’s a whole load of crap!” Beth spat out.

“Oh is it beth? Which part was a whole load of crap?” Mike asked suddenly very interested in beths attempt to defend themselves.

“Every part of it.. For starters, sabreen wasn’t refused an education, we simply cannot afford to send her to school. We are struggling and can barely support ourselves for goodness sake, do you have any idea what it costs nowadays for a child to go to school? But I wouldn’t expect you rich, laa di daa folks to understand because while you’re basking in glory, fame and wealth, we unfortunately ARE struggling to make ends meet” beth sounded frustrated and angry.

“Well maybe if you party less and don’t burn all your money drinking most of your lives, you’ll find the means to give your child an education which I must add is compulsory. If the government has to find out that she has been deprived her entire life of basic education, you can be charged for it.” Hilda finally found the courage to speak up. One thing she hated was when beth spoke about her being rich and snobbish. Because beth had no idea how hard both hilda and mike worked to get to where they were today. Nothing comes easy and mike and hilda lived by the saying that “strength and growth come only from continuous struggle”.

“Right.. So that was point number one. For that you can get into major trouble. But what about the rest of what I’ve said. That can get you both locked up for a good amount of time if not for life.” Mike spoke before beth could retaliate.

“You guys believe this cheap piece of rubbish? Nothing that ever leaves her mouth is true. She’s known for making up stories and causing problems.” Beth said not giving sam a chance to speak.

“Sam did you forget? Or did you just choose to suffer from selective memory loss at the fact that there was a witness to you almost raping sabreen in your own home that night?” Mike said looking straight at sam.

Sam turned red, unsure of what to say….

Beth looked at sam with a confused look…

“Oh…. Did he not tell you that tony caught him and that’s how sabreen was saved?” Mike added some fuel to the already rapidly blazing fire.

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part 82: (hanzalah)

**”Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-**

“Abba.. Its your decision in the end of the day. You’re always the wise one and know what’s best for all of us.” Hanzalah spoke to abdullah.

“I knew you’d say something like that.. But I want to know what you feel about it.” Abdullah asked.

Habeeba was too young and too oblivious of what exactly was going on. She was trying to scoop up the last of her ice-cream.

“Honestly, I miss ummi. I feel like no-one will ever be able to take her place. She’s put forward some very high expectations and no-ones ever going to be able to fulfil them. Ummi hasn’t just been a mother to us.. She’s been the perfect mother. She’s shown us what a perfect wife she was to you. And what more could we ask for than a very happy family. And it was mostly because of her. She out did herself. She taught me all that I know. She looked after us and brought us up with so many values. And the truth is, I don’t want naeema khalla to ever feel like she’s not doing good enough.” Hanzalah had a certain percentage of his fathers wisdom too.

Abdullah was silently contemplating over what his son had just said.

“Look abba. Ummi would be happy with this decision. She would want us to move on. She would want us to be well looked after and cared for. So maybe its best for you to ask Allah for guidance and take it from there. Whatever decision you make, we love you and we’ll be happy with it inshallah.” Hanzalah said and looked at habeeba.

Habeebas face was messed full of ice-cream, even her tiny little button nose had a dot of creamy white ice-cream. The sight was just hilarious and lightened up the situation as both hanzalah and abdullah both burst out laughing leaving habeeba as confused as ever.

Back at the house abdullah decided to not have any more talk about this topic until he read istikhaarah and came to a decision. It took a full 3 days of reciting Allahumma khirli wakh tarli…
“Oh Allah choose for me, and choose the best for me”

He called his mother to his room to relay his decision.
“Ummi jaan… I’ve consulted with hanzalah and also asked Allah for clarity on the matter and inshallah I’ve decided to go ahead with it. You can convey the message of my proposal to naeema and we’ll take it from there inshallah. If she doesn’t accept, no hard feelings at all. She is young and deserves someone who hasn’t been married before and with no extra baggage. But if she accepts then alhamdulillah and we don’t want to delay in nikaah inshallah.”

It was all upto naeema.. Would she accept this big responsibility. She was terribly young. And she had her whole life ahead of her. she came down to see her ill sister and serve her for as long as she could. Now the situation had changed. Her sister was gone and she was given the proposal to fill in her marhooma sisters shoes…

The wait was nerve wrecking for everyone in the house.

Everyone was due to leave in a weeks time as they had long delayed their return home. Naeema had to give her decision soon.

She was absolutely shocked at the proposal. She never expected such a thing and neither did anyone in naseemas side of the family.

Abdullah was like a much older brother to her whom she always had immense respect for.

She had never really spoken to him before. Besides for when she was a little girl. He was very fond of her but once she’d attained puberty, he had completely distanced himself from her as was the correct islamic ruling ofcourse.

Some would feel offended by this action, but this just made naeema respect her brother in law even more. More than that, she always made dua for her sister and envied her for having such an Allah fearing spouse. She made lots of dua throughout her teenage life that Allah grant her too a spouse like abdullah. Because as long as a person fears Allah, they would always treat his wife in the proper manner with compassion, love and understanding.

And now, not only had she received a proposal from someone just like abdullah, but she had received a proposal from abdullah himself.

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part 81: (nicholas)

**”Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-**

“Nick! Nicko…. I’m going over to visit the family ok?” Tom peeped into nicks room to let him know that he was leaving.

Tasha had started working on a sunday lately and tom visited all his family while she was at work. That left nick alone at home again.

“Hmm” nick muttered from beneath the blankets.

“Ok… Bye” tom said and closed the door behind him.

Nick opened his eyes and jerked up. “Huh? How in the hell did I get home? In my bed?”

He looked down.. ” And I slept in my clothes for the first time in my life… Eeew”

Nick was confused. He didn’t remember coming home last night, or what time he got home. Most of last night was a blur. He felt terribly groggy. And had a headache from hell.

He held his head in his hands and threw himself back down on the bed.

He tried hard to recall but all he remembered was having a good time and whatsapping tasha to say that he was going to be late.

Nick smiled at the memory of how much attention he’d gotten last night.

But then the smile disappeared as confusion set in. “But why can’t I remember much else?”

He sat for over an hour trying to put things together until he’s head was pounding and he felt nauseous. He was forced to leave his bed and rush to the bathroom but unfortunately puked all over the floor before he could reach the basin or the toilet.

Nick groaned. “I feel like hell…. Maybe I’ve picked up a bug and I’m going to be sick.”

He roamed the house looking for the domestic to clean up his mess. He was done cleaning toilets for the rest of his life, he was definitely not going to clean his own toilet now.

After dictating to her to clean up, nick grabbed a packet of oreos from the grocery cupboard and headed straight for his bed.

The house was eerily quiet and nick suddenly felt the loneliness.

“If only I didn’t have to come back home to this.. If only I could party all day and all night. I wouldn’t feel so alone.”

Nick spotted his phone on the side pedestal hoping to find a message from kelly. She was all that he dreamt about last night. She made him feel special and so did everyone else at the party as far as he could remember.

But unfortunately there were no messages and no missed calls and it was already 12 in the afternoon.

“Agh… There’s nothing really to wake up for… I might aswel just sleep in today. Its better than being all alone in this huge house.”

He looked for kellys number and sent her a simple

What if she didn’t bother about him now? What if she ignored his message? He feared rejection.

After a few minutes his phone beeped.
“Hey there handsome.”

Nick smiled and felt himself feel all happy inside again. His previous feeling of loneliness seemed to have disappeared almost immediately and he completely forgot about how sick he felt just moments ago.

“What you upto today?” Kelly asked.

“Nothing much.. You?” Nick replied

“Want to go out for some ice-cream later?” Kelly asked.

“Wow…. Did she just ask me out?” Nick was on cloud 9. But how was he going to go? He couldn’t tell her that he doesn’t drive. She’ll think he’s a nerd. But how was he going to go? Think nick. Think!

“Yeah that will be great…meet you at 3?” Nick replied still not knowing how he was going to get there.

They discussed where they would go…
“Great…..can’t wait! See you soon handsome!” That was the last of kellys messages for now.

Nick jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom. He decided to get ready and then think of a plan to get there. Maybe he could ask kevin for a lift. Kevin drove his fathers car.

Nick took extra care in grooming himself today. He tried a few wacky hairstyles but it wouldn’t sit. He never used gel before and didn’t have any. He needed to start making a list of a few things he needed. Gel, perfume and a complete change of his wardrobe was a few things he could think of. His savings would come in handy right now.

Nick picked up his phone to call kevin and then decided to call tasha instead.
“Hey mum….. You’re busy?”

“Yeah abit… What’s up? I’ve got a minute.” Tasha replied.

“Err… I… Err some of the guys are going out for ice-cream later to the mall and…” Nick didn’t even finish his sentence.

“Son sorry.. I’ve got to go… Sure you can go.. Love you.. Talk later k. Have fun”

And just like that nick was free. No question of how he was going to go or with who or which friends…

We need to give our children all the love that they need so that they don’t turn in the wrong direction for attention.

Be a part of their lives and know who their friends are.

Yes working is important but our kids should be our first priority.

Keep track on where they’re going and with who.

Add on to the lessons learnt from todays post.

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part 80:(nicholas)

**”Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-**

“Hi… My names kelly..” A preTty red haired girl stood infront of nick with her manicured fingers stretched out for him to shake.

Nick looked at her hand and then at her face and back at her hand unsure of what to do. He’s never touched a girl before in his life.

“But there’s always a first time for everything” the little voice whispered in his head.

Nick took her hand and instead of just shaking it, brought it to his lips and gave it a small peck. He’d seen them do that in movies and lately he’d been dying to try it out.
” And I’m Nick…”

Kelly blushed. ” You’re new here right? Haven’t sEen you around before.”

“Yeah… I actually just moved to town a few months back.” Nick didn’t want to sound like he’s never been to parties before. He wanted to sound cool so he could blend in.

“Well I sure hope this isn’t going to be your last time here.” Kelly flirted.

“Can I get you a drink?” Kelly gestured for the bar in the corner.

“Uh oh nicko… Think. You can’t go into drinking… That’s just way over the limits.” The right side of his brain said.

“But kelly won’t ever want anything to do with you if she knows what a party pooper you are.. And then you’ll be sitting all alone for the rest of the night while everyone around you is having fun.” The left side whispered in defense.

“Nick? Earth to nick?” Kelly joked whilst waving her hands infront of nicks face.

“Huh? Oh sorry. I’m not feeling too good today.” Nick lied. “Just a water will do.. Thanks!”

She looked at nick weirdly “uh.. Ok… Sure”

They both walked over to the bar where kelly ordered ‘her usual’ and a water for nick.

Everyone around seemed to be happy and enjoying themselves. No-one seemed sad or miserable.

“Was this really the life? Was this really the way to happiness?” Nick thought to himself. “Maybe he hadn’t found happiness because he’d been hiding inside his shell and trying to get attention from his mother. Well he sure never found happiness that way. So this must be it.

Nick enjoyed himself to the fullest for the rest of the night. He felt different, more energetic and was the centre of attention. He had everyone laughing their heads off and treating him like he was someone important.

He was enjoying all the attention so much that he completely lost track of time until he casually put his hand in his pocket and felt his phone vibrating.

He pulled it out and noticed 7 misscalls and 3 messages all from his mother and tom.

Crap! The music was so loud that he didn’t even hear his phone and he was having so much fun dancing for the first time in his life that he didn’t feel his phone vibrating either.

He couldn’t answer the call. Tasha was sure to hear all the noise in the background and he doubted that there were any quiet spots where he could escape to answer the call.

It stopped ringing and nick decided to quickly whatsapp back. He looked at the time and it was already 10:45pm. He was meant to be home after the movie.

“Oh well…” Nick thought as he began typing out his message.

“Sorry.didn’t hear phone. Still in movie. 8pm movie sold out and had to watch 10pm one. Gona be late. Will call as soon as done.bye”

“K. Have fun! Get one of the boys to drop u home them, tom and I going to bed now” came tashas reply almost instantly.

“Good! She bought it.. And YES!!!! I can party some more” nick did the happy dance inside.

A person can never find true happiness in wrong things. Any kind of sinful acts gives pleasure only for the moment and only regret will be felt later on.

One evil deed leads to another and another.

Don’t ever try to fit in with everyone else so people can like you. Be yourself and let people love you for who you are.

Peer pressure is something most of our youth face.

As parents, don’t give your child too much of freedom. Rather give them all the love and happiness that money can’t buy.

Feel free to add the lessons that you’ve learnt from todays post.

Authors note:
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part 79: (sabreen)

**”Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-**

Beth composed herself again. “I’ll have to speak to sam about this, he’s going to be quite annoyed though. I can tell you that much. He really wanted his little princess home today. And knowing that he came all the way to fetch her and she won’t be coming back with him will really just break his heart.”

“Its not permanent beth.. Its just for today.” Hilda said faking sympathy for her sisters fake concern.

“Let me try to convince him” beth said as she walked out of the kitchen to speak to sam.

“I’ll get some breakfast ready in the meantime.” Hilda called after her.

Beth didn’t bother to reply. She was fuming but she couldn’t let her sister know how badly though.

She walked into the room, annoyance showed all over her face.

“What now drama queen?” Sam asked from the bed where he was still laying down toying with his phone in his hand.

“We’ll see who’ll be the drama queen after I tell you what hilda has just decided.” Beth hit back.

This got sam up in two twosn throwing his phone somewhere on the bed. “What? What did she decide? About what?”

After beth explained to sam about hers and hildas conversation, sam was visibly angry. He got straight out of bed and was heading for the door before beth caught him by his t-shirt.

“Are you crazy? You can’t throw a tantrum here. You’ll just blow everything that we planned totally out of proportion.” Beth begged.

“So then what? miss know it all! Have any better ideas? I’m not leaving here without that little twit. I didn’t just waste a whole lot of fuel for nothing.” Sam said angrily.

“I don’t know. Let’s just sit down and calm down and think of something” beth replied.

Beth sat down on the antique rocking chair in the one corner of the room while sam did what he does best. He paced up and down the room and lit a cigarette. He didn’t care that he wasn’t in his own house and that he was smoking freely in the room without even as ashtray. The ash was long at the end of the cigarette when sam noticed. He looked around the room for somewhere to ash it and then just knocked it down on the carpet when he couldn’t find anything or anywhere else. It left a terrible black stain and sam rubbing it in with his foot didn’t make it any better.

“I know what we can do. We’ll just talk to her and threaten her to come back home or else….” Beth suggested.

“And you think she’s going to listen?” Sam asked incredulously.

“If we get her alone, she will” beth replied evily.

Sam didn’t even bother washing up before heading with beth in tow to the dining area where hilda was putting a platter of sunny side up and fried bacon on the table.

“Where’s sabreen?” Sam asked without even greeting.

“Huh..Oh hi…” Hilda said startled. “She’s… She’s still asleep. She was having trouble falling asleep last night so she must be really tired. Grab a seat and dig in while its hot”

Beth and sam looked at eachother first and then complied. They were hungry, so why not fill up their bellies while they waited for queen sabreen to wake up.

The only sounds that were heard were the banging of knives and forks against their plates. The atmosphere was uncomfortably silent.

After finishing her breakfast and taking a sip of her tea, hilda cleared her throat.
“So? Beth? Have you and sam discussed what I said earlier?”

“Yes we did actually.” Beth mumbled with her mouth still full.

“And?” Hilda waited for an answer.

“Unfortunately todays not the day hilda. We appreciate all you and mike have done for sabreen, but we really do need to get back home and settled again.” Sam cut into the conversation. “Can we maybe take a reign check on that? Maybe another time?”

“There will be no such thing.. Sabreen is not leaving this house with either or both of you. All of you, cut the act and its about time we get straight down to business!” Mike said from the door where sabreen stood beside him.

Everyone was stunned to silence as they looked at mikes serious face.

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part 78: (sabreen)

**”Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-**


“And who gave you the right to make decisions about my child? Sabreen is my child and she will come home right now!” Beth was clearly angry at the sudden change in plans. She had everything planned out so well and didn’t expect anything to go wrong. She thought that hilda was on her side and they would finally get sabreen exactly where they wanted her.

Beth was the type of person that liked to be in control. She loved to make her own plans and go straight with it. If there was anything she hated, was going against what she’d decided.

Hilda, sabreen and mike worked together this time.

Last night, after hilda silently entered sabreens room, sabreen was afraid. She thought that either beth or sam had come into her room to do something to her again but was relieved when hilda switched on the bedside lamp.

“Listen here breeni” hilda whispered almost inaudibly.

“I know what’s going on. I heard what beth said earlier and I’m so sorry for not believing you before…” Hilda apologised. “Its not that I didn’t believe you entirely, but I just didn’t want to think of my sister that way.

Sabreen had a content look on her face. She was grateful to whatever God there was out there. She never had the courage to speak up but naseema was right. God would always look after her. No matter what.

“But now we have to get them to leave without you. Uncle mike and I will not allow you to go back there. We just won’t. This needs to get sorted out.. Once and for all!” Hilda said.

sabreen felt a slight bit of relieve inside but wondered how they would get beth and sam to go without her. She knew the type of people beth and sam were and she knew that the always got their way.

“For now, I need you to keep this room door locked. And don’t open for anyone. If its me, I’ll knock on the door with 3 light taps so you’ll know its me. If its not 3 light taps, DON’T open! Understand?” Hilda spoke very seriously to sabreen this time. She meant business and sabreen nodded.

Sabreen obviously felt safer with the door locked.

“Or would you prefer sleeping in mine and uncle mikes room tonight?” Hilda asked after thinking for a while.

Sabreen shook her head and looked down. That would be quite uncomfortable.

“Or better yet… Why don’t you sleep with me and uncle mike can sleep in this room?” Hilda said with excitement over her new idea. She looked almost as if a light bulb had switched on in her head. Sabreen chuckled to herself at the thought of that.

And then creased her forehead when she realised what hilda was asking and began thinking about which would be better. Knowing that her parents were in the same house as her was definitely going to give her nightmares tonight. Maybe that did sound like a better idea. But it would be so unfair to have uncle mike move out of his own comfort because of her. She would feel terribly guilty.

“Now don’t you worry about uncle mike. He’s just as concerned about your safety tonight as I am, so he’ll be more than glad to sleep over here tonight.’ Hilda said as if though she could read sabreens thoughts.

Sabreen couldn’t help but smile.

“Okay, so that’s sorted. You’re sleeping with me tonight sweety. Come on! Let’s go!” Hilda said as she pulled the covers off sabreen.

The 2 of them tip-toed quietly and hand in hand out of the guest room and into the main bedroom, not wanting beth or sam to suspect anything.

Both beth and sam weren’t stupid enough… Yes they were stupid.. But not stupid enough to try anything in hildas home with sabreen in the middle of the night lest they are caught red handed.

So the night passed by smoothly with everyone sleeping soundly.

Beth was up bright and early and ready to head straight back home the next morning. She even declined hildas offer for breakfast, and that’s why she was so annoyed at hildas statement.

“Oh bethy… You know mike and I have grown so fond of sabreen. We were talking last night that we hadn’t really gotten much time to do half the things we’d promised to do with her. We’re not sending her back with you today. Mikey and I had tickets booked for the circus down town and would like to take her out today and later in the evening we’ll be sure to drive that way and drop her off.”


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