part 78: (sabreen)

**”Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-**


“And who gave you the right to make decisions about my child? Sabreen is my child and she will come home right now!” Beth was clearly angry at the sudden change in plans. She had everything planned out so well and didn’t expect anything to go wrong. She thought that hilda was on her side and they would finally get sabreen exactly where they wanted her.

Beth was the type of person that liked to be in control. She loved to make her own plans and go straight with it. If there was anything she hated, was going against what she’d decided.

Hilda, sabreen and mike worked together this time.

Last night, after hilda silently entered sabreens room, sabreen was afraid. She thought that either beth or sam had come into her room to do something to her again but was relieved when hilda switched on the bedside lamp.

“Listen here breeni” hilda whispered almost inaudibly.

“I know what’s going on. I heard what beth said earlier and I’m so sorry for not believing you before…” Hilda apologised. “Its not that I didn’t believe you entirely, but I just didn’t want to think of my sister that way.

Sabreen had a content look on her face. She was grateful to whatever God there was out there. She never had the courage to speak up but naseema was right. God would always look after her. No matter what.

“But now we have to get them to leave without you. Uncle mike and I will not allow you to go back there. We just won’t. This needs to get sorted out.. Once and for all!” Hilda said.

sabreen felt a slight bit of relieve inside but wondered how they would get beth and sam to go without her. She knew the type of people beth and sam were and she knew that the always got their way.

“For now, I need you to keep this room door locked. And don’t open for anyone. If its me, I’ll knock on the door with 3 light taps so you’ll know its me. If its not 3 light taps, DON’T open! Understand?” Hilda spoke very seriously to sabreen this time. She meant business and sabreen nodded.

Sabreen obviously felt safer with the door locked.

“Or would you prefer sleeping in mine and uncle mikes room tonight?” Hilda asked after thinking for a while.

Sabreen shook her head and looked down. That would be quite uncomfortable.

“Or better yet… Why don’t you sleep with me and uncle mike can sleep in this room?” Hilda said with excitement over her new idea. She looked almost as if a light bulb had switched on in her head. Sabreen chuckled to herself at the thought of that.

And then creased her forehead when she realised what hilda was asking and began thinking about which would be better. Knowing that her parents were in the same house as her was definitely going to give her nightmares tonight. Maybe that did sound like a better idea. But it would be so unfair to have uncle mike move out of his own comfort because of her. She would feel terribly guilty.

“Now don’t you worry about uncle mike. He’s just as concerned about your safety tonight as I am, so he’ll be more than glad to sleep over here tonight.’ Hilda said as if though she could read sabreens thoughts.

Sabreen couldn’t help but smile.

“Okay, so that’s sorted. You’re sleeping with me tonight sweety. Come on! Let’s go!” Hilda said as she pulled the covers off sabreen.

The 2 of them tip-toed quietly and hand in hand out of the guest room and into the main bedroom, not wanting beth or sam to suspect anything.

Both beth and sam weren’t stupid enough… Yes they were stupid.. But not stupid enough to try anything in hildas home with sabreen in the middle of the night lest they are caught red handed.

So the night passed by smoothly with everyone sleeping soundly.

Beth was up bright and early and ready to head straight back home the next morning. She even declined hildas offer for breakfast, and that’s why she was so annoyed at hildas statement.

“Oh bethy… You know mike and I have grown so fond of sabreen. We were talking last night that we hadn’t really gotten much time to do half the things we’d promised to do with her. We’re not sending her back with you today. Mikey and I had tickets booked for the circus down town and would like to take her out today and later in the evening we’ll be sure to drive that way and drop her off.”


No no… I’m still not back in full force. But I thought I’d give you guys that bonus post I’ve been promising for like forever. So now I owe you just one more…

Inshallah I’ll try to be back soon…

This post is dedicated to 2 very special people. “Sister/in/islam” and “proudly muslimah”.

Keep me and my family in your duas always

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9 thoughts on “part 78: (sabreen)”

  1. ​​​الحمد لله ……. Happy times r here for Sabreen !!! @least now that aunt Hilda knows , something can be done !!!!

    Awww جزاك اللهُ خيراً ……….. Without ur wonderful blog , I wouldn’t be here – gaining so much of useful information !!!!
    *beeg hugs to U*

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