part 79: (sabreen)

**”Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-**

Beth composed herself again. “I’ll have to speak to sam about this, he’s going to be quite annoyed though. I can tell you that much. He really wanted his little princess home today. And knowing that he came all the way to fetch her and she won’t be coming back with him will really just break his heart.”

“Its not permanent beth.. Its just for today.” Hilda said faking sympathy for her sisters fake concern.

“Let me try to convince him” beth said as she walked out of the kitchen to speak to sam.

“I’ll get some breakfast ready in the meantime.” Hilda called after her.

Beth didn’t bother to reply. She was fuming but she couldn’t let her sister know how badly though.

She walked into the room, annoyance showed all over her face.

“What now drama queen?” Sam asked from the bed where he was still laying down toying with his phone in his hand.

“We’ll see who’ll be the drama queen after I tell you what hilda has just decided.” Beth hit back.

This got sam up in two twosn throwing his phone somewhere on the bed. “What? What did she decide? About what?”

After beth explained to sam about hers and hildas conversation, sam was visibly angry. He got straight out of bed and was heading for the door before beth caught him by his t-shirt.

“Are you crazy? You can’t throw a tantrum here. You’ll just blow everything that we planned totally out of proportion.” Beth begged.

“So then what? miss know it all! Have any better ideas? I’m not leaving here without that little twit. I didn’t just waste a whole lot of fuel for nothing.” Sam said angrily.

“I don’t know. Let’s just sit down and calm down and think of something” beth replied.

Beth sat down on the antique rocking chair in the one corner of the room while sam did what he does best. He paced up and down the room and lit a cigarette. He didn’t care that he wasn’t in his own house and that he was smoking freely in the room without even as ashtray. The ash was long at the end of the cigarette when sam noticed. He looked around the room for somewhere to ash it and then just knocked it down on the carpet when he couldn’t find anything or anywhere else. It left a terrible black stain and sam rubbing it in with his foot didn’t make it any better.

“I know what we can do. We’ll just talk to her and threaten her to come back home or else….” Beth suggested.

“And you think she’s going to listen?” Sam asked incredulously.

“If we get her alone, she will” beth replied evily.

Sam didn’t even bother washing up before heading with beth in tow to the dining area where hilda was putting a platter of sunny side up and fried bacon on the table.

“Where’s sabreen?” Sam asked without even greeting.

“Huh..Oh hi…” Hilda said startled. “She’s… She’s still asleep. She was having trouble falling asleep last night so she must be really tired. Grab a seat and dig in while its hot”

Beth and sam looked at eachother first and then complied. They were hungry, so why not fill up their bellies while they waited for queen sabreen to wake up.

The only sounds that were heard were the banging of knives and forks against their plates. The atmosphere was uncomfortably silent.

After finishing her breakfast and taking a sip of her tea, hilda cleared her throat.
“So? Beth? Have you and sam discussed what I said earlier?”

“Yes we did actually.” Beth mumbled with her mouth still full.

“And?” Hilda waited for an answer.

“Unfortunately todays not the day hilda. We appreciate all you and mike have done for sabreen, but we really do need to get back home and settled again.” Sam cut into the conversation. “Can we maybe take a reign check on that? Maybe another time?”

“There will be no such thing.. Sabreen is not leaving this house with either or both of you. All of you, cut the act and its about time we get straight down to business!” Mike said from the door where sabreen stood beside him.

Everyone was stunned to silence as they looked at mikes serious face.

So here’s your second bonus post. Am I all clear now? I should be.

Keep the comments coming and hopefully I’ll be back sooner than expected inshallah.

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14 thoughts on “part 79: (sabreen)”

  1. Yay !!!!!! Confrontation time !!!!
    Can’t wait to see how this turns out ……

    Plz Mrs S , come bak !!!!! Missing U too too much ….

    جزاك اللهُ خيراً

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  2. Really missed the blog. But completely understand why you had to stop posting. May Allah grant your husband complete shifaa and grant all of you sabr and the ability to pass this test. آمين. My duas are with you. Take care. Come back soon

    Liked by 1 person

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